How to Invest in Real estate with Little Money| How to Invest in Real Estate for Cheap

How to Invest in Real estate with Little Money| How to Invest in Real Estate for Cheap

Hi, it’s Neva at and
today I want to share the process from beginning to end of one of wholesale deals and let you
guys see how I go through marketing for a deal and closing a deal. So stay tuned. The first thing I want to go over is, how
did find this deal? Two things I did. One was, I market every door direct mail in
this particular neighbourhood. What I did I went to postcard mania and they
created, is it showing in focus? This postcard from me and this is the back. I’m just going to read the little fine print
because you can’t read that, but what it says is, I am actively seeking to purchase five
houses in your neighbourhood over the next 60 days. If you have any interest in selling, I can
pay a fair price and buy a house as is, and close on the date of your choice. I do not lease houses. I am a professional real estate buyer. I can offer immediate debt release and fast
cash. That’s what the postcard says. I did that and then the other thing I did
is I cold calls property owners in this area. I called and for my cold call I do, I call,
I say, “Hi, this is Neva Williamson, I’m local real estate investor in your area and I see
that you’re an investor as well with rental property. I’m calling because I’m looking for property
to buy and I wondered if you may be interested in selling any of your rental property at
this time.” That’s all I say to start. I always get people that I like. I can’t cold call. If you can just call and say what I just said,
you can cold call. I did that and we were able to come to a negotiate
on a price for this house. The next thing I would like to point out to
you is, what his motivation to even sell this property. You want to get that out in the discussions
as well, as you go back and forth. What he said was, he would be interested at
this time, he has owned the property since the 80’s. He has tons and tons of equity and he will
be interested in cashing out and investing in something else. and just paying off some
bills. He was close to retirement as well. That was his motivation to sell to me. He also gave me a deadline that I needed to
close quickly or he was going to just cancel his contract with me. His motivation was pay off bills, close quickly. The next question I want to go over, I went
over how I market for the deal, what was the motivation of the property owner. The other thing I want to cover, is how did
I find the cash buyer. The cash buyer for this, I ended doing a joint
venture. A joint venture is just when one of my buyers
maybe just didn’t have the cash, they weren’t interested in that particular type of property. One of my real estate agents that I know,
he’s an agent and an investor, so he has a humongous buyers list. He had a buyer. We closed on it together, which was good. I made my portion on the deal. My portion on the deal ended up being 10,000. They pay me 10, and they paid him 10. If I can’t find a buyer and they still pay
me ten thousand, I go with that. The other thing I want to cover is that every
deal, every transaction, there’s hiccups or things that are just not in a guru book or
whatever. Just that when these things happen to you
in your real life transactions, you don’t freak out and think that it’s only happening
to you. What happened with me is that I had this humongous
sign on my truck that says, “we buy houses.” His motivation was, “hey, you close on the
property with your buyer and we do not let the tenants know until the deal is completely
close. I was basically had to go into this unit to
do inspections and things with our buyer while these people were at home. I had to take strip everything off my car,
the signs, that he didn’t want that maybe his tenants drives up and they see this sign,
that we’re buying houses. That and one of the ladies was like a hoarder
and I’m in that house, and I’m going to figure how I can post pictures while I was talking
and insert that. She was a hoarder and I’m trying to get around
one of the units. I was, “oh, come on!” That’s what I was going to say. There were days while I was there when the
tenant pops up. I’m just telling her I’m there just do, what
did I say? I think I said, “Oh we’re from property management,
we’re just checking on different things for repairs and stuff.” I was, oh my gosh, she ended up coming home
for some reason. Then the other thing that came up was, when
went to closing, it was a multi-unit. One unit, it wasn’t showing up so then they
wouldn’t allow us to close because they can’t even seem, they didn’t have documentation
showing that that unit existed, which is completely crazy you would think. People add illegal extensions to their house
but like a whole unit. They were like, “we don’t sure that unit is
supposed to be there.” We had to go searching through county documents
and things to find it. Just stuff like that. I just want to share the story with you because
it’s ten thousand dollars, and from start to finish, you can market and get this deals
in today’s market. So I just want to share it with you, I hope
that you’ve learned something. Subscribe to my channel for more information
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you would like to see the more of on my channel. I’ll see you next video. Go out and get your deal. Already. Bye.

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