How to Retire Early: The Shockingly Simple Math

How to Retire Early: The Shockingly Simple Math

I’m in love with the conversation of
early retirement. And today, I’m going to share some statistics with you that for
me when I got a hold of them, I was like, “Man, that is mind-blowing. Someone has
done the math on how we need to think and act differently if we actually want
to retire when we want to.” So today, instead of you getting the 50-year plan
for retirement, I’m going to teach you how to shave it down to a mere number of
years. I am so in love with the conversation of
early retirement. Like, it’s always gotten me jazzed. It’s… It’s felt like a
challenge. Like I want to retire earlier. What I’m about to share with you is
going to be shocking but then I’m going to share with you the ultimate hack so you
can figure out how to retire in a fraction of the time. It’s going to take
everybody else if they ever get there at all. The amount of money that you save, if
you are earning 7% on it, it’s going to correlate to when you can actually
retire. So, check this out. If you’re saving 10% of your income, it’s going to
take you at a 7% return. It’s going to take you 51.4 years to be able to
retire. But if you were saving 25% which if you think about, that’s a ton. That’s a
quarter of everything you make. If you saved a quarter, that you could bring
that down to 31.9 years. Don’t get too depressed yet. If you save
half of everything you make, you can bring that down to 16.6
years. Don’t cry. And if you save 75% like almost everything that you made, then you
could actually retire in 7 years. Now. cry. Isn’t that painful? And those numbers
are optimistic based on a 7% return that no one is giving you in the
financial world. It’s like, “Man, there has got to be a hack on how to retire way
sooner, right?” I want to share it with you right now.
We know that time is fixed and we know that the 7% was fixed which is why we
got 51 years all the way down to 7. The only thing that you can really
change is compounding a better ROI and I wanted to share with you right now like
the ultimate hack in real estate for which I am madly in love. Like check this
out with me. Let’s just say for a moment that you had worked your butt off and
saved $100,000. If you put that money into the stock market, how
many stocks could you buy? You could buy $100,000. bBt if you
put it into real estate, for 100 thousand dollars, how much real estate
can you buy? You can actually buy 5 times that. You can buy $500,000. Now, the reason why you need to understand this this concept of
leverage in the way that I’m going to help you accelerate your retirement so
much faster is that I want you to think. Let’s just say that my stocks were earning me
10%. 10% on 100 grand is how much in profit? That would be 10 grand. Because
I have a hundred thousand exposed that earned 10% on it. If I’ve taken $100,000 and bought 500 thousand dollars of real estate then it
also goes at 10%, then what does that mean for real estate? Well 10%
of 500,000 is what? It’s $50,000. So, look at
that. 10,000 versus 50,000 on the same investment. Why is this one
5 times bigger? Because real estate gives me 5 times the leverage. I’m
averaging 28% a year on my last several thousand deals. Why? It’s
all right here. It’s because real estate gives leverage. So, if you want to say,
“Well, Kris. I can only save 10 or 25 percent of my income. But I don’t
want to wait 30 to 50 years. Now, it’s going to get wilder. Like are you ready
for this? It gets crazy. Because real estate gives
you so much leverage, it means that with a 25% average return, it
means that you’re doubling your money every four years.
That’s crazy compounding money versus 7 or 3 or 4 percent. Which
means that every 5 years, generally, 1 property becomes 2. If I buy 2
properties, 5 years later, they’re going to be four. Or if I start with 8,
they’re going to become 16. Whatever the number is, in 5 years, I’m doubling it.
Something that my stock portfolio can’t do. What that means is that every time
you double it, you also double the ROI on the original dollars. So, if I was making
25% a year on my money, then 5 years from now when I double
the portfolio, I’m not going to be making 50% here on the money. 5-0% And 5 years later, when I double it again, I’m going to be earning 100% a year on my money. Not 3, not 4, not 7. Like do you get
that? If you’re not mathematically inclined, I want to challenge you to
re-watch this video and watch it again. Because this singular principle is
responsible for basically eliminating a digit on all of these goals right here
and really shortening the time frame. That’s my friend what I love about real
estate. That’s why I retired in 4 and a half years. And I’ve students that have
now done it sooner and quicker and faster than I have. And I want that for
you as well. By the way, if you really want to know how to hack this system and be like,
“Okay, Kris. That sounds amazing but I would have to know how to get 25%
a year on my money/” I got a team of experts and what we do for people is we
create custom million-dollar game plans. And that million-dollar game plan is
essentially where we step into your shoes and say, “Whether you got money or
no money with your older young, real-estate doesn’t care about those
things.” We’ll share with you step by step what you need to do to become
financially free and win your own independence. And you don’t have to wait
30 years. You don’t have to wait 50 years. You can do it a lot shorter than that.
But if you want to know exactly how short, we got a calculator that we use.
And you just got to click the link below, talk to the team and they’ll really walk
you through exactly what it looks like. Thanks for watching this video. Make sure
you click the link below. If you haven’t, you need to get a free copy of this book.
You just got to cover the shipping and then I’m going to send this copy out
directly to you. And that book my friends really contains the answer to how do you
earn 25% a year in real estate that can turn into 50% a year, that can turn into
hundred percent a year. I’m excited for you to learn. Take care. We’ll see you on the
next video.

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