How to track your real estate home value using a website market activity tool

How to track your real estate home value using a website market activity tool

(bright tinkling music) – [Anant] So if you did
not, if you’re a homeowner, and this is primarily for homeowners looking to track their investment, and they wanted to see,
it’s just running right now, how their home is doing compared to other sales in their neighborhood. So you can see here I
have all the neighborhoods in not only the city,
but Chicagoland area, so you can do Naperville, Plainfield, north suburbs, west suburbs, everything that is in our MLS area, which is the MRED area,
Midwest real estate data. So while I’m in here, let’s
go ahead and get started. As you can see in this sold search, depending on what you want, if you have a single family
home, you’re gonna wanna select, remove the condo and select just homes. Conversely, if you have
a townhome or a condo, go ahead and select condo or townhome, okay? So for the purposes of this tutorial, I’m gonna kind of make
this a refined search. What I want my website to return is sold data, sold properties,
within the last 30 days. My pricing here, let’s
go 100,000 to 300,000, but obviously depending
on your specific property, my search here I have all
the way up to a million. If your home happens to
be more than a million, please reach out to me. Obviously directly through the MLS, I’ll be able to get you some information, exactly what you need. So let’s go ahead and
do 100 to 300 thousand, and for the sake of time here, since Albany Park is right at the top, I’m gonna select Albany Park. So this particular search is gonna return all sold properties within 30 days between 100,000 and 300,000. What you’re gonna notice here
is I have it very granular. You can go down to
elementary schools in here, all the elementary schools in the Chicago, particularly elementary
schools related to Albany Park. You can do, if you have a condo, assessments are 200, and you
wanna look at other properties within 100 and 300, as far
as the association dues here, you can do that. If you wanna look at investor
properties, it’s really great. You can just add in the S feature in here, but again for the purposes
of this particular search, I’m going to remove it. So, a 100,000 to 300,000,
the last 30 days, it returned six properties. And you’re gonna say
that sounds really low, well, you know, we have been going through a severe seller market for a while. Rule of thumb here for a
little educational purposes, a balanced market, when
you’re talking about is it a buyer’s or seller’s market, six months of supply is your balance. Anything above, you’re
in a buyer’s market, anything below, seller’s. We’re in a severe seller’s market. So the sold indicator is on here. Keep in mind, good people, I have disabled my forced registration,
which a lot of websites you’ll notice, with other realtor sites, you have to register. I’ve disabled it. Only when you want to save a search, and we’ll talk about that when I go through the market report, then
your information is needed. So what you can do here, let’s go ahead and take a look at this property. As you can see, it has all of the photos, just like if you were
looking for properties if you were a buyer. This is just telling you
sold, sold information. You can see the closing
date here, close date, and all of the information
directly from the MLS, okay? So that, in a nutshell,
of course, you know, reach out to me if you have any questions, is how you would look at sold data. And again, how you access that, let’s go back to the results, let’s go back to refine your search, okay? All of these. Now if you clicked on advanced search, that would pull in all new, active, and under contract properties. Here I selected this, sold. All right. So, for the next great
feature of my website, we’re gonna go through market activity. People love to get a snapshot of active, under contract, and sold properties. Again, based upon a
period in the past, right? ‘Cause it’s sold properties. So keep in mind, this particular, depending on what environment, of course I’m on my laptop,
I have a Chromebook here. If you were on your mobile device, how it works in the mobile environment, you just gotta scroll down and you’ll see this little round icon, so
we’re gonna click on this. Okay, I’m gonna show
you, I’m gonna highlight, let’s see if that’s showing up in my live, not sure if you can see that or not. No, it doesn’t have the top. What I’ll share in the
comments is the actual link. Let me copy and paste that link. Okay, I just did that. So, in creating the custom
market, let’s go ahead, again, let’s look at some condos. Let’s try another area. So for example, I live in the
Lakeview East neighborhood. Just moved there, been here for a year after living in Wicker
Park for 16 plus years, so we’re gonna go Lakeview East, okay? And we’re gonna look at properties between 350 and 500 thousand. Let’s go 550. All, again, sold, we’re using one month. It does return a lot of data, folks. I would do one or two months, and then really get,
you know, kinda granular as far as style of home, elementary. The more information you put in here, then the more chance
you’re gonna return data and listings that are
comparable to your own home. Again, if you got any questions. You know, also, if you
got any questions, guys, I’m not sure if you can
see this with my cursor, but right up here, I
have these, my number. Yeah, it kinda doesn’t, I’m
not sure if that, if I can… Let’s see, not sure… If I can enlargen that or not. Sorry, give me one second here. Don’t believe I can do that, okay. Sorry for the delay. In the upper right hand corner, if you are in your laptop, if you’re in your mobile device, also in the right corner, you will have both a phone
icon and the email icon. Super simple, folks, if you click on it, my number’s gonna pop
up here, 773-490-6151. If you click on that, your phone screen will pop up with my
number and just hit call, and I’ll be happy to answer
any of your questions. Also, I have a contact form,
if you don’t wanna talk to me, prefer email, that’s fine. While robots are great, I
don’t wanna talk to robots. So you just gotta click the Capcha, I believe that’s how it’s pronounced. And of course, to log in, as I mentioned, I do not force registration, a decision I decide to make. Of course, if you wanted to save a search, which I’m gonna show you momentarily, the little icon person, it
is in the left upper corner, left-hand corner, you would sign in, and you would create an account. It’s very simple, it’s just your email, and your password will
be your cell number. And of course, I don’t
share that information. I will be following up with you, ’cause I’m a helpful realtor. And if you tell me, hey,
Anant, I just wanna search, and not be bothered, not a problem. I may just check in periodically to see how things are
going with your investment. So, in this particular
market activity report, I did 350 thousand to 550, properties within the last one month. So again, this is gonna return active, under contract, and sold
listings within the last 30. Let’s go ahead and hit market report. Okay. So you can see here in the
Lakeview East neighborhood, right now we have 38
listings between that. Supply is creeping up,
but don’t freak out, guys. Guys and gals, you know,
while we’re having a shift, it’s a relative shift here. It’s also seasonal. I did last month and in
the next couple days, I’ll be doing a market update report. So I’ll make sure to
post that out on my page. And of course, we have
a second section here of 12 under contract, and then of course, these are all the sold. As we dive in the numbers here, I’m not gonna get really detailed here, but the information given here is, you see N/A here, a lot of times, with the MLS, it’s
garbage in, garbage out. It all depends on what us
as agents put into the MLS. I would not take square
footage to heart, people, okay? I always have a caveat for my listings, unless I have an appraiser
or I get it laser measured. It’s still an approximation. So this cost per square foot,
don’t treat that as religion. What’s really important
here is the days on market, and as these days on market increase, what does that tell us? That tells us that it’s
over-priced, 276 days. This is probably an over-priced listing. I’d have to dive into the details on there to tell you definitively, but
this is a really good rate. You’ll see here, days on market, these are under contract, though. So what that means is, excuse me, both parties came to terms, and they are in what is known as the attorney and inspection review period. That doesn’t necessarily
mean it’s gonna go all the way to closing. I’ve seen many times when
these deals fall apart, but it is a good probability
if one of these properties is something that you wanted to see, at least, at this time, you’re
not gonna be able to see it, because there is already a contract. And, of course, the final
here really good metric is it sold, sold property,
it has a sold date, the days on market, so
really good information. And this is why I really love this. You guys can take your
time, take a look at it, and of course, if you want
any more specific data, I can be reached. You can search this at your convenience. Now what I recommend, which
is really, really awesome with this tool is you can
actually get updates, okay? So this obviously, this
is a living, breathing, I mean the market is a
living, breathing organism. It’s constantly in flux,
constantly, it’s dynamic, right? So wouldn’t it be great to get a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly update. Right, hey, ya know, why not? So what I would do is, I would click here. I have my logo on here. Obviously we respect your privacy, and feel free to click on any of those. This’ll show you how I
use this information. Again, how I, I don’t resell it. This is basically, your information’s here so I can reach out and be
helpful to you and help you. You could be 12 months
out from considering to sell your place, you
could be two weeks out, you could be 24 months out. The point is is tracking your investment so you can make an informed decision, and of course reach out to me. It’s very easy, first name, last name. Throw in a good email. And please, please
provide your cell number as your password, okay? There is this little
icon if you want a daily, but how the system defaults is weekly, biweekly, and monthly. I’m gonna show you, basically, when you click this view now,
you’ll get a welcome email. It could take up to 24 hours, depending on when my, excuse me, when my system updates. But within 24 hours
you’ll get a welcome email and a link where that point forward, any updates to the active listings, to the under contract, any new sold, those updates you will get based upon the frequency, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or if you select that daily, you’ll get that emailed to you. So obviously I’m not gonna quick view now, but what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to log in on my dummy account that I created, show you how you can edit. If you mistakenly said
you wanted it daily, so Joe Smith, I used Joe Smith. That’s just my dummy name. And so if you clicked on saved searches, this is of course also if you wanted to search for properties to purchase, but as you can see here
in the saved market data, there is this edit button. You can also see the amount of times you can do, again,
weekly, biweekly, monthly, or if you don’t want it, you
can actually shut it off, and then just go in whenever you want, and basically hit view
to see the updated list. And of course, you have the edit, you can rename, name your report. You can edit the existing
report, so it’s super simple. So that’s kinda, this is what
the back end of the customer. You can do this on your mobile. You can do this on your desktop or laptop. So, that was a quick, how long did I, did we go there? Oh, 18 minutes, okay, a little bit longer. But that was kind of a
relatively quick tutorial on how my clients, consumers, the public can use the great tool I have on my website and on to Your Chicago RE, both the market activity report, and using strictly sold search on my site. Any questions, I’m more
than happy to help. Again, you can see up here in these icons, you can click on the phone number. That’s my phone number: 773-490-6151. You can also send me an
email, but I’m gonna give you, really the best way is through Facebook. You should send me a private
message over on Facebook, call me, I’m happy to help. Hope you guys all crush it
today in whatever you’re doing. And till next time, later. (tinkling electronic music)

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