How to Install a Sprinkler System | A DIY Guide

How to Install a Sprinkler System | A DIY Guide

56 thoughts on “How to Install a Sprinkler System | A DIY Guide

  1. Good to see you're still at it bro! Great instructional video.

  2. I usually drop 1 1/2 F bombs when I have to replace 1 sprinkler head. That looks like a ton of work! I swear the original installer used the thinnest piping and cheapest connection pieces on my yard.

  3. I F***ing love the F***ing F-bombs rating system it is F***ing great. Your videos are F***ing awesome and I F***ing look F***ing forward to your next F***ing video. F**k

  4. Mr Fixit God bless your dear heart and enthusiasm! While this is an excellent video and you give good instructions & visuals….one would really have to know what one is doing to take this project on. Thanks for the great video though 👍

  5. pro tip:
    if you're buying a new house that has a leaky outdoor faucet/spigot its most likely because it was supposed to have a sprinkler valve so replace the faucet ASAP

  6. whats the reason behind smelly water thats coming out of the lawn sprinkler? seems like every house is like that, where is the water coming from?

  7. Do you know some one do this type of work in Pasadena,CA area? we needed one, Thank you.

  8. I loved you're video. I don't know if somebody can help me. I have a yard, it is a rectangle 43'x24'. My psi is 45, and I have a flow of 12 galons per minute. How many sprinkler heads can I put?

  9. do you have a link to purchase the sprinkler system used in this video?

  10. How many f bombs???? Sure sounds unprofessional to me. Not worth my time to watch!

  11. If this is only 1.5 F bombs I would love to see something that is 6!

  12. No swing joint from pipe to sprinkler?

  13. Horrible how to video! Just stick to installing

  14. Your videos are awesome and very helpful . Thanks to share

  15. Nice, short, accurate no fluff. Thank you so much 100% good and helpful video!!!!

  16. Good stuff. Sweet and to the point

  17. Don’t do the bucket test. It’s not correct method. The shape of spigot restrict water flow. Sprinkler valve also restricts the flow. You have to cut the pipe directly after the sprinkler valve to do the test correctly.

  18. I love the "f-bomb difficulty rating system." Would have loved if you could have spent a little more time showing the setup of the valves and timers, but all together a good demo vid. Thanks.

  19. Pls explain slowly

  20. Lmao. Your avb valves aren’t even tall enough. They have to beat least 12” above the tallest head in order to be effective. Just like a pvb they are good for back siphonage but not back pressure. Also using 3/4” line isn’t as effective as 1” line as you start to lose too much flow as you get further away from your cross connection. Best would be to use 1” as you still lose flow and pressure but not near as much. Since you can only get around 23gpm out of a 3/4” line and 37gpm out of a 1” at the start with pressures around 66psi.

  21. Never check the flow rate through a hose bib always check open pipe to get a true reading also running the whole system in 3/4" is an true amateur install

  22. Awesome video!! Very helpful!! Hope I can install a system soon!!

  23. Can you use pex tubing for a sprinkler system?

  24. How much did all of this cost?

  25. Great video,my installer did not go 6 inches deep, when I had a 75 foot tree cut down the fallen tree ruptured an underground connection union and I had to replace. Make sure you have 6 inch trench!

  26. 👎

  27. You left out the part about a hose bib is 1/2.

  28. Great video, just simple enough for exactly what I need to do. However, I notice you filled in the trenches with rock..most systems I’ve seen are filled in with dirt. What is (if any) the advantage to using rock?

  29. Cool.

  30. I like your approach. Not cocky and arrogant (at least not in this clip … which is the only one I've seen so far) but definitely knowledgeable. New sub. Nice work!

  31. Great installation video! My marijuana crop has never looked better!

  32. 💣 💣 💣 💣 This to me would be at least a 4 bomb job out of 5. Lots of work for Johnny Homeowner. 👍 Good video. Remember to call 811 before you dig too. Getting Locates is a good idea and the law. God bless.

  33. Thank you!

  34. Well mr fix it ur totally wrong in canda it's not that easy. U wouldn't make a living on ur installation

  35. F bomb meter!! Too funny

  36. That’s not the best way sorry Home Depot heads go to keeling no funny pipe swings lol u ain’t no sprinkler guy u just no the math to it

  37. Are you serious bro have you ever heard of a small shovel Or a pick

  38. Nice video short and to the point

  39. No information on the zones. Looks like you didn't install them, so didn't make any information on it…

  40. How do you use the pressure to select sprinklers? Thanks.

  41. at a few bucks per sprinkler you could add swing arms. Among other things, saving money on installs leads to spending more down the road. pet peeve on service calls are sprinklers attached without swingarms, especially on sced 40.

  42. Ty =)

  43. Fukin awesome! im gonna do it now

  44. I wish you wouldn't look the way that you look

  45. Great.

  46. we just gonna ignore the hydroflask

  47. Someone please tell me where my simple thinking could lead me astray.

    For the examples sake, let’s say I trench an H pattern in my front yard with PVC. Then I connect a pop up at each end point of the H. I then run a PVC line to a mulch bed at my front porch and stub up vertically another PVC pipe with a threaded female “hose” receiver. I then use a garden hose from my outdoor spigot to this stubbed up PVC receiver. Turn on the spigot and watch the heads raise up and work, no electronics.

    Would this work? Will I contaminate my drinking water? Just started researching irrigation today. I do appreciate the feedback.

  48. COMPLETLY WRONG!! .. YOU need a DCV or Pressure Vacuumed Breaker connection after your CITY meter to avoid contamination to the CITY AND PUBLIC WATER LINES! What if you are "seeding" the lawn with chemicals. Perhaps your animal feces are near these sprinkler heads, or a leak in your MAIN supply line and water siphoning is occurring because of your elevation on the property then is vaccumed back to your neighbors water supply? WOW BIG nooo noo! 👎🏽
    It is Unprofessional, Dangerous, and Harmful for everyone in that CITY!!

  49. Instant sub at the F-bomb system. LOL.

  50. How much area one sprinkler can cover??

  51. Great video!

  52. very informative thanks

  53. succ garden

  54. Great video, this one doesn't need electricity right? what is the name or brand of the solar control and where can I buy those? Thanks in advance.

  55. U shouldn’t use pbc pipes for the system they will crack and just cause problems

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