How To Qualify a Home Value Estimate Lead for Real Estate Agents

How To Qualify a Home Value Estimate Lead for Real Estate Agents

hey guys Lori Ballen here if you are
following my YouTube channel and my blog you probably see that I teach a lot of
different things but everything I teach comes down to marketing I happen to have
several businesses and several niches from shampoo to real estate to
ketogenic weight-loss I’ve got a lot of things that are in my life that I teach
because I’m marketing those things specifically now today I want to
talk about those real estate home value offers and I’m going to show you how I
really super quickly evaluate the quality of one of those leads so let me
tell you what I’m talking about on my website here we’re going to go to my
real estate website which is called and up here somebody can
search for homes or they find out what their home is worth
now potentially they’re finding this through a blog maybe I did a Facebook ad
maybe I’ve got Google AdWords whatever we’ve all learned that if we
offer people value of their home they’re likely to become leads this is a true
statement I get so many of these every single day all day long I get
these over and over because somebody will Google something and you know about
their home and I’ve got an offer to find out what their home is worth they’re
curious so they click through maybe they do want to sell and they click through
maybe I’ve run a Facebook ad or a Google ad or something and people are
responding what I want to point out is a couple things one this landing page for
those of you that are curious this tool is from Listings to Leads
I have a link in this video is actually going to get you an
extended free trial of this tool if you sign up with them you’ll get a trial but
they’ve given me an extended free trial for my viewers my customers this is an
affiliate link and I do benefit if eventually you wind up making a purchase
through listings to leads this is one of their many tools but I know you guys are
going to ask this is the tool I use so a person goes in there they type
everything in what these are home worth and they get an instant valuation and
then my campaign kicks in to start cultivating text email whatever now when they fill this out
I get a lead so here’s what I do as soon as the email
comes to me that says I don’t want to click over because
the person’s information is still in there that just now came in but I will be able to see
their their name their phone number their email whatever they typed in and
then depending on what my subscription is with listings leads I can also see
the estimated home value what cars they own and I can see the person’s name on
the deed of the house now if they don’t match well let me rephrase that if they
match I act fast now I do have automated campaigns that kick in that immediately
start acting but I want to know like sense of urgency what do we really want
to do with this lead more than just what my systems are going to do I really want to
know if it’s a hot lead then I’m going to trigger one of my agents and say
hey Krista this one looks really hot they’ve bought it five years ago their
name is on the deed let’s go after that but a lot of these 95% of these
will going to go no where bad phone number they usually have the
correct email because they’re getting their home valuation sent to them but a
bad phone number a bad name they just bought the house this is a large reason
a lot of these leads are not real leads they just bought the house last year and
they really just want to see how much it is this year they want to get it for
their tax purposes maybe they don’t even know in the house maybe they’re
interested in buying the house but that could still be a good lead it could be a
buyer if you work it strategically but I’m just telling you most of these are
just curious they’re not even in the ballpark of winning itself but if I
see one the name matches now on my listing to leads that comes in
the name matches I’m going to act faster now here’s the next thing I
usually do I go over and I Google the address so this is a real deal lead that
just now came in this is the address they typed in seconds ago I mean this
just happened I pull it up and I take a look at it and I go okay is it
for sale that’s the first thing I want to see is is it for sale now the Zillow
ones quick it usually says this properties currently not for sale now
the next thing I do is I go click through and I like Redfin for this
personally I click through and I scroll down first of all if you see this
little graphic here on this one it says sold March 16, 2018
well today is April of 2019 the odds that this person wants
to sell their house is slim to none granted they could be flipping a house
but if they’re flipping a house and are they using my
home value calculator probably not probably not but you know not to say they all shouldn’t be followed up on that’s what
our systems are for but I look at this I go okay they they just bought it
last year I’m going to let my systems do their work I’m probably not going to you
know lose sleep and jump over this one but I can kind of scroll down and see a
bunch of different information on the house and that’s helpful to me if I
see that this person the name does not match who’s on the deed
listings lead shows me that with my subscription their name doesn’t match
or they just bought the house I’m going to let my systems do
everything else but if their name matches and they’ve been in that house
for five years or more which is my average my average quality lead that is
a real lead has lived in their house five years I tracked that so to me their
name on the deed matches and it’s a five year or more house and it’s not for sale
I’m jumping through hoops we are letting our systems chase them but we are also
looking them up on Facebook we’re trying to connect in different levels but I’m
not doing that for everyone because I’ve got thousands of these
in a week before literally I got like two thousand it was two thousand something
after when I run a Facebook ad but my coming organically just all day long
through all my blogs and advertisements and things like that and sometimes they
turn into real listings but I also want you to know that the percentage of those
are going to be small so if you’re spending a lot of money you have to know
this now if your commission on a house like this so let’s just say this house
you know it’s going to sell for $300,000 let’s just say even though
commission is never typical I always negotiable let”s just say
I’m going to make $10,000 what I’d spend 5,000 to make 10,000 now I have a team so I
don’t get that full amount I’ve got brokers I don’t get that full amount so
you’ve really got to take that down to what it’s actually work for you but I
might spend a thousand to make that to make good money on a listing so that I
figure out strategically how many ads do I have to run what am i systems have to
look like what’s the conversion level need to be to actually get to that if I
know 5% of those are actually gonna be really did how many that 5% are actually
going to turn into sellers and then what’s that commission then I know if running
ads is going to be worth it right primarily a mine is organic blogged in
earned in and I get them all day long

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