How To Succeed: 4 Steps for Getting Ahead

How To Succeed: 4 Steps for Getting Ahead

Today, we’re not talking about how to get
to your dream life in 30 years. Are you kidding me? If it takes 30 years, it might as well be
100 years. How do you create that in the next 5 years? And just to warn you. I got a little bit of something coming up
right now. I don’t know if acid re flux or if it’s a
rant but I’m super passionate about this conversation about Wake Up and What Can You Do In Your
Life to create the financial life of your dreams. And today, I’m going to share with you 4 steps
things that you can do today that will actually get you on the path and make that true for
you. You can watch this video and you’re going
to say, “Kris, where is that action come from? Where does excitement, where does that passion? Is that real? Is that authentic?” Listen, I get fired up when I think about
the conversation on my head that I’m about to have with you. Which is this: You want to live the life of
your dreams. But I’m telling you right now, this is the
real deal. If you can’t figure out how to make at least
a million dollars in 5 years, then I doubt you will ever live the life that you want. Dude, think about it. You might be 20 years old in your 20’s watching
this. Or maybe you’re 30’s. But let me ask you, if you’re 20’s are behind
you and you’re 30’s are behind you. And you haven’t made your first million, guess
what? You’re not going to make a million-dollars
in your 40’s or your 50’s. Or at best you’ll have a million and it’s
not going to be enough. Like, why can’t people do the math. I want you to like realize, “Kris, whoah,
whoah, whoah, whoah. Are you saying that I got to find a way to
make a million dollars in 5 years to live amazing lifestyle?” I’m saying that. Why? Because I want you to have 4 million dollars. 4 million dollars is 32 grand a month. 32 grand a month residualy off of that money,
you’re just living off of the interest. That’s enough for multi-million dollar house. That’s enough for fantastic cars, the world
travel and having options and freedoms. How do you want to raise your kids? What kind of opportunities and options you
want to give them? What kind of trips you want to take in to
the world? What kind of charities do you want to find? But like here’s the problem. Where all in this accumulation mindset. “I’m going to accumulate myself to freedom.” Dude, you’re making 18 bucks an hour. You’re making 10 bucks an hour. You’re making only 200 bucks and hour. You’re not saving enough money to have it
stacked up in a bank account to be what you need. Like can you see that? The value I have for you and you being a subscriber
to this channel is I’m going to constantly be pushing on you saying, “Are you motivated? Are you there? Because if you are, then your math should
reflect that. And here’s the simple math. In 5 years, you got to make a million bucks. Now, in the last 5 years, did you make a million? If the answer is no, listen. In the last 5 years, did you make a half a
million dollars? If the answer is no, then listen. In the last 5 years, did you make 100 grand? If the answer is no, then listen. You’re on the wrong path if you want to become
financially free. As in, what you’re doing is broken. It’s not working. If you’re throwing money to 401k and IRA,
is it paying you residual income?. I know this is a lot of rant energy right
now. But like, can you feel it? Like can you see the problem? Evaluate right now. You go look at your last 5 years. What do you have to show? If you have little to show then you’re on
the wrong show. And you need to a massive change. If you have something to show then you need
a semi big change. If you have a lot to show you might have nothing
to change. You decide right now. Somehow I was fortunate to figure this out
by like the age of 22. And I’m like, “I’m screwed.” Go to college, get a degree, work for someone
else. I was doing this surveys online talking to
people with my telemarketing job and I’m like, “This is weird. The last one thousand people I’ve talked to
are over 50 years old, went to college, got a degree and they don’t have a million dollars. After 30 years of working, they don’t have
half a million dollars. At best, one in 100 maybe have 4 or 5 hundred
thousand dollars. The rest, 300 thousand, 200, 100 thousand,
50 thousand. Negative 50,000. Negative 200,000. Negative net worth. How long do you need to stay at something
that doesn’t work before you can look back and reflect and say, “This is broken.” That’s the first move. I think the passion is here because I have
such a hard time waking people up. You might be one of them. You’re so attached to what isn’t working. Somehow you’ve sold yourself to “It’s good.” Or that you should stick with it. It’s not working. Like can you see that? Can you get that? If you can, you open up the portal for magic. Because what you need is do something different. When I got there, I found a real estate mentor
and I knew exactly what I needed was 20 homes. 20 homes would pay me 10 grand a month. And when I bought my 25th home and I have
12 plus thousand dollars a month residualy, I could then quit my job. I did it in 4 and a half years. I want you to not look at 30 years like you
have 30 years. You don’t. Because by the way, if you take 30 years to
get there and don’t arrive then you’re not enjoying the journey for the next 30 years. What I want you to do is delay gratification
for the next 5 years and get somewhere meaningful in 5 years. If you can’t crush a 5-year plan then you’re
30 year plan likely will not work. We can say all we want. Slow and steady wins the race. But this is the math. 20-year olds think they got time so they don’t
plan. 30-year old thinks they got time. Whether too busy acquiring debts and paying
for families and things like that. In their 40’s they’re just being a slave to
all of their liabilities and their cars and their houses. Meanwhile haven’t done any investing. Maybe 401k. But that’s fake investing. And then when they get in their 50’s, they
panic. They wake up. They have their 50th birthday and they’re
like, “CRAP! What do I do? What do I do? I lost 30 years somehow.” SCREWED! You need how to figure out to freaking crush
it in 5 years. Because if can a million and 5, then you can
at least say, “Hey, if I have 15 year, I can make 3 million.” You want to to 4 million so you have 30 plus
thousand dollars a month residualy. Because that will allow you to have the nice
things in life. And guys, it’s not about stuff. It’s about options. It’s about having the freedom to have choices
that you just don’t have when you don’t have money. You’re choices are super limited without money. So, it’s all about mastering the game. Here’s the funny part. It’s a game. If you know the strategy to winning, you can
win. I hate for example apples to apples. I cannot get the ideas out of people’s head
when I play that game. I got if all to win. It is so so much luck and I hate games with
luck. Give me monopoly, I know all the rules. I have 87% chance of crushing you. But if I give you the rules and you follow
them, then you have an 87% chance of crushing me. And then we’ve got 2 Jedis that are like locked
in battle. And who knows who will win? So, it’s a game. And it’s a game that you can freaking crush
at. It’s a game that you can win. Okay, so my rant got a little bit to crazy. So, I forgot that I’m actually sharing with
you 4 things that you can do once you’ve made the choice that you need to do something different. So listen carefully. 4 things that you do to get ahead so that
5 years from now, you can actually start living a measure of the lifestyle that you want. Thing number 1. You have to know what you want. Like you have to decide it. You know how many people these days are scared
to say, “I want to be a millionaire?” Million is such a small amount of money. If I were you, I would say, “I want 4 million.” Why 4 million dollars? Because that’s at 30 thousand dollars that
we’ve been talking about. Number 2, get a job and save money. You got to put in your dues. The first 5 years is not about getting ahead. It’s not about having all the nice things. It’s not about luxury. This is not the time. This is the time to say, “I can freaking budget
and save. And what I’m doing is saving money aside that
I can use to put in my investments.” How much? you should be trying to save 20%
of the money you make. And honestly, if you can be frugal enough,
you should be saving 30, 40 and even 50 percent and just dump it all in the investments so
that they can start fly willing forward and then comeback for you. Number 3, you need to get a mentor. If you’re saving money, you know need to put
it in real estate. So, you get a mentor and you say, “I want
10 to 20 homes.” 10 to 20 homes is how you make a million bucks. So, it’s like, “Okay. How do I get to 10 to 20 homes?” A mentor will show you the way. And then number 4, if those homes are compounding
at 25% plus average ROI, you can turn them into 100 homes. 100 homes equals 4 million dollars. 4 million dollars is living what I would consider
an amazing fantastic rare lifestyle that few people will ever know. Make the decision then know what you want. Then start saving the money. Number 3, get a mentor and then number 4,
multiply it and stick with it until you have reached the goal. Friends, thank you so much for watching this
video and thank you for baring with my incredible amount of passion that just kind of… It just oozes for everyone of my poors. And in the link below, you’re going to get
what you need to actually get in contact with my team, get a free copy of my book and find
a mentor. Because that’s what you need. The most important thing that you’re going
to find in the link below is a link to become one of my real estate mavericks. I’m going to show you how to skip the 5-year
learning curve. I’m going to show you how to buy real estate
with no money and no credit. And when I say, no money, I don’t mean… Well, it might sometimes take a thousand bucks. I actually mean not a penny. No money. This is real. And so, click that link. It’ll give you exactly what you need. Thanks for watching. I love you my friend. I look forward to connecting with you. Become one of my mavericks. Do what I’ve done. Let’s help you live the life of your dreams.

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