How To Get Your FIRST Listing!!

How To Get Your FIRST Listing!!

what’s up everybody its BC welcome to my channel if it’s your first video and today we’re going to cover something that I’ve been asked a lot and that is how to get listings a lot of people who get into real estate want to get listings and I wanted to make this video to teach you how to get your first listing fast all right now it’s very simple what I want you to do is if you’re a new agent or you’re somebody who has been in the business and you haven’t gotten a listing yet there’s a few simple things you can do to get a listing right away number one if you have not already you need to compile a list of everybody you know they call it your personal circle your sphere of influence whatever it is whatever you want to label it you need to make that immediately the first thing you’re going to do after you make that list is you’re going to start calling all of these people all of them I guarantee you in there somewhere you’re going to find buyers but you might find a listing now if you’re brand new and you’re kind of afraid and thinking oh well what if they’re they’re not confident in me because I’m new look a lot of people aren’t going to assume that unless you give it off with your vibe and if you’re really really scared team up with somebody and say hey I’m new I’ll give you a piece of the deal we can split the deal 50/50 but I’m going to go after people that I know I’m going to go after expires it says both I can count on you two and be there with me and we can partner up let’s do it that’s another ally you have so you have to have this fear of influence for full circle you contact them all second to that is the low-hanging fruit which has expired them for Silva owners you can look them up on the MLS if you don’t have any money to invest in a dialer and so you get the leads for yourself go knock on their doors if you go knock on expired a for sale by owners door number one very few agents knock on those doors and number two having a face-to-face conversation is a lot like higher likelihood that they’re actually going to respond to you in a positive way and two you can actually get their information or set an appointment I’ve listed some expires and sis both on the spot or within 24 to 48 hours does it happen every time of course not but it’s possible and you’re on the hunt for a new listing another way is to do open houses do some open houses and you’d be surprised when you ask the question which home in the area do you own and they say well I live three blocks away 10 walks away oh I don’t own a house that’s a great question to see if they are somebody who would be a contingent buyer or somebody who just wants to sell first and then buy a lot of people that are out looking have to sell a home to buy a home alright so we have your serve influence expired and four so my owners and also now we have open houses if you do all three of these activities for weeks you’re gonna get something it is impossible to do these things and take massive action and not get results I did it I got my first listing I think within two weeks I had done a little bit of stuff before I got my license like compiling my list together and all that other stuff you know my sphere of influence and my personal circle whatever you want to call it so that was kind of prepared on the back end list so that I hit the ground running within I think two to two and a half weeks I got a listing that I got another one from cold calling like three or four days later so I started kind of with a bang you can do the same now if you want guidance of course I offer coaching you can reach out to me for that pretty much full on my slots but I might take one or two more people for when I went coaching just send me a message all my products from my website for expired TSA’s both that can help you with that the link is in the description for that to facilitate if you have a little bit of money now if you’re starting with no money than what I gave you earlier in this video throughout the whole thing is basically your quickest and most condensed way to get out there and get listings quick don’t turn down buyers split them with somebody but you want to focus your attention on getting listings the more you do that the better it’s going to be okay guys give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and we’ll see you on the next one

35 thoughts on “How To Get Your FIRST Listing!!

  1. Bc can you make a video about the pros and cons of joining a Real Estate Team for new Agents? Thank you!

  2. i want to but im only 19!!

  3. Hey BC!! Have you ever distributed flyers (or pay someone to do it) in an area? Have you been consistent? If so, what have your results been like?

  4. Hell yea ! Great video ! 😎

  5. Bc I really like real estate should I go to college or straight to real estate

  6. I couldn't agree less. Got my license a month ago and been hitting expired every day.. and got my first listing yesterday! I made a video on cost of becoming a realtor in Vancouver and I have given you credits in it too. Been watching your videos since I began school for realtor.

  7. This video is perfect for me. I look forward to our next phone call. Thanks Bryan!

  8. Can someone summarize the video? Unable to watch the video

  9. It took me two days after I got my license and two more days to sell it. I has pretty happy.

  10. Whats your opinion of leads from Vortex? Our company provides them but I wanted to know if they are watered down or not. Thanks for your help

  11. People are really sleeping on your channel, BC. You've been putting out some solid content and great info for a hot minute. Keep up your hustle.

  12. Good stuff man. I've had my license for a few months and have been a part time agent with kw. Recently I applied and got offered a position on one of the top producing teams at my brokerage and will be quitting my full time job as a SVU detective with the largest PD in my area next week. I'm so excited to do this full time.

  13. This maybe a stupid question but do you use a script for people on the sphere of influence? Or would you engage them in casual conversation? Thanks.

  14. I have a important question. I plan on moving to Las Vegas soon. Will it be a good career to be a real estate agent down there?

  15. Somebody called the cops on me while I was door knocking. Has that ever happened to you?

  16. Hey Bryan, I'm 20 years old, in college studying business, and have been a sales rep as a telemarker for about a year and a half now. I sell community involvement messages that air on the radio for businesses across the United States and make a 20% commission on what I sell. The conversion rate is about 3 sales out of every 100 calls and I'm lucky enough to sell $1000 in one day. I really want out of the business because it requires a ton of perseverance and skill on the phone with there not being much of a pay off. There will be days I sell $1000, but the amount of skill and articulation required in the pitch makes it so difficult to recreate because every call is different. So, I was thinking about getting out of the business and becoming a realtor. How do you think telemarketing compares to that of a realtor?

  17. I have been door knocking expired and withdrawn listings. Most say they are not interested but what is a good way to follow up when they don't want to give you their phone# or email. Thanks again for another useful video!

  18. I am full time dad, full time veterinary anesthesia technician, married, and what ever time i get i dedicated it to real estate, but to be honest i need to work harder and be more productive
    thanks for the amazing tips of the 5 things that i can do so that i can do this full time.

  19. I noticed you mentioned "massive action", from the 10X rule 😉

  20. Thank you Bryan

  21. "Take massive action". I like that expression. Sounds like hard work, but hard work is rewarding.

  22. If it's that easy to get listings I don't see why so many people struggle with real estate.

  23. Great video!

  24. So what would you suggest for someone who just moved to a new state? No real local sphere of influence

  25. Which software's good for storing database?

  26. Do you wear those cute earrings when you go door knocking?

  27. BC I am interested in Coaching. Can you email me some information? [email protected]

  28. Anyone successful with direct mail?

  29. Can you do this if youre a part time agent…

  30. Brian, I am a new agent about 5 months and was fortunate to have a closing a few weeks ago and I have been focusing on expired and fsbo's Can it be or is it as effective to send them a package in the mail or is face to face a better option. I ask this for two reasons, first mailing is much cheaper than driving around from house to house and often people are not home and second living here on the east coast people are not a friendly as on the west coast for the most part. Thanks

  31. Hey man I know ur probably busy got my licences 2 weeks ago in Houston Texas U are the most straight forward guy on YouTube keep it brother got my first open house this weekend wish me luck done hit 200 doors

  32. video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

  33. Most expireds have moved already, others are tenant occupied.

  34. I feel like a car sales man or spam mail when I send emails out to my family and friends. What’s are some key points to have on the email?
    Also I’m new so I don’t know how to write up a listing? Is that an easy task ?

  35. Hey BC, I just wanted to say man that you’ve been a great influence on my life! I just turned 18 and I’m about to enroll in real estate school. I’m in Oklahoma. Of all the real estate Chanel’s, you are the only one I know that give honest real information and help. No click bait or BS! You don’t funnel anyone to pay for your help and advice! Nothing but respect for you brother! SUBSCRIBED

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