How To Invest In Real Estate With $3,000

How To Invest In Real Estate With $3,000

Hey, friends welcome back to Limitless
Wealth TV Kris Krohn Steven Michael Miller. And today, we’re talking about a
question that one of you submitted saying, “can I really get in the game on
real estate with less than $300,000? Stick around and we’re
going to show you how. Hey, friends Steven Michael Miller
here and I’ve got another question and I want to jump in right away here. Can I
invest with $3,000, if so, how? And not just invest but a real estate of course
with $3,000. The answer is $3,000 can’t buy you a
house, right? $3,000, it typically for a home you need a 20% down payment, If you
are buying your primary residence, oftentimes, you can get away with a 3 or
5% down payment. There are programs out there that asks for a 100%.
They will give you a 100% loan, so a zero down payment. So is it
possible to invest with $3,000? The answer is absolutely it is. It just
limits some of the things that you can do. But let’s talk about that for a
moment. If you’re getting into real estate, you know very first time you
haven’t bought your own home yet. Buying your own home can be an investment for
you. This is actually one of the strategies that we teach all the time.
Which is get out there and buy your first home. Primary residence loans are
cheaper than investment loans. In other words, you’ll typically get a lower rate
on your loan as well as you’ll have to come in with less money. Sometimes, as
little as zero money down. So, that can be a great opportunity to get into a really
good home. If you find a home, a primary residence that you can move into, that
also has equity in the home, does that can be an even better opportunity for
you to start your real estate investing? Stepping into you know 15 or 20 %
equity position on your very first home. This is actually one of the first ways
that Kris got started his first home. If you’ve ever heard his story, you know he
was driving down the street and it was sunshine but it was snowing sideways at
the same time and he drove by this little old brick houses and I actually
helped him remodel this little old brick house. When he passed by, he thought , “man
I should put an offer on that home, I should look at this home.”
And this is the free first deal that he did. And so he did get the home, bought it
with a little bit of equity in it and when he sold it, that’s how he started to
fund more and more of his real estate. So that could be a great place to start. So
even if you have very little money, you can buy a primary residence. Wonderful
place. The second thing that I want to talk about right now is what you can do
with that $3,000. There are a plethora of educational programs that you can become
part of, that you can join, that you can purchase. Those
can all be really good but it really comes down to your willingness to act on the
things that you’re learning. So I guess, one question I have for you is, are you
willing to act on the things that you learn? Are you one of those individuals
that learns the information or that buys the information that puts it on a shelf
and never looks at it, never references it later, or you the type of person that
will get the information and pour over it and internalize it and practice it
and get out there and put it to use for you. If you’re that kind of a person,
we have programs. As a matter of fact, we have some amazing programs that are less
than $300,000 that could be very, very beneficial for you. if
you’re interested in that, you can go ahead and click on the link up here in
the corner and one of our team will reach out to you and help explain to you
what that would look like? What that could look like? But the third thing that
I want to talk about is partnering options. Partnering is one of those
things that we oftentimes don’t ever think about if we’ve never done it
before. But it’s one of those things that can help anybody do more real estate
faster is learning how to partner. Getting out there and reaching out to
other people. There may be several other people that you know that are in a very
similar situation. That all have you know $3,000 – $10,000. You know
they’ve got a small sum of money that they’d like to invest in something. But
maybe it’s not enough to invest in a home all on their own. But if you were
able to put that money together you know, and go into a partnership of some sort,
it all of a sudden opens up that opportunity and possibility. So
partnering is a great way to get into real estate investing when you have
smaller funds. Those are the three main ways that I can think about right now.
Just off the top of my head as you know as you’re looking at at taking $3,000 invest in real estate. Those are the house of what I
would do. So again, buy a primary residence, number one. You can get into
that again oftentimes with little to no money out of pocket. If you can find the
right program. And there are also some other government funding programs that
can help you along with that. The second one is to buy a program that can give
you the right information, to help you start investing. And then a third one
would be to partner. So one of those three options. Hopefully that helps. If
you’ve got $3,000 or less to invest, those are some great things that you can
do right now to start your journey. Thanks a lot. And that’s how you do it
with the tiny little bit of money and frankly, if you’re watching this, you’re like,
“I don’t even got three grand.” You need to come over the website
to show you how you can start working on your first million, with less than a

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  1. Hello Kris

  2. Great video guys. Where do we submit our questions?

  3. Yeah it's called a REIT

  4. partnering at that amount is the best way imho. Thats what my small team did 2 years ago with around the same amount. You also need to be willing to work for sweat equity at that level. My and my poor team will be starting another project soon and looking for investors with small amounts just like that. What you have to realize in all honesty though at that level of money you probally have bills or a girl friend that will try and take that little investment elswhere. And once you invest that little bit you have to let the money do its job and not remove from the investment group while they are putting the propery/sale together. In the lower money realm when things get tough while we are waiting for the final sale its common to want to pull your money but you have to be very patient . These guys do sound like they know what they are doing. I dont work with them but i follow them. I would honestly invest the 1k with them and thier knowledge then take the other 2 k and invest with some one like me in your area that works on bad properties and sales on lease to own contracts. Your little bit of capitol could be needed dry wall and paint and if they give sweat equity you could end up with alot more value by the time the sale is done. Then youll be playing in the same field with these boys pretty quick. And worth thier time.

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