How to get your real estate website to generate FREE leads

How to get your real estate website to generate FREE leads

The Alchemist net hey gang this is Mike
with mr. no fluff and I want to talk to you about the alchemist net what is the
net What is the Alchemist net? It is the funnel
seed system okay it’s a funnel seed system that converts leads into profits
so again it generates leads for you and then they turn into profits
now in lanes turn is what some of you guys may call a website but it’s not a
website okay here’s an average website the average website does not generate
leads for the business owner like yourself or a real estate agent or an
investor most investors or people that own websites are just dishing out money
to the website month after month are splitting money
but they don’t make any money back the money is not going in the money is just
going out out of their pocket the website doesn’t bring them any money
because it’s just an average website why is it AB just an average website it
might be a great looking website it might be the most beautiful most
high-tech website I’m not talking about that the reason is is the philosophy is
wrong let me explain 90% of websites online or what I call an ocean okay an
ocean like a sea and in the ocean if you’re here you can go up you can go
right you could go down you can go this way you can go diagonal once you start
traveling then from here you can go up again you can go down again you can go
sideways and then from here you can go laughs you can go right and it’s very
hard to go from point A to point B through navigation of a website because
is it you can go in circles the philosophy that we use called the
alchemists net it is what’s called a river system okay a river like the
Mississippi River on a river you cannot go up you cannot go down all
you can do is go forward or backward if you’re starting out a you want to get
to be the only solution is to go this way and this is why the optimist net
it’s so powerful in creating lease for you as a real estate investor as a real
estate agent one your customers comes and lands on your net or your landing
page or website there’s no way for them to do they can’t go up down they can
only go to the gold that you have which is B which is getting a lead now in our
alchemists net our main intention is one thing and one thing only to generate
leads okay and the second thing is to turn the leads into profits that’s it
we’re not here to try to be the most beautiful website we’re not here to
outdo or competitors because we have a great website because I can tell you
this so many investors and agents and business owners in the real world have
beautiful websites or they have okay websites it doesn’t matter how great it
is their website is or how ugly or medium it is it does not generate them
leads in the day so it’s a liability it’s taking money away from their pocket
month after month and for me me been able to sell since 1999 2000 2001 2002
2003 in during those eras when there was dollop the error of where Yahoo was king
versus Google I was having websites that converted that sold online so over 25
plus years of experience of online conversion I have honed it down hit the
bull’s eye over and over I’ve created over a thousand different websites and
I’ve paid the price I paid the Reaper man because I listened to my designers I
would hire the most beautiful designer to tell me how to make it you know the
most beautiful making looking so nice but the problem was it never converted
the problem was it was so much beautiful that it was so slow then I hired part of
my team since 1999-2000 SEO searches optimization and I’ve had these guys’s
on my site and the site was just bunch of words stuffings in paragraph just
allow it to rank up high and yes the site’s did rank up high but again there
was no conversion because it did it was not friendly in any shape of fashion and
I’ve also allow programmers to design my website that make me custom software and
end of the day Noli conversion and I’ve also allowed content creators
professional copywriters to write me websites and listen to their advice and
create websites and the same thing happens with the web designers with the
programmers with the SEO guys is that each one of these people has a great
skill set but it’s very linear and if you want to get a conversion online you
can’t just have one type of skill skill you can’t just have a design skill said
you can’t just have a copyright skill skill you can’t just have a program you
need to have all this stuff SEO all this stuff into one and that’s what I’ve
created the net for you guys the alchemists net because it’s a river
based so the customer comes and gets stuck into the net and they can only go
upstream to your lead to your goal to your mission so the only mission is to
generate leads and I’ve had 25 plus years experience of online conversion
online sells and I’m giving it to you right now you can get it for just $29
guys $29 that’s right it’s called the alchemist net you can get it at mr. no
fluff ok calm mr. north love calm and go download it now this is this is just a
marketing test and the price will raise I’ve only have 19 spots available on and
I do have two plans this 90 is $29 in a month and with the initial setup fee of
197 and the set of fees gonna cover the IT guy the professional writer the
professional writer too because in this net one of the primary components that
makes people convert is great coffee now so many of you guys probably are
great writers some of you some of you guys probably know some great writers
that you can hire but the problem is that most great writers suck at sells so
to be a great writer means that you know where to put the commas and the periods
and have great spelling and you have great vocabulary but it means you
probably don’t know diddly crap about sells and that’s the problem with the
great writers is that they don’t know anything about sells ok and so to have a
great writer that doesn’t know anything about sells it’s not gonna convert so
what you’re looking for is something that converts ok what you’re looking for
is excels copy person that actually converts the deals for you ok why do you
need the conversion well what’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t
convert ok that’s the key the key is you want something that’s going to convert
for you ok you don’t want to be spending money month after month and something
that doesn’t make any money for you so many people in their mama or and can
tell you that and the reason I created the alchemy stone is because in my
mastermind I saw that I saw that so many of my students are using so many
different website providers ok some of the famous ones that you probably
already you using or know about or when you do you research your pas BC and
their chart they’re charging them hundreds of dollars a month and some are
even paying thousand dollars a month but the problem is that only 1% of these
students are actually generating leads to their website so I said you know what
let me just allow my subscribers my audience and my students to just download my 25 years of experience and
let me have my team set it up for them and you know I $29 it’s a no-brainer all
right that includes your hosting that includes your copyright that includes mobility because 61% of people are
mobile so you need a website that’s responsive that it can look good in any
kind of window screen if it’s big if it’s
and the goal is not to have a beautiful website the goal is not to have a
beautiful programming website the goal is not to have you know all this great
information but if you want to live you got to generate leads though we only
have one mission for this website and that’s to generate you leads okay that’s
it we’re not we’re not trying to be the best website we’re trying to be the most
generating lead website one that’s actually gonna put money into your
pocket versus you paying for it every month now I bet you guys that if you
have a website okay you’re paying for this and it doesn’t generate your
business very very little I want to do the opposite I want to I want to have
something where you pay 30 bucks and then you’re making thousands of dollars
from it see that’s an income-producing and I know that when you join we’re not
gonna let you down because you’re getting 25 years to make smears we’re
gonna get the professional copyright that actually converts we’re gonna have
a great call of action we’re gonna have a be testing what does that mean we’re
gonna have different landing pages or net pages where you’re able to test
different sites and see we can converse the most for you okay
there’s gonna be a lead form it’s gonna be searched and optimized it can be very
fast very secure all the other stuff that IKEA is provides you but two or
three main difference is that this one converts most IT guys make websites they
don’t make websites that convert my specialty is conversion okay my
specialty is not because you know I read it in a book no because I’ve been doing
it since 1999-2000 converting sites back in the days when we were dollop I
designed a very first cloud base when there was not even a cloud based keyword
or idea okay for my moving company which is an online booking system where people
all over America can go on my website remember this is 2003 warand dial-up
y’all who was kink not Google people would type in what they had and my
software would spit at a estimate that was binding which means it didn’t change
right right over the Internet and they can
even put their credit card in there and book again this is – now this sounds
like everyone’s doing it today but we’re in 2019 I’m making this video I was
doing it in 2003 okay guys when you know again we didn’t have a smartphone we
didn’t have Apple iPhones there was no smartphone were in dala there was no
broadband or DSL and at that time I was doing conversions online so I’m very
confident that the the alchemist net will definitely bring you a lot of
business and what you got to realize is that there’s a sea of people out here
that you got a market to and have them come into your funnel okay once they
start coming into your funnel okay then what you need to do is have a net here
so you catch these sellers okay and what happens is most people have a just a
website they don’t have a net and people come and then they leave they’ve bounced
out and they never submit a lead but what we want to do is catch them in here
so they come down here and that’s what the alchemist that does is $29 with a
one-time setup you have 197 if you don’t want to do that option then we have
another option which is 87 dollars a month okay guys and month after month
whatever you like we have both plans the subscription plan and the free and clear
plan guys thanks for watching hustle and bustle and I’m looking forward to
helping you generate leads so so you can come and get on my youtube channel and
help other people be their dreams in America or any of these three countries
see you guys

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