How To Wholesale Real Estate STEP BY STEP in 2018! [New Updated – 2018 Edition]

How To Wholesale Real Estate STEP BY STEP in 2018! [New Updated – 2018 Edition]

– How to wholesale real
estate step-by-step in 2018. Steven Howell here,
guys, what’s happening? Hopefully the lighting
is okay in my office. Rocking the new Christmas
gift that I got which is, if you can see it with the lighting, a nice Rise hoodie. Let’s get to it. I’m super excited about this video. This is kind of me impromptu hopping on camera for you because I want to share with you the direction of this channel and all the really cool stuff
that I have in store for you. So, for those of you
coming across this video for the very first time, welcome. Again, my name is Steven Howell. I have one of the number
one videos on YouTube of how to wholesale real
estate step-by-step. For the last three years, I think I’ve been ranking number one or number two for that term, and I’ll include the video that I, just kind of, out of the blue, shot about three and a half years ago. And at the time of this recording, which is January 4th, 2018, I believe it has somewhere in
the ballpark of 123,000 views. Now there’s a reason
why it has so many views because the content in there, if I don’t mind saying so myself, is very, very good. And what I did is I, basically, after so many people asking me, how have I been successful
in the real estate investing, how did I build a six-figure
real estate business, how, in 18 months, did I do over $160,000
dollars worth of profits? I recorded a step-by-step video, kind of, opening up the doors of my real estate investing business. So speaking of that video, it’s very raw, it’s very unfiltered. When you check out below, I know when I go back and I watch it, I’m like, oh my goodness, Steven, you’re such a goober, look at you, man. You’ll see a little video box
of me in the right corner. I have a Word document pulled up so it’s not super fancy, super edited, or anything like that. But I think the reason
it got so many views is because of the content when I really get into
the meat and potatoes. And sure, I tell you a
little bit about myself and different things, but I share with you a
lead generation strategy, truly, truly, truly, how I built my business, my number one lead source. And I learned it from a
mentor who at the time was doing about a half
a million dollars a year for 10 years straight, and it was the number one
lead source in their business. And I really just kind
of opened up the doors and I made a promise with
myself before I made that video. I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna open up the
doors and share it, man. I was so frustrated, I had paid tens of thousands of dollars for the high-pressured,
seminars and sales packages. And got sold a 1-800 coaching
program over the phone, and made every mistake in
the book, and you know? So that was my way of giving back, but I just have to say, oh my gosh, when you
go check out the video, the meat and potatoes, it still works the same way. It’s one of the number
one questions I get. Steven, does this still work in 2018? Again, who I learned it from, my mentor, they had been doing it for 10 years, okay? It still works, even in this market, it works in hot markets and it works in cold markets. And no, I’m not a one-trick pony, that’s not the only thing that I do. But I’m all about laser focused and we don’t have to do a million things, we can do a couple of things and do them very, very well. So, you’ll see some of the names and at the end I talk about
mentoring and all that stuff, don’t pay attention to any of that. Just the meat and potatoes of that video and I really, really think you’ll like it. Plus, second thing I’m
talking about, guys, I’m coming at you Monday through
Friday with daily uploads. So you’re gonna get a whole new, ton of great content from me. But I just thought that
was interesting to mention because when I go back, I’m in a spare room in my place, the lighting isn’t very good, but hopefully you can resonate with the content that’s being delivered and get to know me a little
bit more personally as well. But if you ever have any
questions about mentoring, you can go to You can click on the About Steven tab, or my blog at, and learn a little bit more about me. But I wanna keep this about
you and keep the value coming. This channel is going to be absolutely, pure fire, pure value. So I can’t wait to bring
some really cool topics but I wanna hear from you. I don’t just wanna preach
from the mountaintops, I want this to be very, very engaging. So I pay attention to the comments. So when you click on the link below, which is the free video, it’s the video how to wholesale
real estate step-by-step, exactly what to do. It’s one of the most
popular videos on YouTube about wholesaling real estate. And you’ll see that it
has over 123,000 views and you’ll see that I
do my very, very best to respond to almost every single comment that has came through over the
last three and a half years. And I do that very intentionally, okay? So I definitely want you to be engaged, I want you to comment, and I have some cool, free gifts because I think it’s very important to start off our relationship
on the right foot. So here’s what I wanna do guys. Below this video, I will include a link to that video so you can check it out, and then I have a free 10-day bootcamp. So in this video, again, I reveal how I built a six-figure real estate
wholesaling business, my number one lead strategy
that’s way different, and a couple things you should know, ’cause I’ve done it
the wrong way for years before I finally came
under the right mentor who taught me the right way. I’m all about building your
business as lean as possible, you don’t need to go out there wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on postcards and direct mail, and yellow letters and PPC campaigns, before you know what you’re doing. Okay, there is a time and there is a place to naturally grow and scale your business, but I’m all about building
your business lean, your real estate investing business, your wholesaling business,
what niche you’re in, basically, with a couple
hundred bucks, okay? We can do it very lean, very low cost, get up and running and get some results. The other thing that I specialize in is large spread deals. You know, the average real estate wholesaling deal out there, is what? Like three to $5,000, $7,000. My average deal was $12,500 but I mainly focused in on deals that are between $10,000 and $25,000. And I’ve done the same thing with my real estate investing students. And again, I’ve coached
hundreds of students across the country. Its one of my most favorite things to do is to help you get those first
three to five deals going, help you to get the
confidence and the momentum, and it’s been a ton of fun. Okay, so another cool thing
I want to do for you guys is I want to share with you feedback that I’m giving to my one-on-one, mentoring and coaching
students in real estate, right? So, earlier in this video, I mentioned that I’m one of the nation’s top real estate investors and mentors and I coach people all across the country. I’ve worked with hundreds
and hundreds of people, and I’ve helped them to go out there and do their first real
estate investing deals on a low budget and do large spread, 10 to $25,000 dollar deals. And you may think that’s
good and dandy, Steven, but how does that impact me? Well, what I wanna do for you guys is when I get questions, and I get questions
everyday from my students, we have a cool walkie-talkie app, they can hit me up on email, text my personal cellphone, call me, I get some really good questions. So the good news for you is that’s gonna give me some
really good content ideas. That’s how I built my
video course that I have for step-by-step wholesaling. Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint is a course that I put together just over a year ago that is one of the best real estate wholesaling
courses on the market. And that’s how I built that course, by thinking like, oh my gosh, that’s a really good question
from one of my students, let me make a video on that. So guys, I think you’ll
really find that valuable and what I might even do is record a little section of me talking with one of my students, or if I get back to ’em
on the walkie-talkie app, I’ll kinda let you know
what their question was. And I’ll share that with you as well, just as some extra, good juju, some extra, good vibes
with you guys out there because I want to bring
the heat in this channel. I want to bring kind of the goodwill and really just deliver a
lot of value to you, okay? So, I wanted to make sure to mention that. If you guys ever have any interest, I’m not gonna ever push
my mentoring program or anything on you like that at all. But you can always check
that out in the link below any of the videos and go
to, if you’re ever interested
in partnering up one-on-one. But regardless of that, guys, let’s continue on here. A couple of other things
just in case you’re curious about who in the world I am. I also do a few guest posts each month for a huge real estate training program called Real Estate Mogul. You may have heard of it. They have thousand upon
thousands of members. So about three times a
month I’ll do a video very similar to something like this but on a specific topic
for Real Estate Mogul. I also do some guest blog posts, some guest videos once or twice a month for So, basically, guys, I love real estate investing, super passionate about it. I love all things entrepreneur. And I just have a ton of fun doing it. So, anyways, guys, what I wanna do here is I wanna keep this video super short. So, it’s my intention, it’s my goal, I want to be able to do
daily videos for you, at least Monday through Friday, where we’re gonna be talking
about real estate investing. And I wanna hear from you. What things do you struggle with? What things, kind of, scare you about this business, keep you up at night? What type of things can you not get your head fully wrapped around? And what types of things
do you want to learn? So definitely comment below. Make sure you subscribe to this channel. Make sure you subscribe, that would be absolutely awesome. I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. And then just hit that
new notification bell right by the subscribe button so that way, daily, when
I do send the videos out, or I do publish these
videos, rather, on YouTube, Monday through Friday, you can get notified
when the new video is up, and rocking and rolling. And beneath the link below where it’s gonna go to
my other YouTube video where you can see what I’m talking about, the how to wholesale real
estate step-by-step in 2018, I have a free bootcamp. So I’m gonna share with you my number one lead generation strategy and then I have a 10-day bootcamp. It’s basically 10 videos that are about five minutes long each, and I deliver it over
the course of two days. And I show you how to take that strategy that I’m talking about and I dive deeper, I show you actually how to get it moving and how to implement it. And from these free gifts alone, I’ve had countless people go out there and implement them to the tee and get their very first
real estate deals done. So it’s kind of my like
my goodwill gift to you to start off our relationship
on the right foot. But guys, I wanna hear from you. I wanna hear from what you wanna learn. I’m excited to do these videos, to really build up this YouTube channel, and to have a cool community where it’s fun and interactive. You can go check out my blog
at I’ll be adding more and
more blog posts on there. There’s a little About Me section where my wife and I recorded, by a mentor of mine, we recorded about a 10-minute documentary that kind of gives you a little, if you’re interested, I don’t wanna talk all about myself, but if you’re interested in about my story and how I got started with
real estate investing. And all the hurdles I went through and how I finally overcame that, and now I’m able to
travel, take vacations. My wife and I, we’re here in Ohio, we just had our first child. We just gave a, my wife, not me, my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter who’s
just over a month old. And guys, I wanna let you know that it’s so possible to
build a lifestyle business, that’s in real estate investing, that has tons of potential, but that can give you time freedom. Despite what you may see out there on the internet or podcasts, you don’t have to be
hustling your face off 15 hours a day. The way I teach to go about
your real estate business, you can get very laser focused doing specific things, specific strategies, for two, three, four, five hours and build this part-time, 10 to 15 hours a week. So, we talk about that a lot in the training that I do and in the videos that I do. And I think it’s really, really important ’cause I started this business part-time when I had a full-time job, and built this in the
evening to six figures. And I wanna share with you, kinda, how I did that and everything. So just the time freedom, I say all that, I say that, hey, I just
had a child a month ago, to say that I’ve taken
almost the last month off of work and have
had a fantastic month. And revenue’s still coming
in, all of those things. So I just want you to know that it’s very, very possible for you. And I’m excited to be part
of this journey with you. So, guys, go ahead, subscribe to my YouTube channel for the new, daily videos. Again, it’s my best goal and intention to put these out Monday through Friday. I want to hear from you the topics that you wanna learn from. Hit the notification bell so that way you can get notified
when a new video’s out. And please, please, please, if you got value out of this, if you enjoyed this video, if you think you’re going to enjoy the free gifts coming up, you can check out the links below. And just give me a like, give me a thumbs up, and make sure to comment. I wanna hear from you. You’ll see on my other video
that has 123,000-plus views, that I do my very best to respond to each and every comment. So, guys, that’s all I
have for you in this video. Go get your free goodies below, subscribe, and I’ll see
you in tomorrow’s video. Take care.

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