How To Survive Living in a Tiny NYC Apartment 😱 ? (10 Tips & Apartment Tour)

How To Survive Living in a Tiny NYC Apartment  😱  ? (10 Tips & Apartment Tour)

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from my Tiny New York City Apartment In Greenwich Village, Manhattan And today instead of going out to explore this city Why don’t I show you guys around my home Because for many of you You might have a dream to live in downtown Manhattan And you could also be living in a 350 square foot apartment Like I am Here we go 10 Tips To Survive Living In a Tiny New York City Apartment Before we begin A couple of notes The first is that I am not an expert on interior design But I have lived here for 8 years And these tips have all worked for me And second.. having a tiny apartment isn’t all that bad Less space to clean Less things to break And less uninvited guests to come over Make sure to stay tuned til the end of the video I’m going to tell you how much I spend on rent in this place But let’s get to that list Think of it like New York City When you run out of space instead of building out You build up And this apartment was not very well equipped with shelves When we first moved in.. Now we were lucky that we had a friend who was very handy And he came over and he helped us build a bunch of shelves Which are still in use today For example These two right here But if you don’t have a handy friend You can always use a website like Who have happily sponsored this.. No, i’m just kidding Nobody sponsored this video I just came up with this idea yesterday But shelves are so crucial Let me show you the ones in the bed room Which we also built And do use taskrabbit Though… they’re not paying me Up here.. Look at the extra space that we got By building a shelf Above the bed room door We’ve got suitcases We have an air mattress We have extra bedding We have extra clothing in there Shelves are your friends Mirrors Plain and simple They amplify light And they make spaces look bigger This is one of the first touches we did on this apartment When we moved here 8 years ago In the hallway here we have a full length mirror Which wraps right over the door So it doesn’t lean out at all It’s excellent just for walking out of the apartment You want to check yourself out Make sure you look good for New York City It’s here And it also amplifies the space I think When you are walking in for the first time Into the apartment Down the hallway so.. Another nice little touch We have.. 4 different mirrors In an apartment of 350 square feet And i’mt not even counting the mirror in the bathroom This is actually a touch that I did not add Until Adriana moved into here.. Full-time And why don’t we let Team Adriana tell why she likes having plants In a small apartment Hi guys Well since we don’t have a view of the outside world As you can see Having plants for me is really important Because it’s like having a little bit of nature inside of the house It’s like having something alive going on In the apartment And.. Actually we got these babies.. at the super market And this one was really small And now it’s super big So I would recommend you To look on the internet What kind of plants do well in a how can i say.. Spaces without light So they don’t die Or you can have some cactuses to But i really really love this one Because it’s growing up really fast And as you can see it doesn’t get a lot of light So it’s perfect for this little apartment And I think it’s really cool to have something.. living here with us Yeah because we don’t have any pets.. Or kids It’s our little baby Taking care of smells Yeah this is actually more important than you would think We take the garbage out.. at least once a day here Maybe more And if you’re eating really smelly food Like salmon Which i’m a huge fan of You throw that away By the next morning Your apartment is going to stink And this is something that you will especially notice in a small space Because if you look this way The bedroom is not very far from the kitchen So it’s very important to keep up with taking out the garbage And the smells And now Adriana is going to show you.. A little trick that she likes to use here. As Jon said He loves Salmon
Which gets really stinky sometimes We eat it at night And we don’t want to run outside to take the trash out Because we live on the 4th floor So we don’t want to go downstairs And come upstairs for that So something I started to do Is.. in the freezer I keep a little container like this With a plastic bag What I do is when we finish the food And we have some little left overs Like something you can’t.. You are not going to eat anymore Instead of throwing it out.. throwing it out in the garbage I put the rest of the food in this one It has nothing right now I put the rest of the food in this little bag And I close it And then I put it in the freezer Just right here Next to the vodka Next to the vodka So it gets frozen And it doesn’t smell The next morning when we are going to take all the trash out I take the little container I take the plastic bag I close it And I throw it out And it doesn’t smell Because it’s frozen Also good for bananas and some other products right Everything..All the rest of the food That you have that are small of course You can put it there And it’s not going to stink the next day Decluttering… This could be the most important tip for living in a small space We put clothes that we don’t use away in boxes.. Especially winter stuff For example We have this huge box up here.. That has a lot of clothing Now we’re in the other room And this is Adriana’s.. winter stuff All in this bag Out of site The closet doesn’t look to stuffy But when I say decluttering It’s not all about clothing For me it’s also what you have Hanging on the walls And let me show you We don’t go to crazy around the apartment We have one portrait here We have one portrait that actually Adriana drew herself Over there I’ve seen a lot of small apartments where people put tons of personal things on the walls A lot of pictures And when you have a small space And the walls are really cluttered up I do not think it’s going to make this space Look any bigger And now I want to show you something in the bathroom And credit to Adriana for helping me organize some of these things On the shelves here We barely have anything It’s just make up and deodorant And a few other little touches And then we put a lot of things into hiding I opened up the mirror in the bathroom All hidden here And then up here we have extra things Like shavers Etc When you actually come into the bathroom You don’t see a ton of stuff And it makes your bathroom feel A lot bigger than it actually is Making sure that everything is sized appropriately You really have to be paying attention to detail On space here Adriana’s desk is by far the best example of this It is shaped like a Pentagon I have to google this I forgot what it was called My geometry was really bad Look 5 sided art desk here It literally slides into this corner A perfect utilization of what we’ve got here We used to have a couch here And I did not think that It was so smart Now coming this way Something we’ve also added recently Is this little rectangular table For the coffee maker We never had it before We used to put the coffee maker on the table But it just slides into this corner And we are not over utilizing our space Notice we don’t really have anything that’s circuluar here Most of the shapes are rectangular And then come and check out the shelf by the front This is like.. A jenga piece It just completely takes up almost everything.. Leaving just a small indent here For umbrellas I think we have a scale And another umbrella up here A little space up here For printing paper For stationary And then we’re going to walk.. Into the living room And look at the size of the couch It is just.. enough Where we have two little tables On either side Even the TV We could have went.. much bigger than this But it would have been overkill For the amount of space that we have In the living room So always think what is the perfect size for everything to have In a tiny apartment Because it really is Like a jigsaw puzzle For your mental health You need to leave a small apartment at least once a day And this is something that’s really helped me out a lot I mean New York City is your living room You don’t really need a living room And if I’m cooped up in here for more than 24 hours I start to get this need to leave I meant rent is expensive enough as is But go enjoy the city when you get the chance Because one of the big problems with many of the Tiny Apartments in New York City Is the view Or should I say lack of view Perfect example right here Our view outside the kitchen Is of a wall One thing i miss about living in a house Is being able to look outside And see some of the changes in the weather So don’t.. let that keep you from getting a tiny apartment Without a good view Because remember you can always go outside and you’ve got New York City right there Light colors give an apartment depth And I think in a very small space It is absolutely crucial.. And the room we use light colors the most Is the room that we changed the most We turned this into our living room So come with me now Look at the color of the couch Look at the color of the pillow I think these all complement each other .. very well With this space I think we’re lucky as well.. that we got Light walls to begin with I could not imagine living here With darker walls And then even the curtains We had a choice I was going to put blue or black And then with light colors You always want to let that light in When I start my day I pull the shades up I want lots of sunlight When you don’t have a lot of space to work with Having the right amount of cutlery
Kitchen supplies.. very veyr important As we don’t have a huge table And then I’m going to let Adriana talk about Some of the changes she made When she came to this apartment Which I completely needed some help with Well.. when I was here When I came here Jon had a lot of stuff.. inside of this cabinet Like a lot of pans And old stuff to cook But he didn’t actually use them So I threw them out I gave some to other people that maybe needed it And I just kept what we needed And it’s like.. 4 plates of every single one And it’s just Jon and I And sometimes we have some guests We have extra if that’s the case But we can’t have a lot of people over Because the apartment is small Guys check this out Limited edition Here Be Barr coffee mug Adriana bought me this as a gift one year One of the coolest gifts I ever got Let’s throw it out. Removing your closet doors Did you know that when we moved into this apartment There was actually a door right here So imagine this I’m opening a door And it’s coming out Right here Now this desk would not work With closet doors intact There are some people That say.. get a sliding door For me.. I like having the openness I don’t have a ton of guests running around my room Anyway Looking into my closet So removing closet doors Is just a small thing that you can do To get more space In your bedroom And especially when that space is very tight Alright guys we’re getting down low for this one Bonus tip Underbed space This bed did not come with these little Lifts We had to buy them But look how much space We got under the bed I mean this bed is full sized Takes up practically the entire room So we have space for files and different things Extra clothing I have a big box under there That’s rectangular Go to the container store And get things like that Slide them under your bed It frees up a lot of space Make sure that you get some kind of a lift Underneath any kind of bed When you live in a tiny apartment If you’re curious of our rent $2,700 dollars a month Yes, it is a lot of money to live in one of the best neighborhoods in my opinion In all of New York City And guys please tell me down below in the comments What you thought of my tips Do you have any other tips for people Moving to small apartments What do you think they should do What should they buy What shouldn’t they buy I’m very curious Guys check out my other New York City Playlist as well Thank you so much for watching as always Hope you enjoyed the tour Until next time

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  2. I lived in the West Village for more than 30 years, in 300 sq. ft. I renovated the apartment, soon after moving in; it was beautiful and minimal. After living there for 30 years, I was only paying $350.00/month. Yup!

  3. I don't live that far away from you and that's exactly what I do with anything I snack on after I take the garbage out. If it's late and I eat a banana I put the peel in a plastic bag I keep in the freezer and take it out the next day. Also, any dishes I might use late, I put in the fridge, not the sink, and wash in the morning. #bugfreeforever

  4. I just love the pride and love you both have for NYC! you can really tell that you guys love nyc

  5. Maybe it's best to make as much money as you can in a less expensive city, save up, then move to NYC and put a larger down payment on a one bedroom place? The mortgage will be lower, can't escape property tax or maintenance fees though. But you might still come out with a bigger place less monthly payment.

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  21. As a geek, I've found myself collecting things like toys, action figures, posters, Funko Pop figures, etc. But alas, I live in an apartment with 4 other people and I'm always squeezed for space. Are there other ways to show my geeky side that doesn't involve collecting?

  22. Great tips, your rent is relatively low for Manhattan standards. Besides the practical things, I would suggest to add in the walls 1 or 2 BIG PIECES OF ART or whatever. It makes a big impact without cluttering at all. A common wrong that most people do is using tiny furniture, decor, etc in small spaces. This makes space looks miserable and teen-like . Keep going and follow my advice. Dark colors can make even a small space to look rich+moody and they add some volume, but you need to stay stick to a pallet color and a concept eg. green + black in a tropical decor, black and white into a minimal, all grey like modern, natural wood + black into an industrial space etc

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  24. You have tons of sunlight in the kitchen, why do you keep your plant baby in that dark corner in the living room? Use those kitchen shelves for plants! Put a bar cart in that living room corner for the stuff on the kitchen shelves.
    Did you really throw your food waste in with your regular trash before she thought of the "freezer trick"??? All my food waste goes in a bag in the fridge drawer and to the composting site every 1-2 weeks. Non-food trash goes out every 2 weeks or as needed. No smell from my trash. Clear those bathroom shelves off and put low light/high humidity plants in there. Otherwise, helpful video.

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  37. I have a 3 floor house. 4 bedrooms. A big basement. A big kitchen. The work to keep it clean is killing me. Climbing steps with laundry is a bummer. The bigger the kitchen the more stuff on the counters. I love your place. I wish I could trade. I know I would be happier with much less. Your apartment and your tips are great. You and Adriana are adorable. Continued success and happiness. ❤️

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  41. In the window that you have the tiny air conditioner, you should ask your friend to put up thick glass shelves, many of them, and put shelves of plants on them. The glass doesn't cut out the light at all like other type of shelves, and they sell them everywhere. They are about 1/4 inch thick glass. I have them up, very handy.

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  49. great ideas!
    another option instead of open closets:
    thin, white or light colored canvas blinds..or made of thin bamboo (or other natural materials), so that when you pull them up, they don't block the top of the closet – where often there is a shelf.

  50. Ouch! Hope one day you’ll be able to buy your own space in NYC and build your own equity. Lots of good tips here. I would clear fridge of all the clutter on the doors with foreign money, pictures, etc. It makes the kitchen appear unnecessarily messy.

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  53. My apartment in Central Florida seems huge by comparison – 624 sq. feet for $669/mo. I pay less since I qualify as low income due to disability. Living room, large kitchen (one of the largest kitchens I've had although I don't need that much room there), 1 bedroom, full bath and the feature I love – a huge utility room off the kitchen that is large enough for my full size washer/dryer. The opposite side has shelving – fantastic for storage. We have a LOT of light in FL so I prefer keeping the blinds closed in summer. I would probably do well in an apartment that faced a wall; I lived in an apartment that had a lake in the back. Five steps out my front door was a private beach (for residents). My large living room window faced the lake. How often did I open the blinds – ZERO!!!

    Recently purchased a full-length mirror that hangs over a door. Planned to place it on the inside of my bedroom door but now I might try hanging it on the outside of my bathroom door. Great tip!

  54. When I lived in Vegas I lived in a studio apartment and I loved it. Studio living is great because it's fast to clean, maintain, and when I was bored in my apartment, I would just go people watching downtown or on strip or have dinner at different restaurants, and I was happy as bug. Now I have a small bedroom home and it feels to large to keep up with. Plus I live in Texas to small town about half an hour away from the Gulf Coast, that says plenty about my change of attitude. Brownsville, Texas isn't bad but it isn't Vegas. I miss my studio apartment living.

  55. Good topic for people unaccustomed to small spaces. My first place in NYC was a 250 sq ft studio apt on E 39th. 17 years. Saved tons of money and was able to not have roommates. After my initial shock moving from my families home in the suburbs I got used to it and just didn't buy anything really for the apartment. My place was not the go-to apartment for socializing…

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  61. Who else thought she was going to say we freeze the food and eat it!🤣🤣

  62. These tips are very helpful for a bigger house to be more organized and great users of space thank you really enjoy

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  64. Wow..that is expensive rent….cannot even imagine paying that for a house payment here

  65. Looks good. Suggestion – put bed on strong plyboard. Raise bed 1 to 2 feet can use clear larger plastic containers under bed with labels. No shoes in home especially in small space drop at location by door. Use space over kitchen cabinets – can get nice baskets and clear baskets at dollar stores that are coordinated and match. These will become invisible if they match.

  66. Where’d you put the closet doors after removing them??

  67. $2,700 a month rent is really unconscionable. I lived at 377 Bleecker St in the village in the 60's and the rent started at $125.

  68. Tiny? I lived from 1974 to 2010 in a space much smaller than that. When I retired in 2011, I was looked upon as being odd – I downsized my car and upsized to a 2 bedroom house with garden. I think that it is at times harder living in a bigger space, though the joy of a proper kitchen and my garden make it worthwhile.

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  75. The TV is up too high. Must be awful not having a view. Liked the freezer bin idea. Where did you put the doors?

  76. I live in Manhattan on 5th Ave I pay 300 rent.. My apartment has been owned by my family for 80 years

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  80. Stupid Video

  81. My mum is a hoarder ( but a clean hoarder) and children or hoarders either go two ways 1/ become hoarders themselves or 2/ hate anything apart from absolute essentials. I am in the second group so this apartment would be fine for me…….. I actually get nervous when I see too much crap around me as I have had to take care of my mother not be able to afford to pay storage rent space anymore and the lot bing dumped in my garage where I have to get rid of it all……….It's overwhelming to say the least and we have better things to do with our lives than take care of our parents' junk issues all the time.

  82. It isn't where you live, but whom you are with!
    You seem happy together.

  83. Tiny, but drenched in light. New York is sooo
    gross and overrated.

  84. Hi I wanted to ask you if you can send a link to the shelf you have right when you enter your apartment… thank you.

  85. Don’t buy long sofas. Go with two small loveseats instead. So you can talk face to face with guests. Kitchen tables that collapse on either side so you can open when you want bigger table or keep small. Ottoman storage dining chairs. They have a great set at Walmart. You can store linen or extra kitchen stuff in chairs etc. never buy side tables with just legs. Always get night stands or side tables with storage. Nightstands or side tables with just legs is wasted space. The windows: a colorful valance on windows still allows in light. walls are so plain, more color!! Makes it more homey!!

  86. You didnt mention that you have a "poor mans terrace" the fire escape! A vital essential for living in nyc. It was my backyard while growing up on the lower eastside.

  87. Greenwich Village has changed substantially.
    It is by and large a Tourist trap, still frequented by a large homeless and mentally ill population which coincides with Substance abuse. More seedy in the 90s, but gradually became more Commercial….

  88. Sorry… but… NO…
    The space and it’s portions were NOT utilized to it’s best… and this is from NY’er living in 350 sq ft for OVER 30 yrs…

    So much lacking in this space… It reminds me of a grad student’s attempt at decorating their 1st place…
    The shelves above the doorways… GREAT! The two “tiny” flimsy picture shelves in the kitchen area…. really? Try again… AND… you have NO UNDERSTANDING of size portion in small space… Just because you’re in a tiny space… your furniture does NOT have to be “doll-like”…

    Overall… No… Your sweet lil’ spot in the Village… FAILS miserably on storage and character…

  89. I really enjoy these videos. We travel to NYC a lot, but live in Colorado. They have really helped us explore the city, experience some great things and see places we wouldn't have without your suggestions.

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  97. Great video. I live in the South Loop in Chicago, it is the equivalent of Greenwich Village. The energy of your city is electrifying, whenever I go to Manhattan I rarely go north of 26th st. I'll be there at the end of September 2019! I can't wait.

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