How to Raise Capital For Real Estate Deals

How to Raise Capital For Real Estate Deals

what’s going on guys this is Daniel
one half of the Kwak Brothers and in this video we’re gonna be talking about
how to raise capital for real estate deals let’s cue that intro and let’s get
right into action alright guys welcome back this video we’re gonna be talking
about how to raise capital for real estate deals now if you guys watched the
last video that it actually refers to we talked about how I’m raising 10 million
dollars worth of real estate capital right now which again I explained in the
last video I actually kind of surpassed that number a year ago we’re at a much
higher number now but in this video I’m gonna talk about kind of more of a
specific technical stance on how to raise capital matter of fact I’m gonna
share with you guys three ways that I’d like to raise capital for real estate
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actually employ it and put some money in your pocket so when it comes to raising
capital I always say the one thing and one thing only and it’s a be the
investor that you’d want to invest you right so if you’re investing a million
dollars right and you have a million dollars in capital and liquid be the
investor that you would want to partner with right so if you’re imagining
partnering up with somebody you would want them to be competent you would want
them to be like whoa you know this guy really knows what he’s talking about and
also have a great team and also you know understand the markets and and have a
lot of great things in play and also experience right but of course that
comes with doing deals but overall a great knowledge base a great team and a
great understanding of markets you would want an investor that you invest into to
have those three aspects so what does that say about you well that means that
you would want to become that person so you know imagine the ideal individual
that if you had capital you would invest your money into them and just be that
person right so when it comes to specific things right we talked about
the one and I’m gonna talk a little bit
about more specifically in this video but we talked about the first technique
in the last one which is to create a thought leadership platform of creating
a meet-up or some type of a mastermind group that wheats them that meets on a
weekly or bi-weekly basis and you’re giving out content rather for free right
in my opinion right in my case I run a meetup I run a real estate meetup every
other week on a Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 at my church that I attend and I
give out content for free I give out a 30 minute to an hour training along with
a Q&A session and a lot of great resources so that allows me for me to
network and further build my relationships with individuals and that
has a lot a lot of individuals to come up to me after the meetup and say hey
look I have a million dollars or I have half a million dollars in my bank
account I love to use it to get in some type of a deal with you now
specifically talking on the dolly Durr ship platform this allows you to do a
lot of great different things first off it allows you to build a brand
right I would encourage you guys that as you guys build your real estate
investing business and you do stuff like meetups and you know you go on different
YouTube channels and you go on different Facebook groups to build a brand right
so in our case our brand is the clock brothers right it’s me it’s my brother
we both do different things in the business yet we’re still under the same
umbrella and we do this business as the quoc brothers it’s super simple right
really another really good friend of mine Joe Fairless right his brand is the
best ever real estate investing whatever so he does the best ever meetup the best
ever book the best ever real estate investing podcast that’s his brand the
best ever ours is the clock brothers so I would
encourage you guys when you start a meet-up and you do different things
create a brand it doesn’t have to be cliche or it doesn’t have to be you know
something super complicated or something super awesome just something that people
will remember you buy in terms of whenever they think of it they think of
you right and it’s very easy and notable to remember and another thing it allows
you to leverage relationships so one of the things that I do commonly is that
with people that I meet in the meet up with individuals at half
but all right I like to do stuff like take him out to dinner take them out to
lunch take them out to coffee and just hear their stories and just build a
relationship one of the things that I say all the time right instead of trying
to raise money from investors try and build relationships instead right
befriend them create something that is beyond just business because for me a
lot of times that’s one of my favorite ways to do so so that’s number one
create a thought leadership platform number two create strategic
relationships with professionals now what do I mean by that well I mean
creating strategic relationships with individuals like a CPA with an attorney
with business coaches people who are going to refer you to individuals who
may be interested in investing in real estate who also have a lot of liquidity
who have a lot of capital and for me one of the things that I love to network
with our CPAs I work and network with a good chunk of CPAs not a whole lot but I
network with two or three CPAs that I’m very close with and there have been
moments where they’ve referred me to their clients who have a lot of liquid
who have a lot of capital and these are also individuals who may make a lot of
money and they need the real estate for tax purposes a lot of my investors that
I work with are doctors doctors make a lot of money they also get taxed very
heavily so they love buying apartment buildings because the apartment
buildings provide the tax benefits so when it comes to buying real estate for
tax benefits well who better to talk to then their CPA then their tax
professional makes sense so CPAs and also business coaches whenever I meet
business coaches they always want to do best for their clients if they want to
increase their passive income one of the best ways to do that is real estate and
I’ve had scenarios where I’ve had business coaches and consultants who
will refer me to an individual who have millions of dollars or even a hundred
thousand dollars in their finca count and they want to increase their passive
income so how do you create asset ritika relationship for them well figure out
what you could do for them I one of the things I love doing is taking them out
to lunch dinner and honestly I I am honestly surprised that I’m not like
300 pounds already was how much I take out investors and also CPAs attorneys
and business coaches out to lunch and dinner and a lot of times I’m trying to
identify what they’re looking for so for CPAs well I have a rather large
network right I have the Youtube subscriber base but Sam and I also
operate a lot of large real estate investing Facebook groups and along with
my meetups and different things that I’m connected with well that allows me to
refer my CPAs and attorneys that are good that I genuinely think are
kind-hearted to my network so I’m seeing what they’re looking for what is value
to them and we’re exchanging values right they’re providing me with
investors I’m providing them with clientele or whatever they’re looking
for you know what value I could provide for them so that’s number two creating
strategic relationships and well you also want to be the individuals who want
to connect other people right if you want people to connect people to you
well you should do the same for others so again be who you want to be in this
world right the god the Gandhi quote I think it’s by Gandhi or like Mother
Teresa but anyways let’s move on to number three number three is consulting
others right so being a consultant being a real estate expert and a consultant
for other individuals so even for me as I consult people and coach people here
and there and a lot of times I do it for free
matter of fact one of the things that I tell my investors a lot is I told them
listen you have a million dollars that you want to put into my deals here is my
goal for you my goal for you is for us to be able to do three or four deals
together and once you’re ready to be able to do it on your own let’s go off
and have you do it on your own I want to make you sustainable I want to
put you in a position where you actually don’t even need me anymore
and a lot of people kind of scratched her head at what I do and say well
Daniel if their investors don’t you want them to stick around forever for me no
because if I thought like that that would mean that I have a little bit of a
scarcity and how I do my business and I don’t want that I don’t want to live in
scarcity I want to do things in abundance right
so for me I taw a lot of my investors listen if you want to continue to be a
passive and that sir and do more than three or four deals
and you like the relationship where you just lend the money and I do the work
that’s completely fine I’m more than happy to continue that relationship but
if you’re in a position where you want to learn how to do this yourself I have
no problem coaching you in teaching you for free that way you could do it
eventually after three or four deals and I can make you self-sustaining well
guess what guys that’s allowed for me a lot of referrals to come in right all
the sudden they start spreading the news like hey man this guy’s treating me
really well he’s teaching me how to do stuff for free and after three or four
deals I’m gonna be able to do this stuff on my own you should hit this guy up
because he did a lot of great stuff for me a lot of that has happened in my
career I’ve met a lot of investors a good chunk of them a good number through
that method through referrals so again guys um the third option the third
strategy and technique I use is to consult others I meet investors right
and I teach them for free teach them how to do it on their own and I get three or
four deals using their capital so it’s a great way to go ahead and do that so
hopefully this video is helpful that was three specific techniques the overall
premise guys the overall premise is a solve a problem meet people’s needs
again there’s a lot of people out there who are looking for experts who are
looking for individuals and their problem is they have a lot of capital
and they just don’t know what to do with it they are out there and to kind of
some of this video let me ask you guys this question do you guys think right do
you guys think that there’s more people out there who have capital and they’re
looking for experts and investors will have integrity and know what they’re
doing or do you think there’s more people out there who actually are the
experts who actually have integrity and actually know what they’re doing I would
argue that the number here where they have the capital and they’re looking for
individuals who are on this side right these there are a lot more of these
individuals than these individuals right there’s a lot less people who actually
had the integrity who actually have the expertise and the knowledge rather than
people who have the money so go out there guys and just solve the problem
solve the issue provide vally right be a true
entrepreneur so hopefully guys this video was helpful right
encourage you guys to watch and check out our other videos when it comes to
real estate investing so that you can be the expert so you can actually know what
you’re doing so again guys feel free to click on that subscribe button hit the
notification bell and if you have questions on how to start in the world
of real estate investing click on the link in the description below where we
actually are giving out the 0 to 75 units it’s actually detailing my very
first step and real estate investing and how I got started and ultimately how I
did the road of 75 units in one single year one from zero units to 75 units in
one calendar year so again guys that’s my free gift to you hope you enjoyed
this video I’ll see you guys in the next one

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