How to use Canva Tutorial | Canva Tutorial for beginners

How to use Canva Tutorial | Canva Tutorial for beginners

Looking for a Canva tutorial to show you
step-by-step how to create beautiful graphics with ease in this video I’m
going to show you how to use canva so you can quickly and easily design your
own social media images presentations flyers invitations and more stay tuned hi I’m Sara Nguyen your online
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all of the resources mentioned in this video canva is a remarkable design tool
that allows you to create stunning images with ease. Even if you don’t have
any graphic design experience at all. I’m going to walk you through how to
navigate canva the free version to start designing your own beautiful images if
you’re looking for a training on how to use the paid version of canva canva for
work I’ve created a video for that too check out the description for the link
and to jump to the specific training sections let’s go over to my computer
now to start using canva you’ll need a canva account
so from canva com you can sign up using your Facebook account your Google
account or you can sign up using your email address once you’ve done that and
followed the prompt you can come back to canva and login in the top right hand
corner here using your username and email and password or login clicking on
the green button with your Facebook or your Google account I’m going to log in
with my Facebook account and this then takes me to canva in the top section
where it says create a design you’ll see all of these templates for different
graphics that you can create and underneath these are the images that
I’ve created in the past yours will be empty in two
you have some design saved so let’s start with creating a social media
graphic we’re going to start by clicking on the more button or you can also click
on the create a design button this takes you to the section in canva where you
can choose the different design types you can see here there’s social media
posts and we have twitter social graphics Pinterest graphics Facebook’s
Tumblr Instagram these are different templates that can be have created and
sized for you for these specific social media platforms if you keep scrolling
you’ll see documents so we have the us letter size as well as the International
a4 size if you wanted to create different documents and presentations we
have ebook templates and book covers as well as posters flyers brochures social
media covers invitations for events and ads as well so there really is a large
array of templates and already sized designs for you the other alternative
that you can do is you can use custom dimensions on the top right hand corner
here and with this you can type in the width and the high in pixels or in
millimeters or inches of an image that you want to design and this is something
that you would use if you don’t want to go ahead and use canvas templates but
I’m going to show you how to start using their templates to create quick
beautiful designs so let’s have a look at creating a Facebook post and you
really can apply this to any of the social media graphics in canvas section
here so I’m going to click on Facebook posts and this opens up the editor
section where I can start to make the magic happen now if we have a look at
the left-hand side here there are some tabs we have layouts elements text
background and uploads I’m going to go through what all of these are and how
you can use them with layouts we have designs Kemba have provided all
designers in canvas marketplace have provided and you can see as I hover over
some of these designs it has a little dollar sign on it and this means that it
has a paid element on the actual design so I’ve clicked on this design and you
can see that there’s this image and it has can buy watermarks on it and this
means that this component is a paid feature so if I wanted to use this
design and this particular image I would have to pay for it and this happens when
I go to download the image I’m going to choose it’s a JPEG
when I click download canva will then ask me to put in my credit card details
because there’s this paid component on it if I didn’t want to pay for it there
are two options I could choose a free design or I can delete this paid element
so to delete this paid element I would click on it go on the right-hand side
click delete image and now you can see that that in that paid image is no
longer there and I can upload my own image and I’ll show you how to do that
in a moment but you’ll see now when I go to download this particular image design
canva don’t ask me to put my credit card details in anymore because I’ve removed
the component of the design that’s a paid version and they will just start
automatically downloading like you see there so that is a paid design and all
of the paid designs have the little dollar sign icon in the bottom right
hand corner of the design and this is relevant whether you’re doing a social
media pose or whether you’re creating an invitation all of the canva layouts will
be marked as either paid with paid elements on them or if we keep scrolling
we’ll be able to find some free versions like here it says free so this means
that the design doesn’t have any paid elements on it so you can choose the
paid versions and remove the paid elements on them in order for them to be
free or you can just use a free layout it’s really up to you so to choose a
layout it’s extremely easy it’s a matter of clicking on the
design and as you saw before I have this design here you can choose to replace
current designs that you have by clicking on replace or if you’re playing
around with different layouts in the bottom you’ll see it says at a new page
and this group will create another blank template so you can add another design
and you can play between the different layouts and see which one you like best
and then you can either keep over them or in the right-hand side here you can
delete it so it gives you options when you’re
designing to play with different layouts and you don’t have to necessarily commit
to one or the other I’ve added two free designs I’m going to add a another page
and this will be a paid design and I’m going to show you how to change this
image and I’m going to add one more and this will be a blank one and I’ll show
you how to freestyle a design and create something without having to use canvas
layouts if you really didn’t want to so when we go back to the design and we
want to change a component whether it’s the text or the colors in this back
section you simply click on the section that you want to edit so let’s say I
want to change the text I would click on this I would write some text and that
will replace the text I can highlight this text and on the top section here I
can change the font type to a different style there are lots of fonts for you to
choose within the free range and there should be something here that will work
for what you need so you just simply select the font that you like and on the
right hand side as you see in the design it will automatically change you can
change the font size you can change the font color you can use the document
colors or you can click on this plus button and this gives you access to
change the color to be whatever color in the color wheel that you desire
you have other options such as whether you want to Center a line lift the line
or right align the text at bullet points or you can change the spacing and the
spacing allows you to increase or decrease the text I guess
horizontally or the line height if there’s text above or below it so
changing the text really is as easy as clicking on the text that you want to
change and then typing the text that you want to replace it with and then
highlighting the text and clicking on any of the menu items here to change the
font the size the color and some of the styling things that you can do here to
change the background elements when I click on it you’ll see in the top
left-hand corner changes once again depending on the
element that I’m changing and I can choose different colors for this based
on what I want once again I’m able to choose from the
document colors or if I click on the plus sign it gives me access to the
entire color wheel and I can then go ahead and replace these particular
colors with colors that work better for what I’m looking to do and it’s as easy
as that it’s literally clicking on the element and then choosing the color from
the color wheel so let’s go over to another one now this is another free one
so let’s have a look here as you can see there are different elements that can be
have added on this design let’s say I don’t really want this to be the bottles
here so I’m going to click on the element that I don’t want to be included
in the design I’m going to go to the top right hand corner and as you saw that
happened really quickly I click on the little bin button and it deletes that
particular element from the actual design so you’re not stuck with
components that you don’t like now I’m going to go and add something else here
because I’ve taken out an element of it so in the left hand side I click on
elements and here’s a bunch of stuff that canva have that is really really
cool you can choose to add shapes and you click on the shape icon there are
all of these components that you add to the actual image once again there
are free ones and there are paid ones if you want to use the paid one you can add
it and then you will need to enter in your credit card details in order to be
able to use the paid feature however there are so many elements that are free
I don’t necessarily think that you will need it there’s definitely going to be
something here that will work for what you need so it’s a matter of either
scrolling or you can start typing what you want so let’s say I’m going to add
another bottle so I search for bottle in that search bar there and I click enter
and all of the elements that have the keyword bottle in it will appear and
once again they’re labeled free or if it’s a paid one you’ll see that it has
the price and the dollar sign there so I’m going to add this free icon I
clicked on it and then canva added it to my active canvas and then I can drag it
to be where I want it to be if I pull on the right-hand corner or any of the
corners it will resize it keeping that aspect ratio in place so
that’s another cool feature so it’s not all out of whack and then I can move it
wherever on the canvas that I want to as you see here these are the specific
colors that it came with in the top corner here I can change it to be
whatever colors that I like so there’s lots of flexibility in being able to
remove the elements if you don’t like them add new ones and there are so many
elements to choose from and then to customize them as well so this was
adding different shapes I can also add lines if they’re relevant to what I need
to do I click on the lines button and there are all these different line
designs that I can also add to my design by just clicking on them and locating
them somewhere on the design the other thing that I like to add from time to
time is illustration so this is pretty cool
I like illustrations because they just add a little bit of jazz so there are
free ones and paid ones and it just spices up the image a little bit more
you simply click on it resize it you can Road
hate them and then just place them somewhere on your actual design and if
you’ve added something and you think mmm that looks a bit weird and you don’t
like it that’s okay too you simply click on it once again and
that little bin button delete button here takes it away as if it never even
happened so adding elements and design components is as easy as clicking on the
elements section here and choosing what component you want to add whether it’s
shapes lines illustrations icons charts candle has a massive library of things
that you can use they’ve also got a really amazing stock image library as
well if you click on free photos you’ll see all of these beautiful images that
you can use for free to help you create these beautiful images now I’m going to
show you how to upload your own images so I’ve scrolled to the next design here
and as you can see this is a paid image because it has the canva watermarks on
it so I’m going to go ahead and delete this one because one I don’t really
think that this is the right image for what I want to use and I want to use
something else I’m going to click delete to the image and that’s gone and now to
upload my own image I can choose from in the elements section let’s get rid of
this bottle in the elements section I can click on the free photos and I can
choose to look for people images here that are relevant let’s have a look-see
so I can either choose something here and place it into the section here and
then I click tick to accept it so that’s one option choosing the free options
here if I don’t like that as always I can delete the image otherwise I can
upload my own images so I’m going to go to uploads here then upload your own
images and let’s go to my desktop and I’m going to add this image of pandas
because I can and canva will upload images and it will keep the images in
your upload section so you can use them again you don’t need to upload the image
every time you use it you kind of have this library of images that you can come
back ups and use just by clicking on them like that so let’s have a look at
how you’re going it’s almost there you can see here it’s uploading and now it’s
done so once it’s done I click on it then I
drag it into the section and like that I have uploaded and placed my own image
other things that you can do with your own images is if I click on this just
once you’ll see in the top corner here I can add filters to edit the image so
either choosing from canvas own filters I can scroll across the top here that’s
made a different color or I can click on the scales here and change the image
filters according to the color scheme that I like I can crop the image if I
wanted it to be bigger or a different size I have a crop option I can flip it
if I wanted to horizontally and vertically and with the space seen what
does the spacing one do that just brings the image in or out depending on the
layout of the image the other thing that you can do with your image if you click
on it and if you have a look on the right-hand side is that you can arrange
it so this is the option that allows you to move it forward or back allowing you
to move things around on your canvas putting them before or behind certain
elements and you can also add a link on the image to an external URL by putting
the link here and clicking apply and that will create a hyperlink on your
design now I’m going to show you how to freestyle your own canva design so
here’s a blank canvas and I’m going to show you how to add images add text add
images starting from a blank slate so I’ve already uploaded a bunch of
images here so I’m going to start by adding this background so this is an
image that I’ve uploaded earlier and I’m going to use this as my entire
backgrounds uploaded it clicked it to add it and I’m going to resize it by
just dragging it and that builds my entire canvas now I’d like to add some
text so I’m going to click on the text section here and I have options of
either adding text and then choosing a font or I can select some of canvas pre
designs here so I am going to click on this one here so I’m going to change the
text so replace that and delete this other text that I don’t want or need to
up here I’m going to add some extra text just to show you how to do it so I’m
going to click on add a subheading it’s placed it there I’m going to drag it
underneath it then I’m going to stretch it just so that it’s all on one line and
I move it there it’s a little bit hard to read so I’m going to go to the
elements section and I’m going to have a look at different shapes that I can add
so that I can have it stand out a little bit more so I think I may do a circle
keep it a little bit easy and I’m going to arrange it to send it back so I can
have the font appear in the front and now I’m going to change the color
because it’s nice and it’s easy to read now but it’s a little bit black so I’m
going to click on the element click on the color section and I think it’s going
to be a blue no mm still not feeling it so I’m going to
click on the plus button and now we’re talking now this is exciting
now I’m liking that so I’ve just chosen a color there and I click off it and I
quite like that now how do you get the design off canvas so that you can upload
it to Facebook or to whichever social media platform you click on the download
button here and you can choose to download the image as a JPEG a PNG or a
PDF in standard or print version I’m going to go with JPEG for the purposes
of this demonstration you can choose to download all the images as you see here
because there are multiple images on this canvas it will save all of them as
a zip file or I can just choose the certain canvas that I want so I just
want this last one which is number 4 and I’ll click download and canvas doing its
thing and in a couple of seconds it will enable me to download it if it doesn’t
automatically download and now that’s downloaded when I click on it here’s my
beautiful image that I just created with this design if I click on the title here
I can name it something so I’m going to call it Facebook post demo and this will
name the image so that when you see it in your save image section it has a
meaningful name I’m going to click on the canva icon this takes me back to my
dashboard which has all of the images that I’ve created so I can go back to
the image and edit it and pretty much use them as a template anytime I want
so for example this Pinterest analytics one is a YouTube thumbnail so I use this
as a thumbnail for my Pinterest tutorials and if I click on this
particular image I can go back to it and I can update it and use the same design
four different videos if it’s relevant so let’s say this is one on how to pin
I’ve got the same layout I just changed the text it saves me a lot of time I
don’t have to build everything from scratch again
and then I simply save it and then I can download it once again so that’s a
really cool feature of doing designs in canvas that you can set it up
essentially as a template so you can go in quickly change the text to make that
same image relevant for the next piece of work that you’re doing another thing
that I really love about canva which is a new addition that they’ve just added
recently is that if you’re creating designs or posters or business cards or
or anything print related if you click on the order prints option here you can
have the design that you created in canva arrange to be printed and
delivered to you or from the one place so you don’t need to download the design
go send it to your printer and then get them to send it to you you can do it all
from here and can but give you the options and the pricing which is really
really cool it’s just this one-stop solution to do your designs and arrange
your print jobs all in the one place so there you have it a step-by-step guide
of how to use canva to create beautiful images for your business if you found
this video useful give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my
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