How To Invest In Real Estate Without Using Your Own Money

How To Invest In Real Estate Without Using Your Own Money

There’s 4 options of where money
comes from. How many? Okay, on the left side, you’re either buying your own home
and the banks say, “You don’t have to put 20% down.
You can put 3% down.” Is this a good thing? Yes. If you get a good deal and you can
get away with 3% down, what’s 3% on 100 grand? It’s $3,000.
What’s 3% on 200 grand? $6,000? This is a small amount of money. It took me 14
months to save up 5 grand so I could put $3,300 down and bought my very first
house. The next type of deals require 20% down. Now, you can’t just keep buying
primary residences and uprooting and moving around. You do that a little bit I
moved a couple of times to excel on my strategy. How many of you are actually
leveraging a primary residence as a way to kind of kick off get started and get
some things moving a little bit? Smart. But at some point, you got to put on your
big-boy big-girl Underpants and that means we’re gonna put 20% down. Why do I
like to put 20% down on an investment? It is safer. It’s what most banks ask and
require. Which means 30 to 50 thousand dollars on average. 25
to 50 thousand dollars on average. So, when you look at that number, how you
feeling about it? This is where most investors like, “40 grand?” And there’s a
trained response. And they jack up the face like that and they’re like, “40 grand?”
20%. You think 20%, 30, 40, 50 grand. At first, most people are thinking
what? What’s that about? People have a limited amount of money. I got 300 grand,
I got 200 grand, I got 600 grand. And if I put 40 grand the property, then I got no
more money. Because they act like money is disappearing. There’s something weird.
There’s fear, there’s scarcity there. How many of you can see that will
be useful to eliminate that? Here’s what you doing? You got to get to how many
homes? Because 5 homes gives you a what? And if you use my system then your
track record will all look the same stamped out. Does this make sense? Okay,
20% down means that if it’s 40,000 a home, how much money would you
need if you were gonna do it all 20% down? 200 grand. You might going
on the lower income properties where it’s 25 grand it might be 150
grand. So, the first thing you do is you’re going to sit there and be like… Some
you’re like, “If you got the money like, All right, let’s do it.” Because many of
you in this room do. But some of you starting off the way us are not you’re
like, “I don’t got that.” We got something. For you number 1, go buy it down go buy
a primary residence that requires a much smaller down payment. If that doesn’t
work, check out the no money down deals. Fund your deal with a
financial partner. Now, I’m gonna tell you right now, it’s easier to get a partner
if you have a track record. But if you don’t, you should be looking for affinity.
You should be looking for parents, family, friends, people that know you. People that
can come to trainings like this. People that can watch over your shoulder the
trains you’re getting and get some help to come into the game. I’m telling you
right now. Ask Mel Fisher “Is the money out there?” So, I’m asking you now. is the
money out there? If the guy can take 16 years and pull up a billion dollars
worth of treasure from the bottom of the sea floor, I’m pretty sure you can find a
couple hundred grand. Right? I’m the Freak. Which one would you rather do? So, here’s
what you do in your mind palace. You create absolute certainty. I spend a few
minutes every morning in my mind Palace and I review my results. So lately, it’s,
“Oh, yeah.” Got that billion dollars. It was super easy to put that fun together all
the numbers look good. Oh, here we go. “Market crashes oh look at all homes. Are
we buying right now? We own in that market right there by 300 homes a week.
We buying this one out. I feel so good. I like that.
Yes, whoo I’m like winning that feels good man. I’m growing. this is a fantastic.
Oh, my networks are growing. This is incredible. You know, I got Dr. Dre on my
podcast. That’s weird, but okay.” So, in my mind palace, everything goes in my
bi palace everything that I want, I get now. In my mind palace, I see me in my
fittest shape. In my mind Palace, I see myself with billions of dollars. In my
mind palace, I see my relationships 10 out of 10. And by practicing that, here’s
the cool thing about your body: Your subconscious mind cannot tell the
difference from reality and dream. How many of you ever had a dream so vivid.
You’re sure was so real and then you woke up and you were just mind blown
that it was all just a dream? That’s how powerful this thing is? What you’re doing
is you’re programming it and you’re convincing it that what you want it
already has. So, when I say getting your mind Palace, this is no different than
Olympian doing visualization. Visualization of my mind Palace, I have
everything I could ever want. I’m doing all the contribution charity I could
ever want. Everything as big as I dream. It’s all in my mind Palace and I live
with it. And I live with it to the point where I feel it. Step 3.
If you don’t have a partner then you can do a no-money-down deal. What ?I’ve no
money down or a low money down deal. The training and the Lease Option course
those you that are part of life master university. It’s all in there. All the
training that you need. And everything I just added last week friends, trust me.
You got everything that you need. The only thing that you need to bring to the
table is your certainty and then putting in the action. you

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