How to get your real estate license in Kansas

How to get your real estate license in Kansas

everyone it’s Mat Lewczenko with keller
williams diamond partners here in Olathe and i want to put together this quickly
here to talk about the number one question we get here at the office and
that is how do you get your real estate license in Kansas? the good news is that it’s just
a four step process the first process first part of the process is
you’re going to be thirty-hour licensing and that courses and preparing for step
two which is to take the licensing exam now once you taking the exam you’re
ready to take the third sidestepped which is a
thirty-hour kansas practice course and after you’ve finishes first three
steps pretest course big self envy practice course you’ll take those three
items and that you actually apply for your real estate license in the state of kansas uh… along with the site and dig into
real estate what do you think that you’re gonna have to decide is weary of the work for you know work
within the city kansas to be a license patient you have to have your lessons
hanging office that’s out with a broker uh… no matter where you go you want to
keep in mind three really really important questions number one is what type of training or mentoring program does this real estate office offer hamilton renewed interest in an
interesting number two is what titles what types of
tools and technology, web sites and such dues the brokerage house bill what’s the
deal as an agent that are included in your
monthly dues uh… or are there any monthly dues and the number three days can they provided any stats or
documentation of the success rates of new agents that joined office that’s gonna tell you a little bit about
the mentoring and training programs and whether or not its going to be a good fit for you i hope that uh… those three questions
are super valuable uh… forty if you have any additional questions you want
to talk to us a little bit more about getting a licensed in real estate in the state of Kansas all you can click the link in the description down below we can go
directly to our website which is and fill out
the form to set up a free no obligation meeting or a confidential
consultation i guess again this is Mat Lewczenko with
keller williams diamond partners handout

4 thoughts on “How to get your real estate license in Kansas

  1. Where can the classes be taken?

  2. What pre licensing course do you recommend?

  3. what do you think of doing this part time can someone go to college and become a realtor at the same time?

  4. does this apply to someone who's interested in land real estate as well? ..also which training program is the best fit?

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