How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money | Top Strategy Used by the Rich and Seasoned Investors

How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money | Top Strategy Used by the Rich and Seasoned Investors

we’ve all seen the signs get in the real
estate investing with zero money down getting to owning homes such as the one
you see in this video what the hell does that mean
we’re gonna discuss what it means to get into real estate as an investor with no
money and bad credit in this video and if you’re just now finding me for the
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can understand what is meant by the term zero money down and bad credit get
started investing in real estate it’s good YouTube all-knowing I love
enough feeling I’m saying all-powerful just damn all everything the sex is hell
holds uncle menthe rocking my smedium is held ninja turtle shirt try to give you
all a definition of what does it mean to no money down bad no credit and make
money in real estate and we’re going to talk about that right now but first I
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getting started in real estate we’ll talk about that up there as well so you
see all these signs when you’re riding around with your sweetie pie in the car
you’re riding you’re rolling you see a sign that says I buy houses you’re still
signed and say looking for a real estate apprentice you see signs that say own
real estate no money down zero down you see it on YouTube you see it all over
the place what does it mean the definition of that and 90% of the
general speaking is you becoming what they call a wholesaler and to break that
down further being a wholesaler just means have you ever rode around and you
see in a house that looks like it’s under Kel basically you find out who
owns that home you make an offer to that house and you don’t pull put any money
down or you just make an offer so you get a contract on the house and then you
take that contract and you sell it to an investor who’s into buying homes you’ve
not come out of your pocket for anything except for maybe 10 or 100 dollars
whatever you gave the seller to hold the home and that’s it that’s ninety percent
of what they mean when they say zero down the own real estate your host
selling if you want to get into real estate you don’t have money and your
credit is bad wholesale is generally what everybody
starts there and I would encourage I would even say that every person who’s
in a real estate investing you need know a little bit about wholesaling
because those are your front line deals those are where you meet people who are
in distress and you come in and you help them out of that distress that they’re
in by buying the home for pennies on the dollars preventing them for having
credit damage preventing them for foreclosing you are providing a service
so let’s talk about what you need to know before you get into wholesaling the
number one thing I would say and this video then I’m doing a series on real
estate investing this is video number one you need to learn and read if you
don’t like to read at the very least I want you to listen to some podcasts you
can continue to follow my channel I’ll be putting up information to help you
out but you can also listen to if they up a podcast called BiggerPockets they
also have a YouTube channel you can go follow my big homie max Maxwell on his
podcast but he also has a YouTube channel so step number one is learning
the terms learning the nuances of real estate itself and then breaking that
down and understanding what wholesaling means the next thing I will tell you to
do as you’re trying to get everything done is putting together your team what
is what should your team consists of when you’re first starting out you need
to know a good realtor real estate attorney you want to know a realtor that
deals with real estate investing you also might want to meet a property
manager who’s dealt with people doing real estate investing don’t meet these
people get to know them just learn from and tell them what your goal is tell
them you’re trying to get into real estate as an investor and wholesaler and
you are looking for members of your team and you’re trying to figure out who you
can learn from as you make your progression now ladies and gentlemen
everybody’s not going to be receptive of you everybody wasn’t receptive for me
yours truly – sex is hell host but I kept turning and turning and finally got
some trusted people and believe it or not these trusted members of your team
you can learn a lot from them special other persons you might want to add to
your team is a real estate account because as the tax laws change year to
year he can keep you up to date on the different ways you can save money and
run on effective business based on the tax principle so that’s the other thing
you want to do grab the members of your team next thing I would say you want to
do is go to your local real meetings or search on Google meetups for real estate
in your area you might can go there first to find all the other people I
mentioned that you would need to have on your team this is all you do before you
even start thinking about you know marketing looking for homes before you
do any of that do these steps first go to the real meeting or going to search
Google search meetups and put in real estate in your area start showing your
face in those meetings see who the movers and shakers are in those meetings
tell them who you are what you’re trying to do and then ask them can you meet up
with them buy them coffee take them to lunch see if one of them will become
your mentor because ultimately you might want to have a mentor in this game and
they can help let you know the specialty items you need to know for your specific
community and if you can’t find nobody else y’all know the sex is hell hosted
here to help you out I can help you do a little Mentor shoot me some emails shoot
me some messages but for this particular video that is it that is step number one
and real estate investing that is the definition of what people mean when they
say zero money down and the thing about real estate ladies and gentlemen you’ll
find so many people are willing to share information and real estate because the
network is how you make things work in real estate because at some point in
time I don’t care how rich you are everybody runs out of money and when
they run out of money they’re gonna want other people that they can use to
syndicate deals so that’s why I would say real estate is definitely something
you should look at y’all know I’ve done it and I’m gonna continue to do it and
I’m here to help let me know if there’s a way life games can help you make it
happen that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
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  2. That was awesome Lamont 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. As soon as I make my first sale. I will donate. Promise. I have always wanted to get in restate. Thank you for the video.

  4. Thanks for dropping those jewels.

  5. Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.

  6. Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.

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