It’s Nathanial here guys
and I’m pretty excited.. I’ve got Glenn Twiddle with us who I’ve actually been subscribed to for 5 or 5 years I know he’s been coaching since 2009
specifically in the real estate industry and we’re getting like tons and tons of
enquiries from agents wondering how to leverage social media and all the things
that are changing in the digital era I just think the industry is so regressed that
there must be.. somethings got to give, so Glenn… thanks for being with us today, would you
mind just like sharing with the audience that don’t know you… the fraction of them
an overview of how you got into coaching and why you do what you do? – Yeah it was um oh first off you if you’ve been a part of our list and you’ve made
it four or five years with the sheer volume of me yelling at at my list I
suppose mate a massive congrats to you no wonder you’re successful in business if you
can tolerate that level of pain man yeah now I got into into this
coaching by accident I’m a big suki-lala in that I
couldn’t do real estate the way they taught me they taught me cold calls they
taught me a script that worked and it did work when we made 400 of discover
per week 400 calls of their script we were taught it worked but it just killed
me right so I couldn’t do it and they taught me a listing presentation to got
me listing so those two tools they gave me worked and worked great guns but in
doing so it just killed my soul I couldn’t tolerate the pain that if I
spoke to a hundred people 97 of them were not interested in what I wasn’t was
talking about and they told me so and and I couldn’t tolerate the pain of the
rejection of 97 people to get to the three that we’re gonna say to me maybe
or the one that was going to say to me yes let’s do it anyway yeah couldn’t do
it because before real estate I was a singer
guitar player not a good one just good enough to get paid at the local pubs
right so I’d go on a Saturday night from being the life of the party everyone
buying drinks and everyone loves me kind of thing a people person I suppose
because that’s the thing I wasn’t that great at singing or playing guitar but I
was always having fun I just used the fact that I was enjoying myself as kind
of mode by being entertaining I suppose and I’d seen classic rock and copperhead
road and all that stuff case and stuff like that I’m try and do your countrymen
you know just from your accent I’m assuming UK I tried to Queen but who the
hell could sing Freddie you know I do crazy old thing called love it’s one
Queen song but that’s what I did right and they’re not going to the office on a
Monday and be hated by 97% of people couldn’t deal with so I reckon that’s
one of the reasons why real estate has such a high fall out rate because it
needs someone who’s so strong and not caring about people to be able to
tolerate the rejection and yet when someone says maybe they’ve got to be a
people person able to build rapport and close a deal and stuff and I reckon it’s
that dichotomy that would have been if that was the only way to do real estate
I wouldn’t still be in it to this day I would have been gone because I couldn’t
make the switch I couldn’t be hated on one hand and kind of nice and friendly
and people he on the other so yeah I set out to search for a way to learn from
every marketing coach on the planet I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars
thousands and thousands of hours I traveled to the States every second
bloody month to learn from every mentor on the planet to figure out that riddle
how to get those three people who were gonna say to me maybe if I called called
a hundred how to get them to call me without being rejected by the 97 and you
know that’s the long the short long version or whatever of kind of saying
once I figured out that riddle and got it to happen it worked for me
worked for all of my internal staff that I trained it to and so when other people
externally started wanting to hear me and and help me tell them how I’m doing
this thing that to the rest of the real estate world seems impossible you know
because they all still teach down there dial for dollars you’ve got a prospect
all of that yeah when I figured out how to avoid that I kind of became popular I
suppose and that’s why I started coaching yeah it’s funny I think people
resist change even when you know it’s hurting them and like if when I come on
social media and I see a strategy that works better than mine I resist it a
little bit I’m like yeah I’m a bit like that with Bitcoin because I didn’t jump
on early I like I want it to fail because I have a feel in my head I’m too
late and I’m resistant to it yeah so it’s funny how people are and we’re all
guilty you and I’ve just said people come to us for advice and yet we’re just
as guilty as everyone yeah well not knowledge again it’s the first step I
suppose but look I am curious from your perspective since you could deal with so
many agents and you’ve you’ve turned so many careers around what are the biggest
two or three mistakes that you see agents make in the marketplace that
maybe some of the real estate people that are watching may want to avoid yes
buzz it’s probably more than two or three so let’s make you know what the
big one that encompasses so many under it is they don’t treat real estate like
other business owners true business you know we look at a mate of mine I got him
his job at Woolies when we were teenagers and he stayed with my lease to
this day so we’re 45 now so that’s literally a 30 year career in Woolworths
so now he’s in kind of upper management and he was sharing with me in a good
year and in a not-so-good year about their profit margins you know and I
asked a real estate agent okay so he’s got two million dollars in more words
revenue this is a publicly listed company that must make profit to
maximize and play back to shareholders so it can’t dilly-dally around with this
sort of thing what sort of in order to make 2 million dollars in revenue how
much did it cost them in in kind of cost of goods wages and all of the costs of
doing business to make 2 million dollars and most of them will say you know
800,000 million five hundred thousand two hundred thousand or whatever and
when one may told me that they work on between in a bad year zero percent
profit margin sometimes loss but if it ever ajiz out
of between eight and twelve percent profit what that means is they need to
spend 1.8 for million dollars to make 2 million on
average right 1.84 million to make 2 million and in real estate there’s this
kind of rule of thumb so to speak that is oftentimes a 10 10 10 X multiplier
meaning if you put in ten thousand dollars in marketing in whatever way
shape or form that might look it’s going to get you a hundred thousand dollars in
revenue if you told that fact to anyone in any of your other business clients
that there was 10x ROI so if you take some seed capital of say ten thousand
dollars hmm add to it some very minimally trained up manual labor
because a real estate course to get your ticket only takes in most states here
Australia three to five days to get your license ever did mine nwa okay so you
know a week a week or something right yeah so you take seed capital a week
worth of getting a little ticket and in in manual labor yeah and now we’ve got
10x our life to revenue every other business owner would accuse us of lying
and yet that’s exactly kind of what real estate has been and what I think we’re
seeing the hint of that we may see more and more and more of that heaven forbid
what if an Angels cost of client acquisition went to 30 or 40 you know
percent you know thirty or forty thousand dollars to get 100 grand in
revenue yeah or heaven forbid they become like a normal business hmm
and they might have to work on a twenty percent profit margin that it takes 80
grand to earn a hundred grand heaven forbid I think a lack of willingness to
acknowledge that they’re in a business that requires some input in order to
pull out an output and that we are one of the most well remunerated industries
on the planet and yet we take that on mass when I say we I mean this industry
takes it for granted on mass those that don’t and are willing to invest in
developing a marketing system that calls in either money or human resources or
whatever it is at one end and then goes through this little production line we
might call a marketing system or a branding system or with legionaries
and out pops revenue at the other end those agents that understand that kind
of conveyor belt like that like thinking I think they’re to say the biggest
mistake I believe that agents make is a lack of understanding of how genuine
business is run because you know most of the time we myself included get into
real estate because we got nothing else to do we do the one-week course and we
say let’s give real estate a gun yeah you know yeah 9 out of 10 failed in
those two years so Wow something broken about the the way it’s being done yeah
and I want to get onto social media because as you know like things are
changing so rapidly now and I’m looking at every other industry and slowly but
surely they’re catching on albeit they’re not doing it brilliantly most
businesses are leveraging social media they’re investing in this area they’re
learning and proving I’m in real estate I have yet to come across a individual
that I’ve seen like growth hacks social media the way I’ve seen influencers do
it in other industries I’ve seen some agencies like Ray White they’ve their
page on Facebook and on Twitter they’ve got a lot of likes but the engagement
doesn’t seem to be there and things like that I’m just wondering like from your
perspective are there any agencies that are actually using social media
effectively similar to you I know you use it you know I know you use it well
and and your mate Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best in the world oh yeah they’re
ready out out there that are actually doing it right that are up-and-coming
brands yeah when you say up-and-coming brands that’s probably not the the pre
determining factor you know that for anyone who’s sound as well I’m not
up-and-coming I’m a 50 year old you know so I can’t keep up with these young 25
year old pups well that’s that’s certainly not the case you can be an old
dog and learn some new tricks no problem there
I’m no spring chicken I have to learn all this stuff oh you know sure I drop
with Commodore 64’s but I didn’t grow up with these bloody things and all of the
all of the apps and hashtags and all of that so I do learn that culture you know
so it’s not just using a technology it’s understanding how to use it for business
isn’t it well absolutely and it’s the fact
that we are all I bet you you and certainly me we just proved that I am
most of us live our lives within arm’s reach of this thing at any given time
including when we wake up in the morning you know heaven forbid my partner Naomi
is like you know many would consider on punch them above my weight and I have no
doubts that that’s the case in fact my first book is going to be called its
release next year called punching above my weight and and certainly in business
and in in my personal relationships that’s because and you know the fact
that I often touch my phone before I touch her when we wake up in the morning
is embarrassing I am literally when I do that and it is sometimes natural I
quickly I can oh and you know I’ve gone through where I will put this out of the
room yes I’m embarrassed that that’s the case and yet it is so the fact that this
is what we are sitting there glued I can’t remember who it was I was seeing
but if it was a drug that the society was consuming chemically that was making
us walk around with this look on our face staring at our hands yeah we would
outlaw the drug right but the fact that we may or may not agree necessarily the
fact is this thing is here it’s an extension of ourselves so we need to be
finding marketing methodologies to get in front of where our consumers are
actually look I mean I just noticed in my own business as I do a lot of the
sales that if I’m on this thing all the time albeit I don’t like it making money
I know if I’m on this thing I’m making money and if I’m not you know I don’t
think long about why I’m I’m not being successful waiting you know and you just
I just have to take breaks regularly because you can’t afford to ignore
something like this is taking up so much people’s attention well the fact that
you can now that you can take any one of your people that you’re connected to on
this thing that you can push a button or two and then just go and I’ll do right
now or with one of our guys hey rien mate I love what you doing with your
movie night but bud give me a yell because I’ve got a few ideas
that I reckon we can add some value and take a really really good idea and turn
into a massive winner all right now that 30 seconds that took me no time I did in
the middle of a podcast with you he’s gonna call me back
ask me what I’m talking about I’m gonna add some value to it and that could end
up being a great great relationship and that you saw how long that took me in
real life that’s the equivalent of ye oldie
worldly knocking on a door and saying hey have you got a dirty floor would you
like to look at my vacuum cleaner that I’ve got so being on this is just the
equivalent this is how humans engage now and get the Garre video bring him up
again because I know he’s a pal of yours he’s talks about like how you can use
snapchat live Facebook comment for um well there is yeah like you know showing
people around homes and stuff and it seems to me like a no-brainer
have you seen any agents that are actually using this techniques yeah not
so much yes the answer is yes and I’m certainly
encouraging you know new advents like when facebook lives when Facebook’s
giving us a disproportionate amount of free organic viewership because they
want to show off their new toy like Facebook live then sure we we take
advantage of those opportunities where there’s a little disproportionate bump
in what Facebook are giving us for free or certainly when when Facebook are
allowing us to buy views geographically with age demographics and things like
that and Adsense in the dollar you know of course we’re going all-in and I’m
recommending guys go all-in to to buying those sorts of things but more with the
view we’re having some success really recently in getting the agents personal
brand seen by their farm area and the side benefit another sounds
counterintuitive but the side benefit is they’re finding the odd buyer what we’re
still really mainly finding is the buyers are still coming through those
real estate portals yes and we’re starting to see buyers be okay with
having advertising trust directly to them on Facebook but it has only been in
the last six to twelve months and I don’t know if it’s the horse before the
cart maybe it’s only in the last six to twelve months that we’ve been trying to
go direct to consumer via Facebook to generate by our inquiries but one thing
certain is that by being there whether it’s showing people around a house or
whether it’s doing a competition or whether it’s engaging in whatever man
the guy I just messaged is putting on a movie night
you know he’s hiring out the entire 400 seat cinema and he’s inviting his
community there to come and see he hasn’t told me what movie it is yet I
hope it’s Justice League not that you know the movie Terminator Glenn I love
that too but there’s no Terminator movie this year dammit and sky wars and
Superman but but yes so what no matter what it is we’re seeing that we are
making agents famous based on their social media presence in their area to
the point where many of my best guys can’t go to their local shops they
certainly can’t get their frozen foods because so many people want to say hey
you know Glen NASA go and hey Jared Jodie Chris what’s going on the month
everyone wants to talk because it’s like they’re bumping into Beyonce at Woolies
yeah right and so you know like Jody’s kids one of my clients Jody current
magnificent woman her kids make her promise that she’s not going to talk to
anyone if they go shopping with her so they that she ended up saying we’re not
shopping in my area they drive three suburbs away just so she can do a
shopping now there’s an agent starting out right wouldn’t they I think I’ve
commanded a lot of them being resistant to having an area just thinking well you
know I’ll take a listing anywhere and then they miss the opportunity to be
famous or build a personal brand because they’re spreading a little net far too
wide it’s really that must be a huge error probably one of the things that
the industry has accepted as maybe a an industry norm that is probably ratted in
in being true is they’re they’re okay yes of course they’ll take a listing
wherever they they can get one but they’re okay with the principle of
farming is one that goes back in real estate aways so it’s almost like they
are okay with that principle but the one thing they’re not doing is they’re not
learning how to use Facebook well enough to farm smaller like they’re just
clicking boost in whatever default audience Facebook
gives them sometimes a 40 K radius with a 600,000 you know member audience and
they’re doing a $20 boost to it and wondering why that’s like a you know a
teaspoon of hot water in an ice-cold swimming pool rather than bringing those
very simply it’s very simple tactic to bring your geographic thing down to a
two column a radius to bring your age demographic so that no longer defaults
to 18 years old to 65 plus I bring that into the ideal range of a property
seller be at 32 to maybe 59 or something and by doing that but by bringing in the
geography from a forty K radius to a 2 K radius by bringing the age up and down
they’re probably saving 95% of their advertising spend that amount of taken
if they were gonna spray shotgun advertising like many of them currently
doing I think this is an indicator now as well that’s Accord like move which
looks at things like you know their relationship status or like what
profession area and to be able to like predict which properties are more likely
to I have or what suburbs might have people moving there’s so many
opportunities but it’s like how much use they have to do so much it’s like
they’re running their own little business and it’s so much to learn you
know to find somebody that knows what they’re doing cuz my industry is very
immature like it’s like the real estate industry we don’t have certification so
yeah I don’t think I’ve ever ever brought on a client that hasn’t been
burned before by an online marketer absolutely Mike you’re right it is like
the the freaking wild wild west with everyone with their yeah and here’s what
I’d even say for your guys that are listening if they’re wanting to get
started and and maybe take something away from this is yes Facebook have got
big data working on things like likely to move but what I’m saying is wild
Facebook is so cheap and and all the social media spectrum we’re focusing it
on Facebook rightly so because it’s the big dog in the yard I would say just
bring in the geography bring down the age and I would probably not mess around
I would just leave it at that I would say let’s not teach them formula one
racing car driving kondeh you know getting it so finely
tuned let’s just teach you how to drive there holden commodore really really
well so if they can just if the first step they can get is just figure out how
to bring in the geography and the age cuz the way i probably wouldn’t want to
preclude anyone that facebook deems as not likely to move because while
facebook still honing its algorithm oh yeah they’re there if they’re of that
age it in their geography i’m happy to spend my 1 cent for them to see my head
for another you know 10 seconds here take my one sec well that’s why when it
gets to a dollar of you which it will get to and i will still be there paying
my dollar per view then we might need to get a little more clever with our
targeting but well get one cent way I see it it’s probably under priced
by a factor of 20 times minimum very take my money so like look at like about
you know replacing the like the biggest taxi company owns no taxis right you
know you look at Amazon biggest book distributor owns no book stores your air
B&B biggest like travel companies got no hotels I think that every industries is
going to be disrupted to some degree and where do you think real estate is going
to be hit first do you think it’s going to be to do to do with like the number
of agents or to do with the contract signing or to do with something
something else altogether where do you think that technology’s gonna be making
its mark soon yeah we see people make plays all over the industry because
there’s so many built I don’t even know the number but there’s billions of
dollars worth of commission being transacted and so while ever there’s
that much revenue being eaten up by a middleman or in this case middleman
there’s gonna be people with eyes on that price you know car sales calm that
website disrupted the car industry and it was a fraction of the revenue that
the real estate industry kind of enjoys so it’s being attacked on all sides and
thus far unsuccessfully but you mentioned a few of them you mentioned
you know and I know one of the guys that is playing with the contract signing
side because that can’t stay as paper anything
the way it has been so there’s things like DocuSign out there there’s my man’s
done his house through thing which is kind of a combo of the DocuSign kind of
process electronic signing managing the process from start to finish some of
those let’s say disruptors will be able to be accepted and adopted by the
industry that a big scare thing is is if someone like a like a google or someone
like a facebook someone with a cloud someone like an Amazon yeah comes in and
says we’re going direct to consumers and if the consumers listen then the one
thing that the real estate industry the agents as in that middleman I do believe
that they will no longer be 50,000 real estate agents like you have a look at
any strippers shops you go down any stripper shops down a Joondalup or in
Brisbane or wherever you’ll see a real estate agent the hairdresser and a real
estate agent than a butcher then a real estate agent that sushi shop whatever
the ones thats they are the ones that build the brand yeah but it can’t be
that it must I mean think about the in efficiencies of scale if there are 15
little businesses or ten little businesses equally is unidentifiable to
each other they all look pretty much the same thing think about how if they were
all sushi shops we would we would scratch our heads and laugh but if
somehow we’ve we’ve convinced the community out there that that’s okay
with real-estate agent what that system is if all ten of them could actually be
serviced by two agencies or one now then there’s then we must be overpaid so I
believe the pressures gonna come on Duffy you know that the days of being
remunerated to the degree agents are remunerated there’s a big disparity from
the guys that are making loads of manure that are no I mean is what other
industry do you have some people making 40 grand and some people make in two
million dollars yeah I wonder if I often wonder that as well well things like
sports that’s true you know you have some people that play on the weekends
with their kids play rugby league or play tennis for free or even pay to play
and yet you have other people that are remunerated millions and everywhere in
between and a bad way to look at it yeah so but yeah but yet the thing is that
those people who are playing for free or playing for little or no money are
breaking even 50 grand a year to may as well be getting a job working for you or
something you know that then that guy isn’t behaving in the manner with which
that million-dollar performer is is behaving or not even he’s behaving now
but you know what was behaving at their level of experience when that
million-dollar performer today what was he doing in his first or second year
what wasn’t he doing I bet she wasn’t going out living this work-life balance
raising his kids swimmin in the park and doing all those things he was learning
the craft he was practicing like a madman like out at the great Michael
Jordan you know he would be first to come last to leave when he was the least
one who needed to practice yeah and yet he’s Michael Jordan you know what I mean
so there’s probably something to that you mentioned you know Arnold off camera
before yeah we’ve now I’ve now you know work and socialize with Allen Schwartz
Anita would specify and although I saw a video of you on YouTube where I took you
to the gym yeah he’s giving me a touch up the bugger at Gold’s Gym that was a
bit of fun I’m still working on on my lessons there in a physical sense but
certainly his work ethic it exists to this day you know but he could rest on
his laurels if he was and he’s maintained the same work ethic now as he
did in his day and he used to go so hard for 16 18 hours a day and you know know
that you know someone said I can remember I was but you know don’t whine
about the results you don’t get from the work you didn’t do yes awesome I love
that they’re so true giving up is like you know
it’s one sure way to to fail or lose so I guess finally just to wrap things up
where should a gence e’s be focusing their attention in 2018 with their
marketing sales yeah over to you what do you think their their attention should
be on it I suppose two things is one building a personal brand that is
focused on them as the primary and and foremost brand meaning of course we’ve
all got a a corporate brand and hopefully
your corporate brand your viewers corporate brand hasn’t got a bad
reputation in the marketplace because there are some agencies more than others
that aren’t like now the industry as a whole isn’t terribly well liked by the
community out there but there are some brands that in the eyes of the consumer
kind of represent that industry more than others you know some maybe of the
more newer brands or if they’re a bit funky or they do something in a brand
level to differentiate themselves you know hopefully your corporate brand
isn’t just by the very nature of its name catered by half the community but
so long as you’ve got that corporate brand that is acceptable
now then leading with your personal brand because here’s the metaphor I like
to think say you and I are having a drink at a barbecue on a Saturday
afternoon and I asked you because I know you’ve got to sign up out the front of
your yard for sale and I say how’s the Asda sale go you know you’ve been on the
market for a couple months when you’re moving man and you’ve got a typical real
estate agent and you’ll say oh don’t I might have a note from the agent for a
little bit it’s been on the market for a while and you know yeah I hope for a bit
at the start but and that’s what happens over time you hear from less and less
because they’re too embarrassed to give you some feedback and all of that so
never yet in the history of backyard drunken barbecues has anyone said ah you
know what you have to do Nathaniel you’ve got a call a insert whatever
brand you like here you know you’ve got to call array wide agent in because I
know they’re all idiots including your guy but you’ve got to call the Ray white
point or you’ve got to call a hawk words by you or you’ve got to call them McGraw
or whomever name your brand doesn’t matter no one ever said in the Fanueil
you’ve got to call in X brand because they’re all so they’re all idiots
but that brand is lost that never happened yeah yeah if we’re slapping on
a Corona or whatever we’re drinking and you’re saying you’re a little bit
dissatisfied with your current age Anor you’re you’re half drunk and mate will
say well that’s because you didn’t call Chris Gilmore my guy you got to call my
guy here’s his card he’ll look after you then that game can be won at a personal
brand level you know when you look at the most trusted professions lists real
estate agents is always right down the bottom and they’re not to
be trusted you’re never gonna change that at a corporate level maybe you can
change that at a personal brand level if you can lead where you the person not
neither actually let me just show you real quick I just got my slides open
because I did just get off a call now yeah well well if this is Tom Cowan at
Tom’s a beast right this young man from the south side of Perth is an animal and
this is what his sort out of he doesn’t look very yeah he’s young he was doing a
million dollars and that was his personal brand right now we changed his
brand so that he started to look more personable so this was his new branding
shots after I kind of got through with him so I met him when he was doing a
million bucks now he’s doing just shy of two on track to do three in this one
next financial year but see the difference that that is a person or my
partner Naomi we talked about punching about my wife before
this is my partner now she was a real estate agent before I met her a very
successful one so you can see that these photos show her personality show her as
a person and and but but most real estate agents don’t have photos like you
know like my client and just a love Joanie personality that comes through in
Jody currents marketing shots now from there we make all of these various
marketing pieces that lead with her personality this is one of her newest
billboards you know here’s another one this is a billboard with tens of
thousands of cars going past today so she’s leading with her personal brand in
her marketing collateral and and you know so I guess the the thing that I
would say would never do marketing if they can do personal brand lead
marketing yep and deploy it where the people are looking on their devices on
their Facebook’s on their social media etc if they can combine those two
elements now we’re talking macro we’re talking big picture here there’s of
course a lot of minutia to how to do that
yeah to broadly answer your question get on their phones get in their social
timelines in every way you possibly can and lead with you as a person and a
personal brand and hopefully be supported by a decent corporate Brad
you can get those two elements right you can go and get famous to your community
and the biggest investment like they can make is if they know if it’s not working
is to invest in training and who better than then the guy that she’s been
sharing all this information with us ‘god it’s got the results i’m i think
like that’s the key is like when anyone’s choosing an online marketer or
choosing a real estate coach i think the key is and i don’t know why but a lot
more people don’t do this it’s just to look at the clients that they’ve worked
with see what the results say speak to a couple of them yeah true what they have
to say about the provider and then and then make a decision because that
decision can can you know make all the difference and i think you’re saving on
price you’re probably gonna get an inferior service i think you should be
looking for the guy that’s got results and then you know following the process
that’s laid out in front of you and i’m curious to know what that might be with
you of do you do one-on-ones or is it just the group events and where are they
and mmm i guess some you know any marketer worth his salt doesn’t need to
do anything other than say glen twiddle and you’ll find me you know what i mean
so if anyone wants me but you know as marketers we’re not hard to find and if
we are then one’s got a question kind of it but that being said I would even say
if someone is a bit tight and they are new are most of us who have got a lot to
share are more than willing to give away those first few steps for free so
there’s so much free stuff that you can get from anyone worth their salt because
if you’ve got a if you only get the decent stuff behind the pay line then
there may not be that much behind there you know whereas I kind of think that
I’m willing to always go first I’m willing to get you started I want
you guys thinking shit if this one is given away for free what the hell’s this
sixty grand a year coaching program all about that everyone’s raving about now I
want to help you get to be able to afford to give me 60 grand a year kind
of things so definitely if you’re a bit tight on dollars don’t give anyone a
dime because there’s plenty of good free stuff to just get you started and that’s
how I started well I gotta go there five years and it yeah that’s it yeah that’s how I started
dude with a with a guys pack of 12 disks for free I cook what I learnt in that
and all your a lot of money but are you at a 12 grand check based on what I
implemented in that and with that 12 grand I spent 3 grand on the same guy to
buy an information pack of stuff and then with that 3 grand sort of
information back I stopped I ended up earning a hundred grand and then with
that I put 50 grand of it back into the you become the mentor full immersion
year-long program so I just kept going all in and do it to this day I still did
something I got all in with my mentoring and over half a million dollars on
personal development from what I have yeah
working with yeah ok that’s great a screen to this day I’m about to go to
Vegas not to frickin play the pokies and all that I’m about to go to Vegas to do
two days with again another one of my mentors
know Frank Kern you probably know they’re going to do two days with Kern
so in like in next week and that dudes an animal you know and and so I’m
investing all the time because I want to stay ahead of the curve you know I mean
I don’t want my guys to catch me I want them to never get it you know I never
want them to have a say yeah I got everything twiddles got to teach no no
yeah man because I’m staying ahead eeeh and you and you bring in Joe so you
brought in slightly a sauce maker we mentioned Gary Vee you’re onstage with
Richard Branson I saw he was there all this additional value I mean you know I
will understand the principle of that and certainly of course it’s dream come
true stuff whether it’s you know Arnold and his two sons one’s his real son
Patrick and course there’s his fake son me whether it’s Richard we had Richard
Branson at our event but understand the thinking behind this if we go to this
was the event that Richard spoke out right it was called my Titans of real
estate now I just pulled this up out of our slide deck because this is a
principle that I was teaching one of my students before I jumped on with you is
what the hell is Glenn twittle doing there is headliner with Richard Branson
when the numbers 1 2 3 & 4 real estate agents in the country are on the
undercard in inverted commas you know John McGraw mad stymied
probably two of the best blokes in the game and probably to the most famous
blood simulus okay and they’re not Phil Harris and a literal lose who have the
best real estate agents in the country there how the hell does Glen – it’ll get
frickin there it’s nuts right and Richard Branson headline that shouldn’t
be the case and yet there it is so the reason that is that’s me
following my own principle that I teach my guys is that we need to be
associating with the next level than what we actually are and if that’s gonna
cost us you know a paycheck to invest a little bit in a loss leading opportunity
like this then that’s the price to pay so when I say to my guys you know that
like our guy that we spoke about before he’s putting on a movie night that’s
costing him $4,000 and there will not be a listing generated from that not one
yeah now there may be in the future you know what I mean so it’s all of that
craziness is me kind of a living the life of my dreams because I get to hang
out with my heroes whether it’s my entrepreneurial heroes Gary Vaynerchuk
Richard Branson etc etc whether it’s my teenage heroes Stallone and
Schwarzenegger and all of that last week literally I had my ten-year-old hero we
did an event an aggro was the headline so I’m getting two other than the living
my dreams kind of thing yeah it’s also a principle that I’m following that I
encourage everyone to follow like invest in things that give you positioning
within your area so that over time you cash in that positioning for profit in
the future yeah awesome love it I think that it sounds like a you know you’re
shit he’s my friend but I think we’re the state’s just one of those most
competitive it’s like a sport and I think in really like you’ve got to be in
it to win otherwise get out because the thing it’s just – to cut for it
otherwise it’s gonna be a lot of changes in the near future and I think it’s
gonna get any easier and I think that what you’ve shared with us today is
invaluable man I really appreciate you jumping on the call with me guys look up Glenn Twiddle Google him, make contact, reach out… the only place that’s actually me is
Facebook everywhere else even emails I don’t have an email address how
embarrassing is that it’s my team that runs everything else but if they PM me
on Facebook it’s actually me okay go ahead on to Facebook guys, thanks very much I appreciate it and have a good weekend – you too Nathanial thanks mate appreciate it bud


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