How to play “ENGAGEMENT PARTY” from La La Land by Hurwitz | Smart Classical Piano

How to play “ENGAGEMENT PARTY” from La La Land by Hurwitz | Smart Classical Piano

Hi there my name is Igor from smart classical piano dot-com what`s up everybody so we’re going to be doing the soundtrack to lala land i was asked to do some of this film`s music and i started this off with a track called engagement party I chose it because it’s fairly quick easy and it’s nice man very pretty just like marzipan very sweet alright so let’s kind of fell for the first four bars so we’re going to be doing the first phrase these four bars and if you’d like to finish off this piece visit our website smartclassical and you should try it out it’s free to try that you have access to all of this music plus much much more ok leave a comment that’s cool and subscribe let’s start ourselves off with the left hand I think it’s the easiest thing to get to take care of here so let’s do that first so i play with the right hand to be content to just pay attention to the left 521 that’s for the first part next to get for next third bar that’s 51 and finally who all by his lonesome finish up before so that’s it for bars completed in the left that’s all first bar 521 second bar foreign-born live in one third bar right so that’s done is taken care of we’ll come back to it when we put the piece together the right-hand the notes from the straightforward so this is the first bar we have wanted to and another two or three of these notes right de flat to shoot or so to hmm so now the rest of these notes are going to be fairly straightforward but the rhythm may not be right for those of you don’t know how to deal with triplets this is for you every bar of this music is gonna have a dotted know a quarter note triplet so that means is over the course of two beats you’re going to have three notes playing equally spaced so if i play from here these three notes trip and fall on beat three and four however b3 we get a note aligning with it factory and before falls in between the community like this 34 see that three ok so that’s fairly important here if you don’t want to count this out louder she did you find it tedious just listen to the piece of whole bunch and you know your ear will guide you the one thing you should watch out for is a lot of people are going to have this tendency to do 28 notes and a quarter that’s not right if your last note the fourth finger aligns with the fourth beat that’s wrong that means you’re uh you’re turning into eight and a quarter which makes sense i mean most of the music for her and pop and in your life has that the configuration triplets are not so common in our kind of because of dubstep but it’s not something you normally hear so you may not know how to treat it if you end up on for that correct the way to mitigate that risk is the second note of that should put the d’ you have to do is make it very lazy so if you put a triplet 3 you by too fast you’re going to get that to eight and a quarter what makes this be very late in come very late 33 and for whatever and you sort of approximate the triplets so there that it is that right and everybody is going to have to just take that on board three line or in between and apply that throughout the piece alright so there’s that first bar one and then the triplet next bar we get an idea how to do this country is right there so 13 of 13 another d second finger and then the triplet when we get 31 switch to and then into place thank you for one thats 1 2 3 4 next bar the first people in 25 another g can be and then a trip again that’s 135 back two three we can’t get the same way for and the final bar we get 1214 over to be to an immature but that’s what 13 take your time and learn just the right hand here gets fairly confident with the notes in the movement of the jumps and we feel like you got that down this is what it’s like when it together but it used to be easy you can just to coincide are they lying on every downbeat of every bar 34 that’s it the first four bars of the piece to finish it out visit our website are now in terms of cattle II just change the pedal on every bar right so wherever the left-hand changes toward harmony the left for the pedal changes as well alright so that’s it let me know if you have any questions subscribe and I’ll see the next one take care

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