How to Market a Property for Sale. // Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agent

How to Market a Property for Sale. // Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agent

Are you thinking of selling but feeling lost
in the maze of Real Estate options available? Wondering where on earth do you start and
how do you know you’re making the right decision…?? I’m Karen Jones, your local accomplished Real Estate Agent and I’m here to help navigate
your way through the seas of selling…. The fact is that when selling your property
there is a lot that goes on in the background which a good Real Estate Agent does to ensure
you receive the best possible result. It’s the job of a professional to keep up to date
on the following so you don’t have to take all this on your own shoulders: Firstly, market
dynamics needs to be considered. Are there federal or local political issues at play,
what are the local demographics, current trends and general buyer feedback at any given time?
Your property marketing strategy needs to recognize all of the above and be implemented
accordingly. A good Agent will keep up to date on local developments, buying and selling
clearance rates, statistics and the general selling environment in order to recommend
the best way forward to sell your home, all the while accommodating your requirements.
It’s NOT in your best interest for an Agent to just come up with a cookie-cutter marketing
strategy, it’s needs to be planned on an individual basis and with options given.
Whether it’s by Auction, private treaty, expressions of interest or a mixture of the
above, you can be assured that a seasoned Agent will confidently recommend the best
way forward, drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge that only time can give. Want
to know in more detail about some of the marketing options available to you, check out my video
on ‘To Auction or not to Auction’.

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