hello everyone I’m your host Adrian
and I want to thank you for tuning in to our how to video, now this week’s how to
video is how to obtain your real estate license Now I probably get this question
at least three times a week Adrian how do I get my real estate
license Adrian where do I start where do I begin
so I’m really really really excited to make this video for you hope this helps
first thing that we have to know guys first thing is that we must be 18 years
of age or older you can’t be any younger however here’s
a tip for those that are under 18 years old I would recommend you go and sign up
for your classes sign up for your courses now so when you turn 18 you can
take your test now it says that you have to be 18 to take your exam it doesn’t
say that you have to be 18 to enroll in your classes so I would do that if I
were you the second thing we have to know is that we must complete a hundred
and thirty-five hours of education in order to be eligible to take our exam
now I know that may sound a little hefty but it’s really not because it’s broken
down into three different courses and the first course is what’s called your
real estate principles this is of course you take yours to the test at the end
you pass that and you move on to your real estate practice now your real
estate practice you do the same thing then you move on to your real estate
elective now your real estate elective is a couple of different courses you
only pick one and/or at times wherever you signed up they’ll pick it for you so
a few of them are real estate appraisal real estate finance then there’s real
estate escrow so if you enrolled in a college they’ll have these for you if
you enrolled with the brokerage they more than likely have these for you to
and if you enrolled in an online course they more than likely picked it for you
and or you had an option so definitely something for us to know now how do we
get enrolled in these courses now your courses can be enrolled in either online
and actually have a link below through our brokerage and I don’t make you
off of it it’s for you it’s actually at a discounted price you can sign up for
your classes there or like I said go to a community college and or a local
brokerage that offers new licensee courses so you go through all three you
pass all three and then you have to go take the requirements by the state now
in California you have to go get a fingerprint a live scan I mean you have
to get a background check you get all that paperwork you put it into an
envelope along with a check for three hundred and ninety five dollars that’s
broken down into two different fees you have your licensing fee and your
processing fee you put in an envelope you send it on over to the BRE just the
Bureau of real estate they’ll get it they’ll process it and this is what I
recommend if you haven’t heard back right away
I’m gonna suggest you reach out send them an email give them a call make sure
nothing came back on the background so I recommend that you guys are on that once
that’s all checked off they’ll send you a letter and/or an email saying you’re
ready to go you can take your test you then go online schedule your test and
you’re off to the races now this is what I recommend I recommend
you take what’s called a crash course prior to your test the crash course is
going to set you up to pass the test they give you a bunch of answers that
you need to know they give you a bunch of tips and little things to pay
attention to to really set you up to succeed now I recommend you do that the
weekend before and there are different online courses that have it I recommend
you do it in person it is the best way so once you do that take your exam and
when you take your exam at least I know from California they’ll let you know
right then and there if you pass or if you failed you need a minimum of 70% to
pass the test so a minimum of 70% if you get anything over 70 it just says pass
they don’t give you a score if you get below a 70 they’ll give you your score
they’ll let you know how bad you did so know that once you get your paper saying
you passed you’re ready to go now it’s just a waiting game
we’re gonna have to wait about six weeks until the state sends you your
since number once you get your license number you meet with your local
brokerage you find the right one you sign up and you’re ready to sell real
estate now I want to help you choose the right brokerage because this is highly
important the amount of licensees that are new every single year compared to
the amount that actually succeed you guys it’s like slim to none and rate for
failure in this business is so high but I don’t recommend you leave it to chance
and I recommend you sign up with the brokerage that’s gonna help you build a
foundation on skill set build a foundation on the right practices and
the right techniques to provide good customer service good quality
professional service and good real estate practices if not we set ourselves
up to perform malpractice and then we don’t succeed and then that’s why we
have this bad thought of real estate so don’t let that be you and I know it’s
not gonna be you because you’re gonna continue to follow my videos continue to
watch what I’m doing and learn and a matter of fact I’m gonna make a how to
succeed as a new agent in real estate because it doesn’t come down to your
license it comes down to what you’re taught at the first beginning years of
your career and what you implement and may habits you create to make you a
successful real estate whether that be agent entrepreneur investor flipper
whatever it is that you decide to do but I will say this it all starts with you
signing up with the right brokerage it all starts with you getting the right
guidance and it all starts with you understanding that it’s not the license
that’s gonna make you successful it’s a four magic word and I want you to write
this down get a pen to four magic word ready
write down W write down o write down our and write down K it’s a little four
magic word I like to call work and without it we are not going to succeed
you cannot expect to get your real estate license sit back at mom and dad’s
house and expect to make a lot of money it just won’t happen so reach out to me
guys send me an email send me a message actually provide a link if you guys
wanted to go ahead and sign up for your course
is anything I can do to help you I know a lot of brokerages throughout
throughout the United States I even know brokerages in Canada
I know brokerages in France we’re an international company so message me let
me help you get affiliated with the right brokerage let me help you get the
right mentorship the right guidance and I wish you I wish you a great career I
hope this helps please you guys do me a favor send this to everyone you know hit
that subscribe button you know like button on the left hand
side of the screen I really appreciate all of you I’ll see you on my next video
thank you


  1. Clear and valuable video! Thanks Adrian.

  2. Great info! Thanks for making this.

  3. Thanks for breaking it down for us Adrian! I'm currently in the process of getting my license, my elective is Legal aspects of Real Estate. I'm documenting my process on my Vlog. Check it out!

  4. What do you think of Lumbleau? They have a salesperson course for 99 dollars.

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