How to Select a Real Estate Agent

How to Select a Real Estate Agent

– I’m Leigh Brown with ReMax
here in Concord North Carolina some of y’all may have seen
the video that I did where I was explaining how to
fill out a check for our Millennial real estate
clients who most of them, they’ve never used checks frankly. They’re in a generation
that swipes everything or pays online too. Well one of my favorite
millennials who I did not ask her permission to give
her name but it was a girl gave me a whole list of
millennials should know but most probably don’t
so this is episode two in that series we’re gonna talk about how you pick your realtor. And this was also brought up
’cause I was just interviewed for an article that said
how do millennials behave well as buyers for realtors. And that title bothers me
a little bit because it’s coming out of a real estate view point and it’s not the client’s
job to behave a certain way. Frankly it’s our job as
realtors to create an experience that makes sense, so let
me give y’all five things to evaluate with the realtor you select. If you’re not a millennial
you’re welcome to use this advice too I will not judge
if were to think you’re advanced and I don’t know
where I put my cheaters. I need my cheaters so I can
read my hand writin here I’ll forget what the five things are. Oh right the first one
is continuing education, now if you didn’t know to
become a realtor it’s actually very easy in most states
you only take a couple weekend classes and whoo! You’re allowed to help
somebody with their largest financial instrument,
alright and in most states there’s only a couple of
hours to keep that license here in North Carolina,
it’s eight hours a year. I know right eight hours our
home inspectors have to do like four times that but
different soap box different day. So when you’re interviewing
realtors which by the way millennials that’s not one
of the five things but you’re allowed to interview multiple
realtors and you’re allowed not to use somebody that
you don’t like okay. So you have my permission
to not use somebody you don’t like, now this thing
you want to ask them is when do you take your
continuing education? A great realtor takes
their continuing education right when it’s available
because often that includes changes to the offer to
purchase, it includes updates as far as disclosures and
regulations and if a realtor’s waitin until the last
possible second to take their continuing education are
they gonna mess with you because the paperwork changed
and they didn’t know about it? You should ask this question. And watch some of these
realtors squirm, and I know y’all are squirming watchin
this right now, because some of y’all don’t like to take
your CE get up and go do it. It’s very, very important. Now the second thing you
want to ask is about their competence, and I know
that this is kind of odd in real estate because I
still can’t figure out why so many people select a
realtor based on who they like instead of who is competent. And by the way the number
of years the person’s been in real estate has nothing
to do with their competence. I’ve met some two year
realtors that are not gonna cover all the ball because
they’re professional and they’re smart and they’re educated and they are on top of things. And I have met some 30 year realtors and some 40 year realtors a
whole bunch of them here lately who all they do is nash
their teeth and whine and moan about things, do
not hire someone who has sold one house a year for 30
years, hire somebody that’s paying attention and they
know what’s going on. This is very very important
I would used to say that you can tell who they
are by their initials but right now I’m gonna
withhold on that ’cause some people can’t be positive and I’m not gonna be that person. Which leads me to my third thing you should evaluate them on. Evaluate them on their
attitude, it’s very important to check their attitude
out because some realtors are a little negative
about the current market. They feel that houses not being
available and in inventory is somehow a reflection on you the buyer. And so they’ll say just be
prepared for multiple offers and I say yes be prepared
for multiple offers but you could say it in a
nice way and help somebody be educated to that point
don’t be hollerin at people. I will say that this, some
realtors have been complainin that their clients have
lost out in multiple offers five and six times like
it’s a personal affront to them, let me just remind
me y’all, if your buyer lost out on their dream
house five, six, seven times and they’re heartbroken
and devastated every time and as a buyer pick the realtor
that’s gonna hold your hand and get you through that process. ‘Cause you won’t always
win but the realtor should be your partner in that,
and that’s part of their attitude and think about how
they are look in the thing. Glass half full, glass
overflowing or empty glass people just run ’em outta your life. Now the fourth thing, you
should know about the realtor that you select is this
little piece of jewelry I’m wearing right here, that’s
my RPAC pin now if you are not a realtor you don’t
know all the political work that realtors do we’re
not about party stuff. We’re not R&D partisan
fightin we’re all about policy and does the policy hurt you or help you. You should only pick a
realtor whose wearing good jewelry like this because
somebody that’s not engaged is out there tryin to make
a dollar off a profession without trying to protect
your right to buy and sell property in the United States
always pick that person. And by the way that leads
me to money because money’s part of real estate make
sure that you hire a realtor who will walk you through
that offer to purchase and you notice I’m not
calling it a contract. People have got to stop
you’re writin contracts till everybody’s agreed
to it y’all it is just an offer to purchase and
so this good realtor should walk you through that offer to purchase and say the money’s gonna
leave ya pocket here the money’s gonna leave your pocket here. Millennials in particular are a generation that likes bullet points
and to be well educated. They just frankly don’t
have anywhere to go because some realtors are a wall of
words without showin things and that’s why we’re on video here today. And the last thing you want
to have with your realtor is great communication. A great realtor’s gonna
ask you as a client how do you want me to communicate
with you when I need you. ‘Cause sometimes we need
you to answer the phone frankly when you put
your house on the market sellers like to call us
4000 times a day until that moment when we get an offer
and then they have vanished into the Bermuda triangle for some reason. So do not hide from us,
don’t screen my calls, I will only call if I need you but if
you are a Facebook messenger tell your agent that, if they
are not Facebook messengers maybe you don’t select that
realtor because you really shouldn’t have to bend
yourself around the elbow and thumb to make them get
back in touch with you. You should find out if
they use fax machines, and maybe you have used a fax machine too, maybe you don’t ask. Ask ’em how they are on the
telephone, how long is it gonna take to get a call
back these are all important things to find out when
you’re selecting a realtor. It’s not just the realtor’s
job to interview you as the buyer it’s your
job to pick the right realtor because you know what
they’re not all created equal there’s some wonderful
ones out there though. If you’re not in my Charlotte
market and you need somebody let me know I got some good
people I can connect you to.

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