How To Wholesale Real Estate – Bird Dog Real Estate

How To Wholesale Real Estate – Bird Dog Real Estate

Kris Krohn here with Limitless Wealth TV
and today we’re talking about how to wholesale real estate. This is a super
exciting conversation because there’s all sorts of real estate out there that
doesn’t require a whole lot of time or a whole lot of effort, certainly doesn’t
require any money or any credit and if you’re willing to bring a little
ambition to the table, we’ll show you how you can get crackin making money right
now in real estate. Hey, guys. Steven Michael Miller here and
we’re here today to talk about a topic that you’ve all been asking about and
that is wholesaling. – Wholesaling is a very simple concept, it’s, I’m going to get a
property under contract and then I’m going to sign it to somebody else and I’m
going to get paid some money to do it. This is excellent for someone that has a lot
of ambition and the more ambition you got, the more money you’re going to make
because the reality is, you really don’t need money and you don’t need credit to
do this strategy and it’s what makes it really attractive and appealing.
Essentially what you’re becoming is a bird dog and a bird dog, you know, in the
hunting game, these are dogs bloodhounds that are bred to go hunt down and find
animals and basically, you’re the bird dog of finding really good real estate
deals and if you think about it, – I thought you’re going somewhere totally different with
that but that’s awesome. – No, that’s actually where it comes from – I know. -Alright, so this is
perfect for the person that says, alright, getting into real estate investing
has a lot of responsibilities, right? Like after I find the property, I got to come
up with the money somehow some way to fund the deal and then I got to hang on
to it, I got to either fix it up and then I got to get a renter in there
or I’m going to flip it or I’m going to hold it for a period of time and there are
some people out there that are just saying, “Wow, how do I make some quick cash
in real estate because that looks like a lot of effort.” and instead they want
to say, how can I come in at the start of the deal and get paid a little bit of
money and hand it off to somebody else and run on to the next chase. – So there’s
two sides of the equation here for wholesaling, you want to have both sides
in place and intact and so it takes a, like Kris said, it takes some effort and
takes some doing. The first side is you want to find good properties or again
have a system in place that finds you good properties. The second side of the
equation is you need potential buyers for those properties. If you don’t have
both sides of this equation, chances are, you’re not going to have a whole lot of
success in wholesaling because you could essentially get a home under contract
and put up earnest money or you know, be into it where you have to then
purchase it and if you don’t have the buyer in place and that’s just your
property that you’re going to have to take down yourself which could be okay as
long as you buy it right, but if you’re not planning on that and your goal was
to wholesale it to someone else, it may put you in a little bit of a predicament
so make sure you have both sides of the equation there. – So let’s talk about both
of these equations and also just get really clear with this fact that when
you’re wholesaling the whole secret to it is that when you get an under
contract, you need to say that it’s you having it under contract and then you
need to include these magic words and/or a sign. That’s what gives you the
ability to essentially get a deal under contract and then find someone else to
give it to so with these two things that Steven brought up, the first thing that
you’re going to need to do is find a really good deal. I recommend watching
one of my videos and we’ll put a link up here for it, that’s going to teach you how
to actually locate a really good deal and we’re going to teach you a very simple
formula for how you run some basic math and once you have a good deal, you want
to race and get it under contract, have a realtor right there at your side that
can help do that, make sure your realtor is on board with the concept of
assigning it and they’ll want to do that with you if they have confidence
that you have a group of potential investors and buyers to get it from you,
we’ll talk about that in a second. So you find a good deal, you put an offer, you
get under contract, you use the magic words and aura signs and boom, now you
have it under contract but remember, there’s a fuse on this bomb which means
you generally have 30, give yourself 45 days if you can to perform on it and
really you have about a week to assign it to somebody else so that they have
the time that they need to work with a lender and get it under contract and
then essentially what they’re going to do is, they’re going to pay you two, three, four,
five thousand dollars and generally, if the investor says, well I would have
bought that property and all you need to do is work in a small margin for
yourself says well I’ll give you this one, I’m a bird dog, I find deals like
this but my cost is two thousand dollars, they can write you that check, boom,
you sign it over to them and you’re off to the next race. The other question then
is alright then, how do I actually build a database of investors that I can
market these homes to and this is something that you can do through
today’s media world especially social media. You can build some great
lists and go out there and find people and really all you got to do, I recommend
two things, one, open up your preferences on Facebook for example to build your
list up to 5,000 people, go to other investment related websites, go to any
money related websites and all you want to do is join these groups that have
common interests and then as you make posts, you’re going to get people liking and
commenting and all those people you want to just hit, add as friend, add as
friend, add as friend, if you do this within three to
six months, you can be up to 5,000 friends of like-minded people
that might be interested in real estate and then on your own Facebook page all
you’re doing is basically saying, hey, I’ve got a great deal coming up, I’m
looking for investors that have money and are looking for deals and now you’ll
start building your own private list of those individuals saying, I want that, I
want that, the moment you get your deal under contract, you can go now to your
list of ten fifteen twenty people and say, first-come first-serve, here’s the
details. Who wants it? Now you’ve just successfully put yourself in
a situation where you can wholesale a property. – So you’re going to want to get
after it, okay. This is all about getting after it, getting into it, making sure
that you’re committed to making this work and and having both sides of the
equation. You’ve got to have the investors and then you’ve got to find
the properties, if you’ve got both of those and put that together, you’ve got
an amazing opportunity for a great wholesaling deal. – Now you can jump right
into wholesaling but what Steven and I want to do is, we want to give you a
little bonus right now and we want to give you something that can pay you ten
times more profitably than wholesaling that really is doing the same amount of
work. I don’t know about you but if I can do the same amount of work and make
ten times as much money, this is going to be excited.
So Steven and I, we have a course we put together called partner
profit and what you’re doing is, instead of bird-dogging properties, you come into
our system where we’ll give you all of our properties and then all you really
are bird-dogging instead of homes is people. You’re only doing half the
equation now, you’re taking our deals because we have an excess of them and
you’re going out there using the same system to find the investors and instead
of punting deals off to them, we’re going to show you how to actually say, I’ve got
deals, I get them on a regular basis and I’m looking to come in as a 50/50
partner with someone that has the money, me and my team will do the work, you put
up the money, now you’re earning 50% long-term on the
deals, there’s way more money, same amount of effort, just a little bit of a
different game and if you’re interested in learning how to partner up with
people, we recommend you click this link and learn all about our partner profits
program where Steven and I can hop on the phone with you, someone on our team
and really lay it down. Same amount of effort, 10 times the money, this is how
I’ve made more money in real estate hands-down than anything that I’ve done,
the secret, partnering. So wholesaling good, partnering ten times more
profitable, run with either of them, learn your options and go crush it in real estate.
I can hear it, you kind of interested in what is this whole partner prophets deal,
right? Click up here, learn more. I got tons of information on how I built my
entire portfolio with other partners making it possible and I’m going to give
you the deals and all the trainings so that you can make the exact same thing
happen for you.

10 thoughts on “How To Wholesale Real Estate – Bird Dog Real Estate

  1. Wholesaling is a great opportunity for people to make money in real estate with no license. Also investors will love you because its a win win.

  2. That's my goal this year to start a wholesaling real estate business to create income to replace my job and my wife's income. Thanks for this video. The Partner Profit program sounds awesome.

  3. Hi Chris. I'm interested in getting into real estate but I don't exactly know much about it. What are some of the basic things I should learn?

  4. Is there any videos you’ve made of for commercial real estate?

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  6. hi Chris, is it possible for a foreigner (I'm swiss) who doesn't live in the US, to invest with your company? You said that all is needed is 35000 sitting around and good credit, but I'm not sure if a foreigner qualifies for credit in the US after 2008…
    If it's possible, I'm really considering it. Right now I'm on my first deal here in Switzerland, but it is quite expensive comparing it with USA (which I hope will become my future market). Thank you for the great videos!

  7. So basically affiliate marketing on real estate?!

  8. So a wholesale is cutting out the realtor? So would you say wholeslae is also kinda like a realtor?

  9. My ADHD cackled at him slapping the table. Why did that happen and why was it funny? he was waking me up.. I get it. Attention grabber

  10. Hi, I am a neophyte just trying to understand REI concepts. This video, as your other ones is very informitive. Have a few questions though:
    1. Why would a realtor work with me as a wholesaler when he's experienced then me and also may have access to a huge clientele that he can directly go to?
    2. Similar to above, why would an investor or potential buyer want to work with me as middleman?
    3. Okay, say I have made a list of few buyers from social media groups etc, and later got a property that i can make a contract. I now go back to the buyers to see who comes first with the proposal. What if none of them turn up? Will I be obliged to buy the property or can i cancel the contract?
    Appreciate if could clarify. Thanks in advance.

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