How To Passively Invest In Real Estate

How To Passively Invest In Real Estate

Hey, what’s up my friend? I’m chilling
here in the hammock for a couple reasons. One, I like hammocks. But two, we’re
talking about passive real estate investing. And this week, I’m personally
buying I think 7 homes. But this is what I’m going to be doing this week:
I’ve got teams that are making it all happen it’s all white glove, it’s amazing.
And today, I thought I’d shoot a video and talk about how could you have real
estate this passive as well? Most people are trained that they have
to work hard so that they can feel good. And if something comes too easy then
they feel fear that it might get taken away or that it won’t last. And so, hence,
I find a world of real estate investors that make it way harder than it actually
needs to be. You know, they’re either going into the game of flipping and
saying, “Hey, I’m going to get this property from the option and then I’m
going to go to Home Depot 38 times. And then I’m going to fix things, I’ll do the tile
myself so I can say $1,400. And then I’m going to paint. And then I’ll hire this
parts I don’t know how to do plumbing and they’re going to spend hundreds of
hours on this project.’ By the time they sell it, sometimes they make less than
minimum wage. All because they had to feel good. And yet they could take that
same exact property. And I can show you how to turn it into tens of thousands of
dollars without putting in that kind of time in that effort. The other active
investor says, “Okay, I will do flips but then I’m going to do buy and holds.” But
guess what? I’m going to be the property manager. Same thing. You’re just trying to
justify yourself, trying to save a few bucks for actually doing all the heavy
lifting. I’ll meet with the tenants. I’ll vet the tenants. I’ll go over there when
there’s a repair, when something breaks. I’m the guy that you call. I’m going tO fix
it up. I’m going to take care of it. And at the end of the day, we’re trying to
justify our existence by feeling that we need to work hard. Real estate was
designed to give us an entirely other option. In fact life, doesn’t have to be
as hard as we often make it. Many of you watching this video, you’re living a much
harder life than you need to because no one showed you that there was a smarter
or easier way. No one showed it to me either. I had to find it. I went out
searching for it. Before there was really YouTube. aAnd now there is a YouTube so
I’m making searching and finding it even easier. Unfortunately, there are not a lot
of options out there when it comes to passive investment. In fact the first
thing that might come up for you, maybe you’ve heard of a REIT. It’s a real
estate investment trust. I0t’s basically a company that aggregates everybody’s
money and says, “We’ll go out and do the strategy and then we’ll cut you in on a
part of the returns.” And it’s not necessarily a bad way to go but most
REITs perform not very different from the stock market. And I’m telling you
right now, it doesn’t have to be that way. Real estate has a lot
more to give you. So, how do you get a lot more out of it without it turning into a
job. That was a question that I asked myself over a decade ago. And ended up
building a system. It cost me millions to build it. But today, it builds my real
estate wealth like crazy. And what I’m about to share it can do the same thing
for you too. What I’m talking about here is a passive approach to real estate. And
you can do it by building your own team. Now, I have a team that you could
leverage but let me tell you essentially what it is so you can decide what you
want to do. You see I’ve got a team that in phase one will go out there and say,
“Alright, we’re buying property. So we need to make sure we have an entity
formed an LLC. We need a bank account. We need the funding partners to put their
money in there.” And that’s what I call business setup. The second phase is going
out there and actually acquiring the property. That phase includes finding the
property, purchasing it, fixing it up. So that now we have an asset that we can
put in our business and say, “Tada! This entity owns real estate.” Third phase is
then managing it which I will hold on to my properties for 5 years on average
before I can sell them and double. Because these single family homes are
producing 25 plus percent ROI per annum on average. And then the fourth and final
phase is an exit and multiply. Exit means it’s time to leave this property but
then multiply it into more than we had before. So, if I bought five properties, I
would want to turn them into 10. Had 10 properties I’d want to turn them into 20.
And as long as I’m doubling my portfolio and doubling my investment every 5
years, bottom line is after a period of time,
it’s going to give you exactly what you want. Someone however is putting in the
work. 340 of work per deal. But it’s not you and it’s
also not me. That’s what makes this so passive. Everything I’ve just described
is actually done by a team of 200 experts. Now, you can build a team too. You
can build a team of loan officers, title companies, Realtors, fixer-uppers, deal
finders, bird-dogs. These people can actually run everything for you and
actually work for you as well. I saw that I could do that. That’s why I built it
for myself in the first place. I’m in a world now where we actually find more
product, more inventory in’ and better deals. More better deals than I can actually purchase myself. And so, that’s one of the
things that I’m actually sharing with you is that there’s an opportunity for
you to actually get in on some of this action and buy some of those real estate
yourself as well. Real estate can be as hard and require as much effort as you
wanted to. Real estate, it can also be as passive and lucrative as you want it to.
It’s a choice. Both exist. In the end, we get what we
want. And so if a part of your psychology says that it needs to be hard, I already
know the kind of strategies you’ll gravitate towards. But if you’re telling
yourself, “I have a career to build, a business to build. A life to live. Family
to be with.” Then you might want to make the choice that I have which is, “Hey, I
want a team of super competent experts that do all this for me. So, I can have a
more passive real estate experience.” If that’s you, then guess what? You need to
build a team. Now, that’s going to take some work upfront but once your teams in
place, guess what? They’re going to be able to stand in and help you rock all this
out. If you want a shortcut and don’t want to build the team, tada! I’ve already
done it. And that’s why I’m in the hammock today.
Because I’ve got all the properties being purchased this week for me. And you
could be included in that next week’s batch. All you got to do is go to the
bottom of the page, here click in the description.
And you’ll learn more about what partnering looks like to actually get in
and access the power team. Talk to a member of my team now and break it down
for you and see if there’s a natural win on what we can do for you. Because here’s
the bottom line: You can have it harder, you can have it easy. You can have it fun
and exciting or or painful and difficult. All of that exists in the world of real
estate. It’s that big. If you want it to be simpler, if you want it to be easier,
then you need to get the leverage of building a team to save you time. Or you
could step into one that’s already built that you can find in the link below.
Either way, it’s all here for you to go out there and absolutely crush it. It’s a
choose-your-own-adventure. Basically you can decide whether you want it hard or
easy. Similarly, if you want it easier, subscribe and make a commitment to watch
this video every single day every day. I come out with a brand new video that is
designed to help you learn and grow so that you can make life frankly easier
and more passive. The way it is for me, the certain way it certainly can be for you.
Take care. Ring that bell so I can notify you tomorrow when the video comes
out and I will join you tomorrow.

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