How to Replace the Alternator on a 2010-2015 Honda Crosstour

How to Replace the Alternator on a 2010-2015 Honda Crosstour

hello and welcome to how to automotive today we're working on a 2010 through 2015 Honda Crosstour we're gonna be replacing the alternator or we get started I wanted to share with you the part numbers for the alternator I'll link these up in the description of the video first thing you're going to want to do is take this top engine cover off you're going to take a flat blade screwdriver and turn these screws at the front here ninety degrees and then you can lift the cover straight up it has it's held on with rubber grommets in the rear so you just going to pull up like this and set the cover aside now you're going to want to disconnect the negative battery cable so go ahead and loosen up the clamp and then tuck the cable off to the side now we're going to take the serpentine belt off I'm using a special tool that's designed to make these jobs easier it's not required but I will link to something in the description of the video you can use a standard 14 millimeter socket and ratchet to do this but I'm using this special tool here you put it on the belt in here just behind the motor mount here and torque it towards the firewall and then you can slip the belt off so the belt on this car was in bad shape so what I decided to take it all the way off if you're not replacing the belt you can just kind of tuck the belt off to the side you don't have to fully unwrap it I will print up a diagram and show you how it routes when we go back together now we're gonna disconnect the wiring from the alternator there's a 10 millimeter bolt right here holding the wire loom so you're gonna remove that and then just below it is the rubber grommet you'll see a rubber boot going over the main power supply to the alternator so you pull this back and underneath there it's gonna be a 12 millimeter nut we're gonna remove I just used a long extension with a 12 millimeter socket in a standard ratchet and crack that free and spun that off once you get the main power feed unbolt it then just below it there's another plug just you're gonna squeeze the tabs on the side of it and pull the plug off the squeeze tab will be on the top of the plug right here so you just squeeze it with your thumb and then give it a pull and pull it off before we go any further I recommend you pull the dipstick out and set this aside I have broken these off they're made out of plastic and they break really easy so go ahead and pull that out get that out of your way now if a panel popping tool I'm gonna pop the wire loom holder that's clipped onto the side of the alternator off so I'm using this panel popping tool to give it a little twist and pull the wire loom off then just below that as the AC compressor and it has a wire hooked on to this harness also so you can squeeze the tab and pull the connector off for the AC connector or a compressor and then you can take the wiring harness and flip it up and out of your way now I'm going to get the coolant reservoir out of the way so I'm just going to pull it up like this it just has a little slot to the slides on to and we could tuck it off to the side here then with a pick tool you can pick the hose off the radiator neck and then you can take the bottle off and set it to the side now if a 12 millimeter socket and a ratchet I'm going to take this little triangular bracket off so there's going to be two bolts you're gonna loosen up so crack these two bolts free right here and then there's going to be a one a little further in right here so you crack these two free and take this little bracket off so lucky for me living in San Diego when they crack these bolts free I can most of the time to spin them out by hand there's enough room to get ratchets in here or power tools in here if you need to go ahead and remove these two bolts in the bracket and once you get the bolt and brackets removed you want to pay attention to where the bolts went because the bolts are different links so I believe the outer bolt is a longer bolt and the inner bolt is the shorter bolt so you want to keep them together and keep track of that so looking down from the side and past the alternator you can see the bolt at the very bottom here it's a 14 millimeter that's the bottom bolt for the alternator we need to remove that bolt to do that I'm using a 14 millimeter socket this is a medium deep socket a deep socket will work just as well I'm also using a flex head ratchet here and I'm gonna crack that free I actually had to put about a 1 inch extension on here to get it in there so a deep socket would probably work really well or medium socket with an extension like this go ahead and crack that bottom bolt free and remove it the bolt is quite long and it almost seems like it's not going to come out but it's just enough room to get it to come out like this so now that you got the bolt out now you can pry the alternator off its little mount down there I was trying to get this out without removing any more but the alternator was just a little bit too big so they want you to remove the radiator fan but what I recommend you do is evacuate the AC and take the manifold hose off right here so I got my gages hooked up I'm gonna suck the freon out of this vehicle to evacuate and charge and a system with a machine like this is a matter of just pushing buttons so it's not a whole lot of work so your alternative is to take the two top bolts here off in here and then at the very bottom there's gonna be some bolts on the bottom of the fan you can have you have to disconnect and then the wire loom here you had unplug and then you can pull the fan straight up you have to take off some splash shields from the bottom to get to the bottom bolts on the fan and that means racking the vehicle up or jacking the vehicle up so for me that's a lot of work so what I'm gonna do is take a ten millimeter socket right here and the little ratchet and take the the fasteners off holding the manifold hose here and once you get these loosened up and crack free you should be able to pull the manifold hose off and once you get the hose pulled off and remove now you can just take it and flex it up and out of your way now there's plenty of room to remove the alternator before we put the new alternator in there's a little dowel bushing right here on the mount if you tap it over just a little bit the alternator will slide over this nice and easy now you can slip to your replacement alternator into position the larger mount mounts on the bottom here so once you get that mounted on to the little tab or the little ears that it's mounted on then you can put the 14 millimeter bolt through it so once you got the bottom bolt started and run in about 90% of the way then you can take the little triangle bracket and put that back on so you're gonna put the smaller bolt that went in the rear of the bracket on first so screw that into the cylinder head and then you could swing the alternator up to the bracket and start the bolt so I had to kind of float the alternator of one hand and then start the bolt with the other hand once you got the bolt started you can go ahead and run them in and tighten them down if you chose to take the manifold hose or the AC hose off it's a lot easier to get a power tool than here so go ahead and tighten both the top and bottom bolts now we're ready to put the AC manifold hose back on before you do I recommend you change out the o-ring after changing out the o-ring you can go ahead and reinstall the manifold hose back on to the compressor then you can go ahead and tighten down the bolt and also the the little hold down bolt that was mounted on the out of the compressor now the hoses back on we can go ahead and put the system under a vacuum so I like to do it for at least 20 minutes make sure there's no leaks in the system and then we'll charge it up while it's doing that we're gonna go ahead and install the belt I recommend replacing the belt when doing this job after we install the belt then we'll flip the wiring harness back in and bolt that up so here's a diagram of how the belt routed just in case you need that we use Mitchell 1 or Mitchell and demand at the shop so after routing the belt according to the diagram I've cocked over the tensioner and slipped on the belt on the power steering pulley now I'm going to flip the wiring harness back in position and I'm going to start the AC compressor wire first so I'm going to plug that one in that's the furthest one down so you plug in that one once you get the AC compressor plugged in then the next step is to plug in the electrical connector on the side of the alternator so you're going to push that in make sure it clicks after that you can start the main power feed so a trick I do to start the nut on the power feet here is I take a little bit of paper and I stuff it into a socket and then I put the bolt in there and that'll hold it from falling out and I can feed it down there and start the 10 or the 12 millimeter nut holding the positive lead when I tighten it down I just tightened it to it's snug maybe a quarter turn more it doesn't have to be super tight it's made out of brass it can snap off easily after that you're gonna put the boot back on then there was a 10 millimeter bolt holding the wire loom down you can tighten this up now you can go ahead and reinstall the dipstick after that we're gonna put the top cover on it has these rubber grommets in the back to the that mount up on the underside of the lid here so you line those rubber grommets up and then you'll press it down – it locks into place then you'll turn the two screws at the front of the cover ninety degrees clockwise and that'll lock it into place you also want to push down a little bit after that you can go ahead and reconnect the negative battery cable now you're going to want to make sure that the power steering reservoir was back into place if you took it out like I did so just slide it back into the little slot right here until it locks in and then after that we're gonna put the overflow bottle for the coolant back into place so it just slides into the little groove he your locks into place if any of the coolant spilled I can go ahead and top that off after that we can go ahead and charge or AC up so I recommend that you charge the AC to the underhood sticker under the vehicle or look it up in your service recommendations for charging it up now you want to start the vehicle and make sure that the alternator's charging and also check the operation of the AC I will link up all the parts and tools that are using this video in the description I'm Brian Nelson from how to automotive I like to thank you guys for watching encourage you to subscribe invite you to head over to the how to automotive comm website for more valuable videos like this thank you again for watching

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  1. Not sure if that Honda has a factory radio code. So, I would recommend an OBD2 setting saver plug and battery. I would have pulled the fan(s)… But to each their own. Thank you for your usual great content.

  2. Wait why did you go through the trouble of touching the A/C system? Couldn't you just remove the radiator fans and it will pull out?

  3. Great video bud, Denso alternators and starters are the only after market supplied ones I like to use

  4. Did similar job on 06 acura tl. In my case removing the fan is the way to go. Takes less than 5min.

  5. Amazing video as always!

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