How To GUARANTEE You Make $100,000+ Next Year

How To GUARANTEE You Make $100,000+ Next Year

what’s up everybody this is VC I wanted to make a quick video for you to help you out now I know a lot of you follow me our Realtors not real to us entrepreneurs car people and there’s always this quest to make more money right to increase your income to be able to provide for yourself your family you live the life that you want so on and so forth and I wanted to make a video just to put things in perspective for you guys and really break this down but I’ll be very upfront this is not a magic pill this isn’t a get-rich-quick video if that’s what you’re looking for then go ahead and turn it off because that’s not what I do right I named this video how to make a hundred thousand dollars guaranteed in 2018 or next year or whatever it is and I just want to give you guys a few basic steps and give you perspective and open your eyes to a few basic concepts that are really gonna help you okay number one if you make $100,000 in 12 months it’s about I think 8300 something like that a month and if you break it down you basically have to make two hundred and seventy three dollars a day something like that right it’s really not that much all right if you really look at it two hundred and seventy three dollars in a day right so if you’re gonna break that down divide that by eight what is that about thirty thirty-five bucks an hour something like that now I know minimum wage is 12 bucks an hour but you have to be three times minimum wage to make a hundred thousand dollars in a year that doesn’t seem that bad when you break it down right two hundred and seventy three dollars in a day think about that for a second let’s say you’re not in real estate that’s not that bad if you create a product that’s worth 50 bucks or $97 that’s two or three sales right if it’s 50 bucks it’s more right it’s five or six sales but you get what I’m saying it’s not that much right that that’s concept number one is when you guys make these goals and the supply is beyond money you have to be able to break it down into something that’s palatable or digestible right if you look at a hundred thousand and you’ve only made a thousand dollars a month for your whole life you’re looking at it like it’s a big thing you’re like oh my god I can’t do that a hundred thousand dollars how is that even possible but when you start breaking it down per month per week per day right even he’s just saying make a hundred thousand dollars next year or hey you got to focus on making 200 seventy bucks a day 270 bucks a day it’s like okay I can do that right if you only been making ten bucks an hour and you’re working eight hours a day that’s 80 bucks in a day you’re behind one hundred and ninety how can you make up for that with a side hustle or whatever it is right and there’s plenty of stuff out there right selling stuff on Amazon you know creating products kind of like I have and selling stuff online internet marketing YouTube right there’s so many more opportunities out there than there was even you know five ten years ago that you can take advantage of now all right this one I’m going to focus a little bit more towards Realtors but that first part is just to really open your eyes ladies and gentlemen 273 dollars a day that’s not that much let’s be real here now if you right now think it’s a lot that needs to just have to level up you’re thinking and you have a few things that you need to tackle mentally about money I’ve made other videos here I’ll link the millionaire series just to put things in perspective for you I do a little bit of training there and I also recommend some books that are really help you out okay so 273 bucks a day yeah keep that in mind right that’s that that’s principle number one is break that big goal down into something very simple number two is you have to increase your income guys all right if your Realtor watching this and it’s 80 300 bucks a month let’s say an average commission check for you is three or four thousand that’s only two deals a month two deals a month right that means a deal every two weeks that’s really not that bad that’s really really not that bad now if you’re in my area a commission check is much bigger it’s probably twice that Spri around 12 15 $20,000 or more which means every other month if you make a sale you can do it right so for all of you who are not in real estate or sales this is a hint if you want to make bigger money get into a sales job that pays you Commission Commission is the way to go because there’s no cap right let’s say I pay you a salary or I pay you hourly you’re gonna get paid based on the hours that you work if you work commission you’re gonna get paid based on your production not the hours that you work so if you get to the point where you can work less than everybody else and make more sales you’re making more money because you are more efficient right to me that’s one of the most fair ways to get paid because one of the things that really pissed me off the times that I had like student jobs and that kind of stuff is you know there’s other people next to me making as much money as me but I’m working two three four or five times as hard as them in the same job yet being compensated the same as then forget it like I don’t want anything to do with that all right so now next step all right that was step two step three is if you’re someone who’s working at 9:00 to 5:00 right now right let’s put things into perspective you have a lot of time if you’re commuting one hour each way right and you work eight hours that’s still ten hours you have 12 hours let’s say you sleep six or seven there’s four or five unaccounted hours there that you can be reading learning a new skill creating a new product creating a side hustle on the internet let’s be real here all right you can come up with any excuse in the book however there is 24 hours in every single day and you can figure it out I know countless stories of people who got into car sales real estate no much other stuff who had a family kids a full-time job they started a side hustle and then within a year or two because of their sacrifice that side house will turn into their full-time gig and now they’re making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars if you google it and you YouTube it you can find plenty of things more than anything this video is to put things in perspective for you and make you realize that it is possible because that’s gonna be number three ladies gentlemen if you don’t believe it’s cliche and as corny as it sounds if you truly in your heart of hearts do not believe that you can make $100,000 next year I don’t care what job is given to you what career what opportunities you will not do it if this thing does not say damn Brian I can make $100,000 next year I’m not exactly sure how it’s gonna require a tremendous amount of work but I’m gonna figure it out I’m gonna do it no matter what I’m gonna figure it out if you can’t digest that if you can’t plant that seed in here it’s never gonna happen my first year in real estate I committed and said I want to make $200,000 now you know from my previous video I didn’t hit that aisle I got about 60% of the way there but I did over a hundred thousand and commissioned my first year my first 12 months in real estate right but I truly believed it I said it to myself every day I wrote it down everywhere I literally became obsessed with it so if you can’t get that part done that’s it you have no chance so that that’s gonna be the final thing that I say is you have to really believe that you can do it because then from the point of believing now you start looking through a different set of eyes and you see opportunity instead of limitations the majority of people maybe even watching this or that you’re going talk to out there is gonna spit their story out in other limitations all I can’t do it because blah blah blah that’s limitations once you believe it now that stuff you don’t pay attention to and now you’re looking for opportunity if you see a new product like I did with these glasses which you can buy on my website right I linked up with Anthony on my team with these glasses these blue blockers go to my website right it’s in the description and we started selling him he figured out the whole back-end on Amazon we started selling him gross revenue and the first like three weeks was like I think eight or nine thousand dollars it was insane that wasn’t our net but with these and they’re only worth twenty bucks apiece so you can kind of put in perspective there in your mind at twenty bucks apiece how many sales that was crazy crazy but you know what it’s because when I looked at these I saw the opportunity I said man these are awesome how can we make money off of them if you don’t believe you can make a hundred thousand and you’re not looking for opportunity that idea or thought would have never popped in your mind or mine but I’m operating from a different perspective understand it learn it and apply it and I guarantee you next year you’re gonna make a hundred thousand dollars if not more I recommend you shoot for more that way if you fall short you still land over a hundred thousand but let’s say this next year you commit now to making a hundred thousand dollars right and right now let’s say you’re making twenty or thirty a year and then you end up making seventy or eighty or maybe ninety are you gonna come back and yell at me and say hey man I applied what you taught and I only made $80,000 no you’re gonna be happy because you’ve made improvement and progress and that’s what it’s all about ladies and gentlemen if you can do that then I applaud you the world applauds you the universe applauds you or whatever you believe in and you’re making progress and you’re on your way because if you make 80 that next year and guarantee the following year you’re gonna surpass 100 by far okay recommend you watch this video a couple times share it like it hard it all that stuff right I’m available on Instagram and all these other mediums too everything’s in the description so I’m going to probably make a series out of this I know I say that all the time but I truly will and I might just break this down step by step I’m also gonna create a product I’m in the process of doing it of creating something to change your way of thinking and really help you guys on this quest of entrepreneurship sales commission jobs and that kind of stuff again just to help you out alright so last but not least a couple of announcements my event December 30th I have a few slots left outright supremacy it’s gonna be all about ramping up some of the stuff that I’ve talked about in this video I’m gonna go very deep on in my event December 30th right it’s available on my website sign up if you haven’t already you’ll get a recording there’s a bunch of options number two my new product door knocking and volume to door knocking mastery vol 2 will be released January 1st it’s gonna be 97 books for the first 24 hours and then it will double in price I know you guys love the first one it’s still selling like crazy number 2 will blow your mind because number one was all inner game body language that kind of stuff number two is gonna be very technical but to say and a lot more specifics that you guys have been looking for that when you combine that with the first one you’ll be a rockstar alright and last but not least my coaching program moderate success remember it’s 97 bucks a month you get open lectures and cue A’s with me a private group where you can ask questions all the time and you have direct access to me weekly videos and a bunch of stuff that is bonuses so make sure that you click the link below check it out and a highly recommend you sign up because you can do a two-week trial period and then at that point make your decision if you would like to stay or leave alright so again I salute all of you on my team BC people keep a lookout for some new stuff coming I hope you finished 2017 strong and you start 2018 like a champion alright see you guys

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  18. When you first start looking up at 100k in a year seems really hard and like a huge goal. But in reality its very realistic in so many businesses. On my second year in real estate I made 160K, first year 58K. You just have to come up with a plan and put in the work. Each year reevaluate and set bigger goals. Bryan, many of your script videos helped me achieve this! Thanks brother

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