How To Make A Virtual Tour With ANY 360 Camera

How To Make A Virtual Tour With ANY 360 Camera

This is Ben from life in 360 and in
this video I’m going to teach you how to make your own virtual tour regardless of
the 360 camera you own, I’m here in Vancouver I got an amazing office
space behind me and we’re going to shoot this bad boy using my Xiaomi camera however
you can use any 360 camera I discovered this amazing software called CUPIX and
it’s completely free and it will allow you to host your 360 photos into a
virtual tour, as well as create a 3d render of the entire space the software
does everything I think this is going to blow your mind. So here are my weapons of choice I have
a nice cheap 360 camera the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere it’s an excellent option I
will put a link to this down in the description to where you can find it for
around the $200 mark this is the Manfrotto mini pixie tabletop tripod
I’ve got my favorite Manfrotto selfie stick here this is a two in one selfie
pole and finally we have an adapter which is going to allow us to put the
selfie stick onto the tripod so step one is you want to remove the tripod from your
camera if it has a tripod and we’re going to put that onto the selfie stick
now for the bottom end we’re going to undo this and look you can use any
selfie stick you want this is one I’d recommend but you don’t have to use it
I’m going to put this adapter on here I got this on Amazon for a couple of dollars
so I’ll put a link to that as well as all of these in the description and then
I’m putting my tripod onto there I think you guys are going to be amazed at how
little the presence will be of this set up in the final photos these legs are
really small look at that and then especially when we extend it so far out
and this is one of the longest selfie sticks that I found it goes almost to
eye level which is perfect for virtual tours you want them roughly at eye level
so there we go look that freestanding on its own and that’s very secure because
this is well made aluminium both the selfie stick and the tripod so you can
trust this not going to fall over especially if you’re indoors with no
wind with this approach I’ve chosen to set it up like this because I’m going to
go and hide in my photos you can actually just hold the selfie stick like
this and then you end up in the bottom of the shot if you like
but this is a good way to do it if your camera has a self timer like the Xiaomi
has or if you can activate it by your phone this tripod has a leveler you just
press down that button and you can adjust the tilt of the head you’ll want
to definitely make sure that is dead level before you go ahead and get to adjust to avoid it tipping over I find a good way to do
this is to see how straight it looks from all angles from a distance and
already I’m seeing it’s a little bit off tilt so I’m going to adjust it this way
a little bit more okay it’s looking good this way however it could look very different from this side let’s have a look okay yeah just a tiny bit this way
now, I think we have a vertical selfie stick Mi Sphere goes on Wi-Fi goes on
I’m going to connect to my app and then I’m going to go run and hide and take my
first photo let’s do it here we have the preview and I am hiding down the hallway there so let’s take our first photo so that’s our first shot taken now I’m
going to move the camera up about a meter or so I think you should just use
common sense and whenever you see the environment has changed significantly
then move it up that far you don’t need to do it every few inches I would say
maybe three to six feet at a time so I’ve got it here right now and I want
the next step of my two are to be about here I think enough has changed within
those six feet to guarant this next photo so you know the exact same thing
again and go hide when you’re walking through doorways
you’ll want to shoot a few extra shots so later on the 3d tour can be nicely
pieced together at the moment you can see this is the door right it might
think that that is wallpaper or a painting so that’s why we’re going to
take a few I’m going to take one here one here and one here I’d say it may be
a few inches apart just so the software can really determine that 3d space if creating a 3d map is something that really excites you like it does me you
want to get as many photos as possible in your room so it can then determine
the distance later on between everything in the room and it can create that
interactive map if you only have one photo it’s going to be less accurate so
the more the better look you don’t have to overshoot it but in a room like this
I’d say you’d want at least five different photos in different corners of
the room just so those depth points can be determined all right this room is
done so now let’s head over to the edit suite and pieced this bad boys together I can never resist the opportunity to do a bit of color correction so I put these 26
bad boys through Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop so you may want to do the same
neither Photoshop Lightroom or whatever your color corrector of choice is as you
can see I’ve only gonna subtle grade only because the image was well taken to
begin with I’m really just bringing up the shadows a little bit bringing down the
highlights just a tad and boosting that saturation and warmth a tiny little bit
you do need to be honest about the space you’re representing so don’t over color
corrected next head to CUPIX.COM sign in with your Facebook account and bam
we’re at the dashboard already up in the top left hit “new 3d tour” enter the
details of your space upload your photos and let it load look this is not going
to be fast it’s going to take up to a few hours depending on how many photos
you take so go outside and take some silly tiny planet photos while you’re
waiting and we’re done what we see in front of us isn’t really that impressive
right well wait for this s#!t this is gonna be so cool
I hit “floorplan” and here we have our virtual tour on the right but check this
out on the left this is an actual floor plan of the building I was
shooting and you can see it’s picked up the scale of everything has picked up
where the little rooms are to be honest I could have done a much better job at
shooting to really get the depth of each little crevice of this space but I just
wanted to give you guys a simple example but our virtual tour is completely
stitched so we can go from point to point and now look around and it’s
automatically been done for us this is super cool how long did that take guys
not long at all and you can see that all of our points
have been automatically detected about where the photo was taken within this
environment now wait for this this is gonna be even cooler still we’re going
into 3d texture mode and look at that we can see the walls we can see all the
details of the space on this 3d map how cool is this s#!t this is amazing I can
see how this would be really handy for architects or anyone working in
construction to get a super in-depth feel of a space see how I’m just moving
this whole space around this is massive [Me humming something epic about to happen.] now I’m gonna add some text into the space let’s say “BEN IS AWESOME” yeah! so there you can see we’ve added 3d text when people walk around our walk through
“Ben is awesome” is going to show up in that spot of our virtual tour there are
a bunch of other cool 3d elements you can add I won’t go into them now maybe
in another tutorial so next we want to go into the publisher and here we have
the preview of what your client would potentially look at they’d see “Ben is
awesome” and they’d be like hey if that guy’s awesome I must do business with
him it just looks super professional and I’ve essentially done this with a 200 dollar budget just the cost of the camera and the basic accessories but
honestly my mind is blown about how cool this tech is now you just hit the
publish slider and our virtual tour is now online we can copy the URL so when
we open up a new tab this will be the URL that we send people to so they can
access our virtual tour and here we have it guy’s our end result it is looking
absolutely awesome cool guys I hope this was helpful CUPIX is an awesome free
software so get on to it if you’re into creating virtual tours you want to
interiors exteriors use this software because it’s going to be amazing and
it’s free and easy and it’s all online and you’ll be able to send it to clients
or whoever wants to view it pretty easily so it’s definitely something I
would recommend if you’re looking to pick up a 360 camera I’ll put a link to
this one down in the description is my current camera of choice for the 200 dollar price range it’s excellent it delivers in so many ways so it’s excellent for
virtual tours again I’ll put links to my full set up down in the description also
don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button down below
or and hit the like button for more awesome 360 content coming really soon
hey let me know if you like this and if you want to learn more about virtual
tours because maybe I’ll make some more videos they are going to some more
in-depth features of creating virtual tours I think this will be an awesome
way to earn money with your 360 camera so it’s something worth learning and
exploring because it means you’ll be bringing money in which will further
your 360 adventures until next time keep capturing your world in 360 this has
been Ben you follow me on instagram at Ben Clermont
tiny planets and all kinds of wacky 360 stuff and I’ll see you in the next video

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