How To Make $100 A Day For COMPLETE Beginners! (Kevin David Part 2)

How To Make $100 A Day For COMPLETE Beginners! (Kevin David Part 2)

– Alright, guys, welcome
back to the channel here. I’m with Kevin David in San Diego. If you guys missed the first video, that’s gonna be linked up down below. And so I’ve got a three-part
series we’re doing here. But in this video we’re
gonna talk more about how you can start making passive income online, and maybe implement some
of these strategies. – Right. – Kevin, you said you
have three different ideas for us to share?
– Yeah. So there’s obviously a
million different ideas you could share, but there’s three that I’ve kind of proven myself, that meet a certain set of criteria that most people want. The way that I hear it from my students and from people who follow
me on YouTube and things, is Kevin, I wanna make money online but I don’t have that much money to start. So what we’re gonna focus on right now is the three best ways that
you can make passive income literally with basically
zero money to start. And so the first way that I like to teach and that I like to talk about
is actually using YouTube. You’re watching YouTube right now, 300,000 people follow you on YouTube, 200,000 people follow me on YouTube, so there’s millions of people
watching YouTube, right? It’s like the new sense of attention, it’s the place where people watch TV, it’s the biggest platform
in the world, one of ’em. The second most-visited
website, behind Google. So there’s a ton of ways
to monetize YouTube, even if you don’t have a big
following or a big channel. So some of the ways that I like to do this and I teach my students to do this, is you can create top-five reviews. So literally with an iPhone
camera or an Android, whatever smartphone you
have, you can record yourself literally doing a review, doing research about, for example, the top
five DSLR digital cameras. And so what you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna go out, do a bunch of research,
see which is the best option because of some of ’em have better lenses, some of ’em are better at
night, some of ’em are cheaper, you know they all have
different ups and downs. Doing your research about
what the best cameras are, or the top five reviews of cellphones. People have literally
become multi-millionaires who create top-five tutorials, or top-five reviews of technology, like Marcus Brownlee or
whatever his name is. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube, and all he does is talk
about the coolest phones. – Yeah, it’s funny because
I’ve always seen those videos and articles, and I
know affiliate marketing just because I do Amazon affiliate links and stuff like that, but
before, I used to always wonder why are people making top-five phones for the summer of 2018? It seems like a dated article or video, but there’s less competition
as a result, right? – And people are super specific with it. They’ll say the top five
phones in the USA, for summer, or the top five phones of June,
for teenagers, or whatever, because if you get more specific, you’re more likely to rank
for that particular term. – You get less competition.
– Yeah. Instead of going for like weight loss, or some multi-million-search term, you’re doing like weight
loss for working mothers in the United States, or
something more specific, right? And so people are making money
in multiple ways doing this. They’re using affiliate
links for the product that they recommend, and they get paid every time someone buys that
after watching your video. You’re the expert so people trust you, they trust your recommendation
and they buy right away. If they’re watching the video,
they’re obviously interested, so it’s a beautiful combination. So you’re getting paid when people buy from an affiliate link,
you’re also getting paid from your YouTube ad revenue
when anyone watches your video, you’re getting paid. So you’re getting paid twice, and all you have to do is film a video that’s completely free to make. So that’s my favorite way
for people to get started, ’cause if you have an iPhone
or a camera of any kind, you can get started on
YouTube completely for free. And if you have one video
that takes off at all, you can make thousands or
tens of thousands of dollars from that one video. – Yeah, you just gotta
have that one video, and maybe you have to make a new one every couple months or so,
but that’s still pretty good. – You’re the perfect example of that, bro. I found you because you have
the most viral video ever, that I’ve ever seen in the entrepreneurship space.
– Oh, I know. It’s crazy.
– Millions of views in a week, I’ve never
seen anything like that. And that’s why you’re sitting
in my house right now, because of that video. Then that’s why I get the opportunity and the pleasure to meet
you, it’s beautiful, right? – Yeah, it also opens up doors,
and you make connections, and there’s so many advantages
to having a YouTube channel. I think a lot of people think you need to start out with a $1,000
camera and all this stuff, you can bootstrap it and get
started with what you have. I think that’s overlooked. – My first YouTube video was
just using my laptop camera. – Really?
– Literally, yeah. And that video has 600,000 views now, a year later.
– Wow. – Everyone starts with
zero subscribers, guys. YouTube, there’s never been
a better time to start. The best time to plant
a tree was 20 years ago. – Yeah, but otherwise you’d start today, there’s no better time. – That’s one of my favorite ways. The second way that I think
everybody can get involved, completely for free, is with
credit card rewards points. And before you roll your
eyes and say credit cards, I only pay for anything ever
in my life with credit cards, and because of that I’m
able to travel the world completely for free. Literally, I have millions and millions of credit card points, just
buying things I’d already buy: business expenses, my food, my cellphone. Every expense that I
otherwise would pay with cash or a debit card, instead
I just use a credit card. I financed my Amazon business with a zero-percent APR
credit card, for 15 months, so I paid zero interest costs and they basically gave me a free loan to get started with my Amazon business. So people that use credit
card points the right way, I use credit card points
to travel and to get hotels and things like that, but
you can get cash back. So you can literally
just get a credit card, the best credit card in my opinion is called the Business Inc. Preferred, but if you’re just getting started, the Chase Freedom Unlimited gives you 1.5% cash back on everything. So if you spend $100, you get $1.50. If you spend $1,000, you get 15. $10,000, $150, right? And if you have a business, these start to add up very, very quickly, and there’s just no reason
why you wouldn’t do it. There’s more reasons like
credit cards protect you– – Well also like the one
thing I was gonna say, obviously the main piece of this: have you ever paid
interest on a credit card? – Never.
– So that’s the main piece. The reason why they offer cash back, ’cause they want you to pile up debt and then they eventually make money, but if you know what you’re
doing like you’re talking about, you can pay no interest, and
then you get the cash back. – And that’s a great point, ’cause you have to know yourself. If you’re a crazy spender
and you’re not diligent, and you’re not good with
expenses and financing, then maybe credit cards
aren’t right for you, but if you’re responsible
and you watch what you spend and you never buy things you can’t afford, then credit cards are the
biggest no-brainer in the world. Not only do you get
free cash from doing it, but it also gives you way more protection. If something happens with
fraud with a credit card, they refund you instantly. If something fraudulent
happens with a debit card, it’s a huge battle and a pain.
– Oh, it is a long process. – To actually try to get that money back, and you don’t always even get it back. With a credit card, you’re safe. – Yup, that’s very
true, all those benefits added to it, yeah.
– Right, and that’s my second strategy that I use, just
completely passively, just doing what I’d already do. I make thousands and thousands
of dollars every single year just from credit card points. So that’s number two. Number three is actually
called e-commerce, right? It’s the reason this house exists, it’s the reason, most of the reason that we’re talking to
each other right now. E-commerce is an unbelievable opportunity. Every single year, Sears is
closing, JC Penney’s is closing. The main brick-and-mortar
traditional stores are fading, and Amazon is becoming a
trillion-dollar company. Amazon, Shopify’s stock price
has almost doubled this year, and it’s never been a bigger opportunity to get into e-commerce. And you can get started in e-commerce for so much less than people think. I financed my entire Amazon expense, my entire investment in
Amazon when I first started, again, like I said, on
a 0% APR credit card, and I got cash back for it. And so anybody can get started if they’re willing to
do it, but 99% of people just watch and learn, and
watch YouTube videos like this, and then they don’t take any action. – Yeah, they don’t
implement the strategies. I find a lot of people,
they just wanna know how to do it, but they never implement it. So it’s one thing to
watch a video like this, it’s another thing to
be like, you know what? I’m gonna actually go out there and follow the credit card strategy, or anything else mentioned like that. – Yeah, I mean, be the 1%, guys. The reason this house exists, the reason that I’m talking to somebody, an awesome entrepreneur like Ryan, is because I did it. You have to do stuff, you
have to be the 1% of people that actually takes action. We’re teaching you these things. Go out and make a top-five
tutorial on YouTube. Go out and make a video on
Amazon FBA Product Research. Use your affiliate link for
Viral Launch or for Jungle Scout or for software that supports that. Add value to people on YouTube. Use credit cards for
expenses you already use. Start researching Amazon. Come onto my channel and
look at my videos on Amazon. Learn for free from blog posts. Whatever you like to do, right? But the point is, guys, do something. – Yeah, and it doesn’t
matter too, if you’re right the first time. Like Kevin was talking
about some of his ideas that were complete failures.
(Kevin laughing) I have dozens of bad ideas and things that I’ve put
a lot of effort into, that had no return, but you learn something
from everything you do. – You learn something
from everything you do. And the fact of the matter, and this is one of the biggest
lessons that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur,
becoming more successful, you get good at what you do. Simply. And YouTube, in our opinion, is one of the best ways that you can really create a following and create massive value for people, and become financially free. And so we spend a lot of time doing it, and as we do it we learn
little tricks along the way about thumbnails, and about editing, and about tags, and about
all these little things that you would never get
exposure to unless you did it. – Right, and if you guys think that you have to be really
good at your videos, look at our older videos. Go on my channel, look at my first video. I guarantee I was in my car, filming with a hundred-dollar camera that was multiple years old, so you do not need to invest
massive amounts of money, or care about being awkward on camera. You’re just gonna get better
the more that you do it. – Yeah. A perfect example, go watch
old videos of Logan Paul. (laughing) He was painful to watch on videos. When he was wrestling, he had a black eye, he was very awkward, but now look at him. He’s literally living in Los Angeles, driving friggin’ Lamborghinis, going hard, having boxing matches. And whether or not you like him or not, the point of that and
what I’m trying to say is he started out extremely awkward, had no idea what he was doing, but he did it so consistently that he started to actually find value and see a huge return from it. – Definitely, yeah. Alright, guys, well I think that pretty much wraps up this video here. In the next video, our
third and final video, what we’re gonna talk about is
what Kevin’s number-one idea is as far as making money online, the biggest opportunity that exists right now, for people who are looking to get
started with entrepreneurship and make money. So you guys do not wanna miss this video. It’s gonna be out, so
keep an eye out for it. But Kevin, thanks for
taking the time to talk. – Absolutely, guys. This is gonna be a good one, stay tuned. – Alright, we’ll see
you in the next video.

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