How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Paying Thousands For A Coach

How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Paying Thousands For A Coach

You want to make a lot of money in real
estate but at the same time, all of these coaches and gurus want lots of money to
teach you how to do it. Like where’s the fine line? And do you have to pay all
that money because some of them don’t want like $500. They want $10,000, then
they want $20,000, then they want $100,000. It’s amazing sometimes they
don’t stop. They put such a price tag on education. And today, I want to talk about
that and I want to talk about the real work around. So, why does it happen?
Like why is it that you have Robert Kiyosaki’s out there, or Robert G Allen… At the end of the day they want 30-50
thousand dollars for you to get the real estate training. And I think the reason
why it happens is because when a student comes along and implements the training
and make 6 figures, 7 figures or 8 figures, you can actually justify
saying, “That’s what you should pay for the training.” I want to tell you that’s
always kind of rubbed me the wrong way which is why at the end of this video, I
want to give you the most amazing alternative that I’ve never seen done
before. I actually had an opportunity I was going to college that I was working
at like this telemarketing Center. And you know, being in college not knowing
what I wanted to do with my life. For a company it was actually selling real
estate training and education, like I thought, “Well, this is great I want to
become a real estate investor. And I work at this company and I’m selling their
actual training materials.” So, I thought this is incredible. This is like the best
of all worlds. One of the things I started finding was you only need one
person to be crazy successful out of even a thousand for people to get sucked
into this game of playing tens of thousands of dollars for training. Now,
don’t get me wrong, I definitely believe in shelling out lots of money for
hands-on mentoring. But at the end of the day guys, we’re in the Information Age.
Look at this: You can be on my YouTube channel and every day watch a video. Most
of them are about building wealth and real estate. And guess what I’m doing? I’m
giving you for free the information that you get in those courses that people
charge a lot of money for. So, I guess at the end of the day, everyone has their
own personal philosophy. And before I share with you like the ultimate way to
have a mentor and coach actually help you do the real estate, I just want to
help you understand this one thing: Books are great. Subscribing here, you’re a
subscriber, right? Watching these videos is also great. But at the end of the day
what’s going to make the difference of you actually getting out there and doing
real estate? It’s not just a training course. And for that reason, I usually
don’t believe in a training course being sold more than $500 or $1,000 or maybe $2,000. You can get someone all the contracts, all the
information everything they need. But if someone’s going to pay more than that, then
you better be delivering more than that. Let me give you an example here. When I
have people work with me and actually partner with me, they’ll put in the money
from 401ks and IRAs, from savings into home equity. And then guess what I do? I
jump in and I have a team that will go to the best markets, find the deals, buy
them negotiate them, fix them, rent them out, manage them. In other words, 342 hours
for every single deal is what they’re putting in. And my partner putting up the
money is pretty passive. So, that’s a tremendous service. That’s not something
they could recreate very easily. I spent 10 million dollars building the system.
So, I guess at the end of the day, how do you get the mentoring and how do you get
the coaching that you need without giving an arm and a leg and another arm
and another leg. And at the end of the day, it’s like, “Wow, I’m 50 grand in and I
still don’t know if I have what I need.” The solution is what I call a real
estate hot line. A real estate coaching hot line. Like imagine for a moment a
resource where you had access to a team. And let’s just say theoretically it was
$97 a month. But you could literally call as often or as much as you wanted and
get all the help you wanted. And not from just like a somebody. I actually set this
up based on my own personal power team. So, my team of 200 experts that are out
there actually helping me transact homes every single day, that’s the team that
picks up the phone and is teaching you. That’s the team that is actually helping
you do real estate. And I get it. We could charge a whole lot more for that. But you
get my philosophy. The philosophy is simple. If it’s for knowledge and
information, you can only charge so much for that different than what other
people are charging. And if someone wants to get hands on, dude, make it reasonable.
The whole reason where I’ve gotten to where I am today is because I had a
mentor that would that picked up the phone for me 2 times. And the first
time, it was to say, “That’s the house you should buy.” And the second time was just
to help me with my heebie-jeebies. And get my confidence back up because I was
freaking scared that it was going to make a mistake. The technical training, the
confidence, it made up all the difference in the world
and led to millions of dollars. And so, I’ve been asking myself how can I
provide something like that for you. And so here it is, I want to give it to you
right now. If you subscribe to my channel and watch these videos everyday, you’re
going to get the training from a Multi, multi, multi-millionaire for free. Guys,
I’m buying homes every single day without money and credit. My portfolio is
growing I’m doing it for my partners. We’re freaking crushing it. So, come here
and get the training. Subscribe and watch every single day. Because trust me, if
you’re watching these videos, you’re going to get this. But as you watch a video,
you’re going to have a question. And YouTube can’t talk back to you. Now, it can. If you
click the link below, there’s an opportunity for you to sign up, get with
my team and have them essentially help you crush it in real estate. So, if you’re
working on a finding a primary residence, they’ll help you with that. You found a
deal you want to know if it actually is a good deal, we’ll help you with that.
You’re out there trying to put a lease option together, we’ll help you with that.
In fact, whatever you need help on doing, that is where a coach can augment what
you’re not just getting from the video. Because sometimes I’m confusing. You’re going to
say something like, “Kris, I watched it 3 times, I don’t know if I get it.”
Call the hotline, get with my team and the help that makes sense. So guys, at the
end of the day I’m in business to help give you the tools that you need to
crush it. But instead of marking everything up tenfold because a deal can
change your life financially, listen, let’s just keep it reasonable and let’s
help you get what you need to go as far as you possibly can. And let’s get it
from the people that are not just teaching. They often say people who teach
can’t do. The person teaching right now and his team are the people that are
freaking crushing this. Reviewing a thousand deals every week finding the
very best the cream of the crop. And crushing in the world investing and we
can help you do the same. So, thank you so much for watching today’s video. I hope
it was good for you. Click the link below. It’s brand-new, I’ve never shot a video
on this before. It’s just opening up right now. And we might have to cap it
becuase I don’t know what kind of response we’re going to get. But essentially if you
want the team that will pick up the phone for you after watching these
videos and answer your questions and help you out there and slay it. It’s now
available for the first time. It’s the next level of mentoring. No, you don’t
have to pay 50 or 100 thousand dollars for it. It’s available for that.
So go out there, win. Subscribe.

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