how to increase your credit score immediately 2019 | Increase your credit score in 30 days

how to increase your credit score immediately 2019 | Increase your credit score in 30 days

In this video, I’m going to teach you how
to increase your credit immediately. Yes, yes, yes! So, increasing your credit immediately. Look, there’s plenty of people out there
who are stuck in bad situations. They need their credit increased. They’re trying to get new cars, new houses,
new credit limit increases, all these things so that they can get a better improvement
on life. But the problem is, a lot of people have no
idea of how to deal with their own credit. We as Americans are probably some of the least
knowledgeable people about their own credit, unfortunately. I’m not throwing us under the bus like that,
I promise, because I’ve got some good news for you as I give you these nice little tips. But we need to get a little bit more educated
on our credit, so let me school you. Sit down, take a pen and a pad of paper or
whatever you want to call it. Take down some notes. In these short minutes, you can be educated
and make the better decisions so that not only can you increase your credit score, but
you can keep your scores higher all the time. What makes me credible as far as giving this
type of information over to you? Because I’m not just some regular Joe Schmoe
who’s coming off the street and giving you information. I’m also not a lawyer, so I also need to
throw a disclaimer out there. Any information that I’m giving to you,
feel free to go and check with your lawyer or whatever legal guys that you want to call
and double-check what I’m saying. If there’s something wrong, I’m not going
to be held liable if you decide to take action on it. Now, what makes me credible in order to speak
on a subject such as increasing credit scores? Well, first of all, I do have a small business. I’m personally a business owner, and I do
business all the time. One of the things that I do is I help small
businesses get unsecured funding – unsecured funding as in they don’t have to put up
anything for collateral. This isn’t just regular funding that we’re
talking about; we’re talking about business funding, which is almost nearly impossible
to get if you don’t know what you’re doing. People with 800 credit scores find it hard
to get business funding. There are certain things you’ve got to do. I help these individuals get business credit. These are startups and these are experienced
business owners. Regardless of the situation, I try to step
in and help them get funding. I’ve done this for probably about 2 to 3
years now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Along with that, I also have this boss, this
teacher lady who is a Jedi when it comes to increasing credit. I’m not going to throw her name out there,
but I’ve been under her wings, being taught what she knows, for the past 2 to 3 years. She consults individual business owners how
to utilize their credit so that they can get free credit increases, free vacations, free
cash back, and all of this other stuff so that they can better grow their business and
make better business decisions. Now, let’s jump into it. #1: Become an authorized credit card user
on somebody else’s credit card. You may not know what an authorized credit
card user is. All you need know is if your credit’s jacked
up, you need to put your name on somebody else’s credit card. Obviously this has to be somebody who you
trust and somebody who trusts you. This is going to take a little bit of one-on-one
relationship building. If you don’t have that, you might be out
of luck. If you’re just mean all the time and you
yell at everybody, you might not have nobody who’s going to bite the bullet for you. But on the other hand, if you have some pretty
solid relationships, you can go up to an individual who you know has some pretty decent credit,
and you can tell them “Look, I need to increase my credit score. For about 6 months, would you be willing to
put my name on your credit card?” It allows credit to be built with your name
as if you had the credit card in hand. For example, let’s say somebody has a $5,000
credit card limit on a specific Discover card and they haven’t been using it. You just ask them, “Hey, I’d like to place
my name on that credit card, if you could help me, so that I can go ahead and buy a
house in another year or so. Once my credit history is increased, then
I don’t need my name on your credit card anymore.” They’ll say “Sure. I’m not swiping the credit card, if that’s
what you’re thinking, and I’m also not giving you a credit card.” You say, “Yeah, that’s fine.” What that does is it puts you in a position
for the credit bureaus to see your name and your account as another open credit card that
already has history on it – a credit card that is already opened, where there isn’t
any debt, and it has your name on it. That shows responsibility and also as a debt
ratio factor, that means that they can trust you with more money, thus increasing your
credit score immediately. A lot of people have low credit scores because
their debt is so high. If you have three credit cards and they’re
all $10,000 each and each credit card is almost run up to the max with debt, you’re going
to have a very low credit score. Now you add three more credit cards to the
equation where if somebody added you as an authorized user and that card is only 25%
to 50% utilized – all three of them – it kind of evens out all of the debt to income
ratio, and before you know it, bing! Your credit has increased almost immediately. #2: Transfer balances. You have to be careful with this. I recommend that you grab all of your credit
cards and that you call the credit card to see what type of terms that you have on your
credit card. Honestly, you should’ve already been doing
this. You need to know if you have transfer balances,
you need to know if you swipe, if you have cash back, if you can get free gas mileage. But most importantly in this case we’re
talking about balance transfers. Let’s use the example that you have three
credit cards again. You have two credit cards that are almost
maxed out, but you have one credit card that you have not used at all. That one credit card has a transfer balance,
and it has a limit of about $10,000. Transfer over some of the debt from your maxed-out
cards over to the one card that has no debt. Make sure that it’s a decent amount, but
you’re not going to max out that third card – you want to keep the debt on that card
under we’ll say 30% to 50%. Ideally, you want to keep it under 30% if
you can. If you’re trying to move over things so
that you can pay it off and increase your score immediately, you want to move those
high maxed-out credit card debts over to that credit card that doesn’t have any debt,
and you want to keep that at least, at minimum, under 50%. Ideally 30%, again. That’s the magic number. You want to keep all of your debt under 30%
at the end of the day. But after you move that over, make sure that
you’re continuing to make payments on those credit cards, especially the credit card that
you just moved the debt onto, the credit card that you had to transfer balance on. The banks and the credit card bureaus will
see this, and if done correctly, your credit history will increase almost immediately. #3: Credit card disputes. Specifically inquiries, not just credit card
disputes. Look, the fact is you don’t need to be making
late payments on your credit card. Credit cards with late payments on them will
mess you up. Ideally, you don’t want to have any late
payments on your credit card for the past 2 years. A lot of people go back through the previous
2 years to say whether they want to deal with you or not. A lot of you have gone shopping for cars and
houses and other cards. What tends to happen is that you go to the
car dealership and then they ask can they run your credit history to see whether you’re
liable to get the car or not. What do they do? They take a shotgun and they put your credit
history inside of it and they shoot it off to like 500 different banks, all at one shot. It’s a shotgun approach. What they’re hoping is that one person or
a couple people accept your credit history to return and give you an offer in exchange. Your credit history now all of a sudden builds
up all of these inquiries, and it looks bad because it seems as if you can’t afford
nothing. So you’re going from bank to bank to bank
to bank to bank in order to get accepted when that’s not necessarily the case. Now imagine doing this for three car dealerships
in one day. It messes up your credit history. There’s plenty of things you can dispute
on credit cards, but on this one I really want to just talk about credit card inquiries,
because this is probably the most common thing I’ve seen when dealing with real estate
investors and people who are trying to start businesses. These inquiries kill their credit history,
thus they can’t get accepted to anything. So what do you do? You contact these credit bureaus. You can use credit history companies such
as, or I think it’s called, something
like that. You can double-check it, you can go google
it yourself. Sign up to these things, use their free trial. Don’t pay for nothing because you’re able
to pull your credit history for free at least once a year. Then use these companies to contact your credit
bureaus and dispute your inquiries. You want to dispute these inquiries because
chances are, you didn’t buy the car or the house on the first try, and if you didn’t
buy the house or the car on the first try, if you’ve got an inquiry on your credit
history and you didn’t make the purchase, guess what? It’s supposed to be erased. It’s not supposed to stay on your credit
history record. So dispute it. Companies have 30 days to respond to those
inquiries, and most of the time nobody’s really going to respond to that inquiry notice
anyway and it’s going to get erased off of your credit history. I’ve seen people’s credit scores jump
60 to 80 points just simply because of the fact that they got these credit history inquiries
removed. I just gave you 3 quick things. These things are not hard. They’re very simple. You can go and do this tomorrow, tonight,
in the next 5 minutes as a matter of fact. Let’s go over that again, rewind a little
bit. 1. Become an authorized credit card user on somebody
else’s credit card – preferably somebody who you trust. Don’t be hitting up your baby mama or your
baby daddy who you haven’t spoken to in like 2 years and all this stuff and you think
that you’re just going to use them. No. Stop it. Use somebody who you trust. 2. Transfer balances. Be smart about how you use them. Hit me up if you’ve got any questions. It’s very simple. I just want to make sure that your game plan’s
tight. 3. Credit card disputes, mainly credit card inquiries. Increasing your credit score is not the easiest
thing when it comes to time. It’s darn near impossible to do something
today and increase your credit score by tomorrow. Now, it happens, but it doesn’t mean that
it’s always going to happen. But I can promise you if you take these steps,
these 3 tips that I just gave you to increase your credit score almost immediately – I
should’ve added the word “almost” immediately – you will definitely see improvement within
30 days, easily. Probably realistically 15 to 30 days. These things can take effect that quickly. Sometimes 30 points, sometimes 60 points,
maybe even 100 points. Everybody’s different. The credit card bureaus look at every individual
profile totally different. But if you take action, if you become knowledgeable
about your credit, you can take demand over your life and you can get whatever the heck
you want to. Plus you get free vacations and stuff. Why not? Anyway, you got any more questions, hit me
up. I’d love to hear from you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel below. Check out the description, follow me on my
blog, my social media and all that other stuff. I love to hear from you guys. Please let me know if you’ve done these
tactics and you’re getting results. I’m telling you, these things work.

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