How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business

How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business

– Hi, and welcome. My name is Simon Cohen, and today, I’m going to give you a quick introduction to using 360 cameras in
your real estate business. 360 cameras, like this Samsung Gear 360, let you shoot photos
and videos that capture, as the name suggests,
360 degrees around you. When played back on a
computer, smartphone, tablet, or VR goggles, viewers can choose where they want to look, instead of only seeing one perspective. Unlike panoramas, with
360 photos and videos, you can look up, down,
as well as side to side, perfect for checking out hardwood floors, or perhaps decorative crown moldings. You’ve probably already
seen 360 walkthrough videos on real estate sites or on YouTube, and Facebook supports
this format now, too. While the jury is still out on whether a 360 video or a 360
photo is more effective, there’s no question that both formats let prospective buyers
get a way better sense of interior and exterior spaces than with standard static photos. There’s a growing number
of pros who you can hire to shoot 360 photos and videos for you at a cost of hundreds of dollars, but thanks to the latest
cameras and software, you can easily do it
yourself and save some money. To get started with 360 photos
and videos for your business, you’ll need a camera that
can shoot this format. They start at about $150 and
can reach into the thousands, but you can expect to pay around $450 for a decent consumer model. To decide which one is right for you, think about how you’ll want to use it. If it’s just for your business, you probably don’t need
a waterproof model, but if it’s for personal use, too, that could be a worthwhile feature. Likewise, if you only intend to post photos and videos to your site, you may not need a camera
that can do live streaming, but some realtors have had a blast showing off homes remotely in
real time using this function. Before buying, make sure
you read the reviews. 360 cameras are still in their infancy, and some models cut too many corners in order to keep their price low. Check out and for some helpful insights on which models are worth considering. Some consumer 360 cameras
have one big lens, but most have two facing
opposite directions. They all have a tripod
mount on the bottom. This is essential for
capturing decent 360 photos. Because these cameras
are designed to connect to a free app on your phone or tablet, most of the advanced
settings are done in the app, which keeps the camera itself very simple. You’ll only often have one or
two buttons to contend with. Simply choose whether you want
to take a photo or a video, then press the record button to take a shot, or start your video. Press it again to stop. Congrats, you’ve just
shot your first 360 video! Your recording will automatically transfer to your phone or tablet,
where the free app will take care of stitching it. That’s some fancy tech
talk for joining together what the two lenses see into one file. Now you can upload it to social media and add it to your listings. One thing to keep in mind when
shooting with a 360 camera is that there’s no flash. You’ll need to make sure that your interiors are brightly lit. Otherwise, the images will look too dark. Thanks for watching,
and happy 360 filming!

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  1. I just purchased the Samsung 360 Gear shown in your video but my videos show walls being curved, not straight like in the video. Was this a Gear 360 video? If so, can you tell me how to make the walls be straight? Samsung tells me it doesn't work that way. Thanks for your help!

  2. Great video! Do you know about any solution with the Gear360 to have virtual tour where you move around like you can do on Google Street View?

  3. What is an example of a website that can host these files other than facebook and youtube. I am looking to advertise houses for sale using this technique but i would prefer not to use facebook as it might seem unprofessional as well as it may also require a log in.


  4. Great video! Can you tell me what light you used at around 3:00? Is there specific software you use to edit the photos afterwards (Lightroom? etc)

  5. I want to start using 360 camera videos for my real estate business. What devise would you recommend for a beginner and good quality videos?

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  7. Hey why not save thousands of dollars, and not bother hiring a realtor because the home owner can do the 360 themselves or hire a pro to shoot it for them for a fraction of the Realtors cost! We don't need more realtor photos and video on MLS. Aces in their places, I don't go ask my doctor to tell me what's wrong with my car, I ask my mechanic.

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