How to make a real estate Facebook business page

How to make a real estate Facebook business page

hey guys Aaron here from BitBranding i’m gonna show you really quickly how to setup and create a business page we’re not going to go into display pictures or cover photos or anything like that in depth but just merely getting you started on creating a business page so what you do is you go to your regular homepage and so I went here to my personal account Aaron and then over here you’ll see a triangle or really an upside down triangle going to click on that and you’ll scroll down to create page yours may look a little bit different but you will see the option to create a page to go ahead and click there and I’m doing it specifically for a realtor so if your Realtors this is absolutely for you if if you’re not a realtor you can still use this you just wouldn’t choose the category that i’m about to choose so what we want to do is click a local business or place and let’s just call this Aaron’s real estate I don’t know and i’ll put in a p.o box here you have to have all these forms filled you’re going to pick a phone number and actually forgot to be one thing you want to the category so for this specific purpose we are going into real estate to go down to real estate click real estate and click get started that’s really how simple it is and now we’ll continue to your page this is your URL page will go into it a little bit later about how to or more in person maybe in another video how to create your user name how to add your picture and profile but at least now you have your business page and where you take it from here there’s definitely some welcome letters and telling you how to add your cover photo and short description we will get into that but more importantly you do now have a business page and you are ready to set everything up

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  2. i think you should remake this video . this is just simple information and anyone do this but by the view of and professional it's not valuable

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