How To Prepare For The 2020 Recession

How To Prepare For The 2020 Recession

How do you prepare for the 2020
recession that is coming hard and fast at you right now? Just look at what
people are saying online. From Economics – “U.S. Recession Chances in the Next Two
years are topping 60%” according to JP Morgan. “Goldman Sachs says that the
Market indicates a 50% Chance of Recession” And again in Economics,
“Two-thirds of the US Business Economists see recession ending by 2020.” You look in
Fortune magazine, Time and right now everyone is getting an agreement that
this recession is hitting all of the indicators are saying that this is
coming your way and you got to ask yourself what are you doing to prepare
for it and how can you turn someone else’s worst of times into your best of
times? So each year I pay roughly $100,000 to
attend this economic convention and Tony Blair was there. Tony Robbins had pulled
in. All these other billionaires, you know from all across the world and what
everyone is doing is fighting, mincing words with each other to get on the same
page with where they believe that the economy is currently headed. And right
now, everything is pointing towards 2020 being that next recession. The whole
purpose of this economic conference is to understand how the world is changing
and how you can make winter which is what the season is when everything goes
downhill over a cliff, how can you actually turn that into an amazing time? And today I want to share with you some game-changing information that could
make the 5 years of recession an opportunity for you to profit. A chance
for you to cash in on the crash and instead of taking advantage of people,
it’s actually that how you go in and actually help people and get the economy
back on its feet. 2008, right now I’ll never forget October where I was and the
bank that I was closing a deal with, I was closing him alone almost every
single day on a property I was buying. On this one loan that was like at 6%. The
bank called in that morning and said today we’re going to be closing at like 17%. I’m like, an 11% hike, I knew something was wrong and the very
next da, the economy crashed down and three weeks later that Bank was out of
business. And I decided to go into the hardest hit markets and I was at the
auctions and me and my team were buying thousands of properties that had been
selling for over a quarter million dollars, we are now buying them for like
80 to $100,000. And made hundreds of millions of dollars during that time on
those 3,000 properties. Right now, guess what? History is repeating itself
and it’s all about to happen again. The question is, are you positioned to take
advantage of it? Because if you’re not, then you’re going to do what everyone else
is doing. Right now, the emotions are going to be leading the economy. Confidence
is going to be down. The markets are going to be in a downward spiral and
basically everyone’s going to be nervous and scared. You should never live your
life scared. This stuff doesn’t have to be scary. The market moves in cycles. This
stuff is predictable. If you’re just a consumer and you’re participating
casually in the market with money in 401k’s and IRA’s, then you’re
going on the emotional rollercoaster up and down. And when times are up, you’re
happy. When times are down, you’re feeling all this doubt. Like is my retirement going to
be there? What will happen to me? You’ve got to seize control over your own
financial destiny. You can’t put that in the hands of anyone else. You’ve got to
become a business owner. You have to become an investor. And those are some of
the basics that I figured out years ago. Which meant in 2008, I could profit
massively in that recession and I got to tell you, the recession is coming again
and guess what man, I’m pumped and excited. But this time, I can offer you to
be a part of the winnings. I can offer you my unfair advantage. Let me help you
understand what’s going on. Real estate, it goes up over time. Historically, it’s
done this for thousands of years. But it does it more like this. Which means there
are times when it is stupid to buy and there are times when it is brilliant to
buy. And if you really know what you’re doing, it’s always an amazing time to buy
because you know how to play the market. Stock market, that’s a hard one to play. Super unpredictable. Real estate, slow and boring and super predictable. Right now,
we’re about to enter this part of the cycle and it’ll rapidly get us to this
part of the cycle. If I were to tell you how much time is lapsing there, we’re
talking months not years. It happens very sudden and then the climb back is
something that takes time. Which means, we’re about to enter a window where this
purchase of real estate right here, is what creates your new rich, your nouveau
riche. It’s what creates your millionaires and the people that are
going to become wildly successful and why not you? Now, here’s a crazy part. You
might be thinking, “but Kris, it takes money to make money”. You would be so
right. But they never said whose money. Which means if you can get in the game
and get some knowledge and actually get a little bit of track record, you can
leverage that knowledge in that track record like I did to cash in big-time on
what’s coming up next. This is why I give my book away for free to everyone. I just
wrote my fourth book. I’m a best-selling author and if you go in the link below,
every year I always do a surplus order. And I only want to put them in the hands
of people that are real earnest seekers. You got to cover the shipping on it
which is cheap. But the whole book, it’s yours for free and it’s designed to give
you knowledge of how to beat the system and how to beat the cycle. If you know me, if you’re a subscriber to
my channel, you know that I hate lines. I hate being treated like cattle. I hate being told what to do and when to go. Which is why when a recession hits and everyone is trucking this way, guess what
I’m doing? I’m doing what the other smart investors are doing. We’re going the
other direction that’s always where opportunity is. Opportunity is always in
the opposite direction of where everyone else is headed, which means that now is
your time. There’s a couple ways that you can participate with me. One, I’m putting
a billion dollar fund together. There may be a way for you to participate that. If
you click the link below and you’re a subscriber, I’ll actually be able to keep
you up to date on what’s happening because I’m going to tell you right now,
when that recession strikes for the year 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. That
5-year gap, is going to be the best time to be buying as much real estate as
you possibly can and you don’t have to do it alone, you can actually do it with
a team. Get my book. I’ll get you on my mailing list, newsletter and I’ll be
keeping you in the know of exactly how you participate with me. The other thing
that I want to share, is that I can also show you how to just crush it on your
own. You don’t have to go in with the group. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s
what I’ve done and I can show you how to do that. This is an opportunity of a
lifetime. The market only crashes like this every 12 ,15 ,18 years. Which means
that if we know that it’s only this far away or if it’s already hitting you
watching this video, this is the time for you to have the kind of easy winnings
that you won’t have for another 12, 15 years. Now is the time to get in the game. If you’re not a subscriber, take care of that right now. Get your FREE copy of that book. I’ll get it shipped off to you in the next few
days here and, you and I are going to have some fun playing in this world of real
estate together and when everyone else is crying about the recession, you’re
going to have a smile on your face and we can spread some cheer amongst them too. Take care

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