How To Get Real Estate Business Credit?

How To Get Real Estate Business Credit?

Hello everyone and welcome to our Webinar today, were going to be diving in and talking about how you can get 250,000 and Business Credit for your EIN number that’s not linked to your personal Social Security Number and were going to discussing how you can easily get Business Loans and Credit lines and do all of this for the specific purpose of Real Estate Investing for those who don’t know me, my name is Ty Crandall and I’m actually CEO here at Credit Suite I have spent about 17 years total in the Finance Industry, ever since I got out of the military in the 90’s, I’ve been in Financial Services, I speak about this topic worldwide, I’m invited all over the the world as far Singapore, next couple of weeks I think I’m just going to Washington State Las Vegas just got back from Arizona, so I talked about the topic we’re going to discuss today across the world and I’ve also authored the two Best-Selling books on Consumer and Commercial Credit, one is Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Outside of that known as an authority in the space, you’ll find me on news stations, Podcasts, Radio and TV shows I have been featured in Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur amongst many other publications and I oversee the largest Business Credit Partner Division in the United States, so we have a thousand of partners the sell Business Credit we service all their customers, and we’ve helped about 15,000 people build Business Credit so far. So I’m telling you this not to brag I’m a very humble person for anybody that knows me, but I’m actually just telling you this because I want you to know that I have a lot of knowledge in the area of Business Credit and Financing that we’ll be diving into and talking about today. So speaking of today were going to be covering today is how you can immediately get Business Credit that’s linked to your EIN not your Social Security Number even if you’re a startup even if you have a bad Business Credit bad Personal Credit now. Then were going to start building a real or start helping you obtain real usable Business Credit using the Credit Profile and Score you’ve established so you’re going to be able to get to get Walmart, Amazon, Staples, Apple, Lowes, get credit with most major retailers so you can get credit with home Depot and Lowes and labor ready for fix and flips for example, then you can get Visa and MasterCard, American Express that you can even use for purchases of property as well. How you can access loans even when banks say no even as a startup even with credit challenges or lack of collateral as a matter of fact we’re going to talk about some specific programs which worked perfectly for Real Estate Investors today, some that are designed specifically for Real Estate Investing and others that few even know about that are really that work really, really, well when you’re investing in real estate. How to make money offering Business Credit Financing if you have an interest in that we’ll be covering, covering that and you will also we’ll talk about how to be able to get a play back to this webinar as well. So will this work for you, well Business Credits is the only financial solution you can get regardless of cash flow collateral or credit, if you’re ever going to get a Loan or a Credit Line you need to know that all lenders alternative lenders and primary conventional lenders like the big banks, they all need to see one of these three things for you to get approved you either have to have good consistent cash flow, collateral or good credit if you don’t have one of these three then Business Credit is the only option, Business Credit is the only way you can get money for a business if you don’t have Cash Flow Credit or Collateral, so what this means is it means any business can get it startups nonprofits you know anybody has credit challenges that doesn’t have collateral that can’t verify revenue in any of these scenarios this is still couldn’t work for you. So let’s look some actual approval so here’s one of our clients for example that just got approved for applied Bank Card business in Chevron account for four thousand Staples account a JCPenney account, Uline which were going to talk about how to get these vendor accounts immediately even during this webinar and how to use them to start getting the revolving Store Credit thirty to sixty days later, here’s somebody that just got a ten thousand with Apple and six thousand with Amazon as well twelve thousand five hundred with Apple approval, here’s another one with eighty five hundred dollars Office Depot. Another Office Depot account Exxon Mobile seventeen thousand dollars with Amazon no PG that means without the Personal Guarantee another JCPenney is twenty six hundred dollar approval for fleet core and on and on and on, so most of these people and here’s something that’s got Walmart Walmart and all different kind of approvals here including American Express Blue Credit card, fifty thousand with Pilot Flying J. So a lot of different people get a lot of different kind of approvals and what’s interesting about all these approvals is most of these people didn’t know anything about Business Credit before they saw a webinar similar to this and started getting accounts like this for nine thousand with AMEX and seventy two hundred dollars here twenty thousand with American Express with no Personal Guarantee, so this is what we’re going to be discussing today these are real people just like you, that have been able to come in and watch this webinar figure out what the system is, decode it and then come in and start getting these kind of results with fifty thousand approval here which you will also be able to get as soon as we wrap up our webinar today. So what is Business Credit? Well when we talk about Business Credit we’re talking about credit that obtained in a Businesses Name, so it’s based on the businesses ability to pay not the business owner, so with Business Credit the business is building its on credit profile and score it’s linked to its EIN Number then this credits in the business name it’s based on the businesses ability to pay, so it’s not based on the business owner it’s not based on your personal credit because we’re looking at the businesses ability to pay not yours. So once the business starts building this credit profile then qualifies for very high limit accounts ten, twenty, thirty, even forty, fifty thousand dollar accounts in a matter of very short period of time with almost all major retailers, Office Depot, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Costco even getting cash credit Visa Cards, MasterCard American Express even get an Auto Vehicle Financing and you can get all this without a personal guarantee and without a consumer credit check so basically the business itself becomes more lendable so not only are you getting these high limit accounts you could really use for your business to fund itself even from inception, but beyond that you’re also making yourself much more appealing to
lenders and credit issuers because there are lenders especially that issue credit lines and loans, because they’re all looking at your business credit reports to determine how much you should be approved for, if you should be approved and the rates and terms that you’re going to pay so a lot of reasons the Business Credit can benefit you what has no impact on your personal credit whatsoever. So there’s no in adverse impact on your consumer credit scores the reason for this is because first of all when you’re building Business Credit you’re not using a personal credit check to get approved, so there’s no inquiries on your consumer credit report which count for ten percent of your score and can cost you a lot of money in the business space when you have unnecessary inquiries. The other thing is thirty percent of your consumer FICO scores made up of utilization so what a lot of business owners do is they go max out their consumer credit cards to try to fund their business they kill their consumer credit scores, then they don’t have that consumer credit when they need it to go and get loans and credit lines, well we’re going to help you prevent that today by building Business Credit you’re getting credit to only reports to the Business Credit reporting agencies, so you can max this credit out and not adversely affect your score even one point now this is not based on consumer credit quality so even if you have credit issues now you’re still able to come in and be able to get approved, so no matter how good or bad your credit is you’re still able to come in and be able to build business credit okay, and that’s a really cool thing because you can do this regardless of consumer credit quality but it will give you even if you have good credit you don’t want these unnecessary inquiries on your credit report you don’t want the accounts that you get for your business reporting on your consumer credit report. So no matter how good or bad your credit is still huge benefits here, there’s no personal guarantee there’s no liability so you’re not personally liable for your business that’s in case you ever need to default look SBA, Inc, Entrepreneur, they all talk about this being important reason to build Business Credit because you need to separate your personal and your business liability that can only be done by building your Business Credit. Business Credit is really fast, don’t get me wrong, this could take you two years on your own to do, but we’re going to talk about a fast way today that you can get this done in less than six months to get all the way to Auto Vehicle Financing Cash Credit all the way to the end of the process and we’re also going to talk about how you can immediately leave this webinar with some immediate credit you can use including vendor credit. So anybody can see your Business Credit reports, prospects, competitors’ potential buyers you need to be aware of this, in the Business Credit world you will be issued a failing Business Credit Score the minute reporting agencies know you exist just because you have no credit whatsoever, so because of that you need to really be aware and build your Business Credit, because it’s public information it’s not like your consumer credit with somebody needs your permission to see it, anybody can see your Business Credit and that reflects the credibility of your business so you want to make sure that you build your Business Credit because everybody can see it and it’s also important because if you don’t you’ll be issued a failing score because you don’t have any credit actually established. Now it also gives you Greater Borrowing Ability because Business Credit the only legal way you can two credit profiles you could have consumer credit profile and then you have your business credit profile but the limits on business credit accounts are substantially higher than consumer credit, per SBA the limits on Business Credit accounts are ten to a hundred times higher than consumer credit and that’s what we see too, we see a lot of people coming in and getting ten to fifty thousand on our credit cards within six months or less time when building Business Credit that would be impossible to accomplish with consumer credit. You can also get approved even when you can’t get a bank loan as we mentioned, Business Credit is the only way you can get money when you don’t have cash flow credit or 5collateral even as a startup even as a nonprofit as long as you own a business iin the United States and it gives you access to loans and credit lines so it gets you access to the money you need to grow. Look business Credit is important is you getting financing for your business? As your consumer credit is for you getting financing as an individual and that gives you a huge competitive advantage when you have access to that kind of capital. So Business Credit you can get Business Credit as long as you have a business in the United States you could do this with multiple businesses you can get it even as a nonprofit and you don’t have to pay for these bogus trade lines or Shelf Corporations, okay these things are shams they will get you in more trouble than they will help you so I’m going to help save you a thousand of dollars that you may be solicited to pay for these kind of things. So also it’s good to know the Business Credit Quality determines three things when it comes to getting getting loans and credit lines if you ever want to get money for your business you need to know the Business Credits going to control if you get approved or denied, it’s going to control how much you get approved for, it’s going to control the terms you pay and again you could be denied financing based on business credit quality even if you have none, because once they know your business name, your business address and you SIC code they instantly populate a credit report with a failing score even when you have no credit established. So let’s look at let see what this actually looks like now as I mentioned you can be issued a failing score for your business even if you have no credit, because you look unestablished or possibly on the verge of bankruptcy and here are a couple of views of this, these are screenshots from somebody’s real Experian Commercial Credit Report you can see their IntelliScore this is one of the main credit scores used in the business world is twenty eight out of a hundred this is a failing scores, medium to high risk you can see here that the financial stability risks score is six with zero being Lowest. Here’s what you need now current Financial Stability Risks Score is designed to depict one thing and one thing only your potential for filing bankruptcy in the next twelve months, so here’s somebody that has no credit you can see on this screenshots zero across the board they have no credit, but yet they’re still given a failing score and they’re seen almost as high of a risk as you can get for filing bankruptcy and they have no credit, having no credit means you’re this high of a risk in the business world this automatically populated when you have no credit that’s the bad news, here’s the good news even one account reporting which you can get immediately even during this webinar you’re going to go from a failing score to a great score. So here’s somebody that has ninety six score you can see there’s about as lower risk as you can get and this is the only account they have on credit report one account that they spent less than a hundred dollar on them I’m going to teach you how to get this the same account later, and that one account took them from bad to good here’s what it looks like remember I just showed you that credit report I they had like a twenty eight score this person did to, they added one account and they went from this all the way up into the nineties where they are now ninety three, ninety six, depending on and on the that they’re paying the bill, so again you can see here that their scores jumped from as low as you can get to as high as you can get because only one account was at it now what happens with business credit is you continue to grow the credit the business reporting agencies recommend you for your money so if you’ve ever wondered how they determine how much you get approved for in loans and credit lines and business credit card, well you should know that everyone of your business credit reports through Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian even Credit Safe these have credit recommendations how much money the credit bureau is recommending that you be lent or issued, now we’ve already looked at these two we looked at the person with 28 score and now you may notice the credit limit recommendation with thousand, we see it increasing with that one person that got one account they’re up to not $2,500 in recommended credit here’s somebody that’s being recommended for nearly 7,000 in credit that only has two accounts reporting, by the way they’re not paying their bills very good because their scores that low and even they they’re still able to come in with two accounts be recommended for nearly seven grand. Here’s somebody that’s been that recommend for nearly 16,000 with 3 accounts somebody that’s being recommended for nearly 66,000 with 1, 2, 3, 4 accounts and here’s an extreme case somebody has about 15 accounts that’s being recommended for seven hundred twenty four thousand
dollars so who are you? would you rather be recommended for 724,000 by the business reporting agencies or $1,000 the difference between them as you’ve seen is the more credit you obtain the more credit you’re using the 32higher the recommendation of credit from the bureaus and this ties in to how much money you’ll be lent or issued the scores ties into the rate in terms you’ll 41pay so making sure that you’re making your payment on time to get good scores get you better rates in terms on financing and as you build your Business Credit your being recommended for more money which makes it easier if you to get high limit credit cards, credit lines and loans as well. So how do you do all this well let’s dive in to that, so here’s some of our clients as samples we went to our bank to get a business line of credit and they turned us down we got started with Credit Suite setup our business credibility and built our Business Credit after following these steps we’ve now secured over ninety-six grand in Business Credit Cards and just applied for the Platinum American Express and 10got approved instantly with no limit. Now we have 4 to 5 different companies call us everyday try to give us money and that’s a really good problem to have we’re excited if you don’t have Business Credit yet you should get involved with Credit Suite to have same results, we have this is very typical scenario somebody that came in struggled to get money was able so successfully built Business Credit. Now here’s the other part of the story we found a discrepancy that kept them from getting the loan they tried to get originally their bank and not only were we able to get him a ton of Business Credit including these kind of American Express Cards, but we were also able to fix that issue and they turned around immediately got that loan they originally get denied for, I’m going to talk to you later about that what that one thing was that we fix, because it could be holding you back from getting approved for Business Credit Financing as well right now. Okay so Lenders and Credit Issuers have a secret unpublished such as standards that you must meet to get approved, and this is the first step of Building Business Credit honestly it’s the first step of even thinking about getting a loan when you want to try to go get financing for your business, you need to do this step whether your building Business Credit or not because again these Lenders these Credit Issuers have a criteria that you must meet to get approved if you understand what the criteria is and you meet their requirements then you have 18the best chance of getting approved, but if you don’t meet those requirements you typically get automatically denied automated denials, so it’s instant automated denials or that dreaded message that you’ll here by mail at seven to ten days what we want to do is get you automated approvals and here’s the way to do it if you meet these lending and credit issuers standards you get those and if you don’t meet the standards you get denied so you got to setup your business credibly before you even think about getting credit and financing. So first setup your entity, now any entity could Buy you preferably want to be an LLC or a Corporation because if your goal is to separate liability, LLC and Corporations give you the best chance of separating liability while Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships you are the business since you’re the business it’s very hard to separate the liability of the two. You want to stay away from business names that indicate your high risk, There’s a lot of these and as time permits I’m going to go in and show you a list of these kinds of in high risks industries ones that are prevented in getting any kind of funding and the once that it’s harder to just because of the industry, why this is matter because if your name is an indicator that you’re in the high risk industry it throws up red flags and can potentially get you denied for Business Credit. You want to get your free EIN number from the IRS, it is free and Business Credit is built under your EIN another other numbers you should know about there’s a business identification number a BEN number from Experian there’s a Dun’s Number from Dun & Bradstreet we’re going to dive in to those we’re going to talk about how you get those in the right place and time but for this sake you need to have an EIN. Business Credit is not built under your BEN with Experian it’s not built under your DUNS with Dun & Bradstreet it’s built and attached to your EIN it’s free but you can’t get this until after you setup that entity, you want to get that licensing you need to operate legally some sources as I’m going to show you later make it easy for you to come in and get Business Credit if you even have a license, so if your required to get it your County your state your Town your Industry you should get so, make sure all online listing have the same information as what’s on your application, the details must be congruent believe or not this is one of the most common reasons that business loans get denied, because the information you put on the application doesn’t match what the lender is pulling so understand there’s a whole system going on behind the scenes that most people don’t know about and it’s run by something called the Small Business Financial Exchange The Small Business Financial Exchange is owned by its members, its members are basically lenders, these are people that issue credit these are people that issue loans and what happens is they gather all the details they have on you and then they put them into Small Business Financial Exchange than Small Business Financial Exchange is where place like LexisNexis, and Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian it’s where the other lenders it’s where everybody’s pulling your data from, so if you’ve put a different spelling of your name, business name, and different address a different phone number if you’ve put this stuff on applications and this went into this spot this data warehouse per se then the problem is that when lenders pull the cross check the application against what they’re finding in this kind of database, then they see it’s not congruent and they oftentimes deny you for financing so you’ve got to make sure that your business name, your address your phone number that all of your information is congruent on all off your utility statements on all of your applications on everywhere online even a simple misspelling of your name can go from a possible approval to denial. You want to make sure you have a professional email address and website you cannot use Yahoo you cannot use Gmail it makes you look unestablished, so for example our website is my email is [email protected] the email goes with the domain that’s what they’re really looking to see they don’t want to see these personal type of email accounts, you should have a real physical address but let’s be honest some businesses don’t that you might be working from home. So if you’re working from home the second choice is to go with a virtual address I’ll talk to you later about how to get virtual address these are addresses where you rent a mailbox but not necessarily the address, and last resort you want to use a home address but you need to be cautious here some sources like Walmart won’t approve you with the home address and Dun & Bradstreet for example is now putting Google Street or Google Maps Views right on your Business Credit Report so we have a lot of people freaking out because they’re using their home address as their business address and when now when they pull their business credit report they see a big glaring picture of their house on the front page of the Business Credit Report, you need to know that is transitioning that is happening so these are something to be aware off, if you are using a home address do not ever use a P.O. Box do not ever use a UPS address you have to be careful if you’re thinking about getting a virtual address that they’re not really one of these two the reason is, is that these addresses go into a database that lenders and credit issuers cross check applications against and if they see that you’re using one these and oftentimes it results in an immediate denial. You want to have a real business phone number or a voiceover IP number you want a high make sure it’s listed 411, you want to get a toll free number a fax number listing it in 411 is not easy to do because you can’t go to 411 list your own phone number they have to organically pick you up on Google they have to find you organically as your business starts to show up in Google and Bing and all in these places and that’s sometimes takes months or more to do I’m going to talk to you a little bit later about how we’re doing this for client and how this can be done very quickly, because this is one of the basic requirement a lot of initial vendors building business credit we’ll look at. So we’ve setup the business credibly the next thing you want to do is you want to get setup with the business reporting agencies because you need to see what they’re reporting against you as you just saw even if you have no credit you could still be issued a failing score so do you have no credit, do you have some credit that you don’t know about, do you have a filing score, you should know this so you want to get your DUNS number and you can get this information with all three of the reporting agencies I’ll show you later exactly how we do that for clients the easiest way to get it done, you want to get your DUNS number with Dun & Bradstreet while you’re add it go ahead and get your BEN number with the Experian to, okay these are the identification numbers that they use to recognize your business in their database and a lot of initial sources will want you to have this DUNS number. Now a DUNS number and Paydex Score just the beginning of starting to build Business Credit, the Paydex Score is offered by Dun & Bradstreet the most popular Credit Score in the business world and the DUNS number is needed to get the Paydex score you have to have a DUNS number and accounts reporting to D&B before they issue you that Paydex Score you’ve got to have that DUNS and then you should also fix inaccuracies any derogatory items you see while you checked your Business Credit Report, again I’m going to show you later how we do this pretty much in one click to get to a point where you need to be to be able to fix in a business to fix any inaccuracies because you don’t want to start building good credit on bad if you don’t have to, so if you pull your reports you see bad and you know exactly how to fix it then that helps you eliminate the bad fairly quickly especially the inaccurate information so you have a better chance of getting approved. So now that you’ve done this it’s time to start getting Initial Business Credit now just like with Consumer Credit you typically start building Business Credit with small accounts so you start building the initial Business Credit Profile and Score first and you’re actually doing this typically through small vendor accounts but there’s really we’ll I’m going to save three ways to do it and here they are the very first ways to spend a lot of money, go to Dun & Bradstreet pay they charge you $1,500 to $2,000 they’ll give you the DUNS number which is I’ll talk to you about how to get that for free anyways, and their problem with this is that your only they basically allow you to take credit that you already have and add it to your Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit Report the problem with this is, is that they don’t let you add utilities, rent, lease payments, credit card payments, bank payments so that’s most of what business owners use so most of what you you’re paying every month you can’t add anyways and you’re only building credit with Dun & Bradstreet which is problematic. Now there’s actually really four ways to do this because our clients are about to start beta testing a new way we found where they’re able to take existing accounts they have it added to Experian and Credit Safe these are utility accounts these are electric these are phone these is cellphone payments its payments with third party services we have not rolled this out we’re about ready to roll this out, we partner with a reporting agency that now makes it possible to have these accounts added to Experian and Credit Safe. So the adding of accounts to your business credit reports that you already have that’s one way you could it very expensive with Dun & Bradstreet again we’re rolling something out to make this a lot more or a less expensive so I’ll talk to you a little bit more about that as we progress now if you have good personal credit well then there’s a great way to get money you can get up to $150,000 in a program called Unsecured Business Financing and with UBF this NO-DOC financing you don’t need bank statements you don’t need tax returns so you can get this even as a startup it’s 0% financing for 6 to 18 months, I’ve never seen a startup get so much money as with this program and what’s nice bout this is you get about five accounts that then report to the the Business Credit Reporting so you’re getting g credit lines that you could pull the cash out of at 0% that’s unheard of usually you either get a credit card with 0% or a credit line that you take the cash out this gives you both you can pull the cash out and you still get 0% rates and you’re getting about 5% different credit lines all which report to the Business Credit Reporting Agencies so you’re Building Business Credit and getting access to a lot of liquid cash, our real estate investors love this program it’s the most popular program that we help our real estate investors with most of them don’t know even know it exists aren’t familiar with it and being able to get them a hundred 150,000 or if they’re adding more guarantor or more people to then we can even get them above that, so they have the ability to come out and sometimes buy 1, 2, 3, residential properties sometimes even starting getting commercial properties using this funding program to do so, so again this would give you 5 trade lines so what’s nice is not only can you get the cash to start getting properties but you can also build your Business Credit at the same time which opens up a lot more financing so expedite your Business Credit Building well giving you access to a bunch of cash which is pretty cool and why it’s so popular with our actual real estate clients, now keep in mind you don’t only have to have 680 FICO Score you can have a guarantor that does maybe you have a potential investor or a business partner a family member a friend if you or a guarantor have a 680 score you could typically qualify for this program, so here’s an example somebody got multiple probe 61,400 from one of our startup clients in Bloomington Illinois and you can imagine having over $60,000 cash in hand to make to start a business gives you a heck of an advantage from those people that are trying to use their personal assets their personal credit to do so, look the best way I can Explain Business Credit to you is it really is design to fund your own business. Business Credits is design for the business to fund itself, because most people are getting money from family members and friends and their personal accounts and using their personal credits cards, Business Credits gives you the ability for your business to actually fund itself so and this is really exactly how it works you’re getting the money you’re growing the business and you’re building your Business Credit that exactly the same time. So you can also get an initial Business Credit with Starter Vendors this is by far the most popular way to start building Business Credit probably I would say 85% of those that build Business Credit go this way versus the other ways that I’ve shown you and this is where you’re getting start small vendor accounts these are starter accounts to start building that initial credit profile and score you get credit with them, then they report then you have Trade Lines and a score and then you start to get into the other types of credit now vendors usually offer terms like net 30 which means you would have 30 days in an entirely to pay the bill back and you’ll need to find vendors who do report the credit to the reporting agencies and who will approve you when you have no prior credit reporting too very important criteria for vendors, 97% of trade vendors do not report the credit that they’re giving you to the reporting agencies they will not help you build Business Credit of the 3% of that do a lot of them won’t help you unless you already have established Business Credit, so we’ve got to get you accounts with credit issuers who will report the business to the business reporting agencies and who will give you this credit and you’re going to need about 5 of those accounts on your Business Credit report before you move on to the next step which is called the Retail Credit Tier. So some Starter Vendors include and I’ll go over those with you Quill, Uline, Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card just to name a few. So Quill sells office supplies and over a million products a lot of our real estate investor clients get yard signs use get flyers to market properties from them there’s to many different things you can get from them. Uline sells shipping supplies so they make it really easy, because everybody no matter in one industry you’re in probably needs some of the shipping supplies they have. Wells Fargo does have a consumer credit check check it’s about a 620 score requirement, but they have a secured credit card option as well, and those are just three we will I will show you more vendors as time permits as we dive more into this process and here’s some of these approvals so here’s somebody that received their Fuelman Fleet Cards today we have Uline, Grainger, Quill and Pilot so they are starting to build Business Credit here’s people getting shipments from Uline, HD Supply, 5k approval, Net 30 they report to D&B another vendor that they’re using, but this is interesting so you can see here this person used HD Supply, okay to start building their Business Credit. La’Mont actually has had a lot of success in building Business Credit but you could see Amazon, Lowe’s, Quareles Fleet Fuel all said I’m going to just say heck no, so I like to show you this because I don’t want you to think it’s easy the reality is when you go through this process if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re going to have hundreds of questions that if left unanswered could make this process never successful for you cost you a bunch of time, so I take that example because it’s shows you is not always easy it shows you that some people struggle on their own to go through and get knows before they could turn around and figure out where to get the yeses, I’m going to show you how to avoid that problem all together. So with So with 5 accounts reporting on your Business Credit reports then you can start to get Retail Credit this the retail credits tier this is the Home Depot the Lowe’s this is the labor ready this is where you’re going to get revolving credit with a lot of the people that you’re going to use store with credit with stores. The easiest way with real estate investors is for fix and flips, most of our clients are real estate investors are doing the fix part of fix and flip using this kind of credit, they’re using the Home Depot, they’re using the Lowe’s, they’re using the labor ready, they’re using the all the type of cards they could use to get all the supplies they need you to repairs that’s what they’re using this for don’t forget you can get this with Amazon you can get it with Sam’s Club this where you can get it with Walmart almost all major retailers and here’s some of those approvals, 10,000 with Dell, JCPenny here’s a racetrack approval here’s somebody a $4,500 no PG gas card, here’s Lowe’s here’s a Fleet Credit Card 8,400 Loves, 5,000 they’ve got a bunch of approval thousand at Home Depot, Amazon 7,000 all with no personal guarantee Shell Card here’s another Fleet Credit Card, Sam’s Club now Sam’s Club, Costco these kind of sources BJ’s they often time offer 2 credit cards one you can use in their store and a MasterCard or Visa you can use anywhere so here’s one of those Sam’s Plus you can see no personal guarantee no personal no personal guarantee which means there’s no personal liability. So here’s one of our clients Christine she’s now at over 800,000 I think she’s 816,000 here’s some of her approval so you can see what’s possible she got small vendors of 500 to 2,500 I didn’t even add those, then she started that you can start to see the approvals and how they move up in the Business Credit world you start typically at about two to five grand you can see this is where she was Amazon, Tractor Supply, Exxon, Fuelman you know five $6,000 approvals BJ’s is a Visa Card she can use anywhere. Then she starts to make a jump immediately to the ten to fifteen thousand range Lowe’s 10, Apple 12,500 Shell 15 Murphy USA 15 Office Depot, Sears so we start to see this then we start to jump immediately to 20 to 40 look there’s like no lapse it’s just immediately jumps very high. Costco 20 best BestBuy 40 Dell 40 Flying J 50 this is actually 50 a week she’s allowed to spend 50,000 a week with the pilot Flying J. A roofing company local to her she got 185,000 at Ford this is a Fleet Credit Card, RTS no personal credit check and no personal guarantee, Christine has also secured a $150,000 in credit lines with PNC Bank as well so it gives you an idea of how Business Credit can work everybody gets different results because it depends on how much credit you use she applies for a bunch of credit she has a trucking business, a transportation business, so she’s using a lot of the credit she’s getting and establishing that history which is what’s making this possible for her and you can see here this is where she got a 150,000 for RTS and she ended up coming back and realizing it was double the approval if they looked at the wrong application, she was on the phone here’s her sharing one of her approvals Murphy with 15,000 again the kind of credit you get depends on what kind of business you have she gets a lot of fleet cards because fleet cards are used for auto repairs and auto maintenance and she has a fleet of vehicle Here’s her holding a lot of her cards and again a good majority if you follow Ty Crandall program you’ll get what you need, so some of these she had no problem providing a personal guarantee and a lot of these almost all the ones I showed you and the one she’s got her hands she did not provide any personal guarantee. So once you have a total of fourteen, ten to fourteen accounts at least then you move to the final step of building Business Credit then you start get the Cash Credit Card this is Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, this is called the Cash Credit Tier and that is when you start to get all those kind of credit accounts the AMEX for nine grand here’s an AMEX for three grand here’s one for twenty so it going to gives you an idea of the kind of Cash Credit that becomes available, these come and go BJ, Sam’s Club, Costco, PNC Bank, Chase, Inc, whether they’ll do it without the guarantee or not it a kind of changes from day to day week to week so you need to have access to real information in real time which I will show you later how you can get that tells you what the underwriting criteria and who’s lending or who’s giving the credit without the Barrett Guarantee. So here’s some approvals 12,000 PNC bank, 10,000 Flagstar, Chase for 22,000 15,000 with Citi, 10,000 Chase, 8,000 Chase Inc, 7,000 Umpqua Bank, 50,000 with Inc what’s an Inc account that’s AMEX here’s of 10,000 with BOA Bank of America, 24,000 with Paymax another 50,000 AMEX so this shows you the kind of credit that’s available when you’re actually building Business Credit. So again there’s a lot of problems you’re going to face here and building Business Credit it’s not easy it takes time it’s trial and error and this will give an idea of some of the questions, people have questions on 411 the type of the address to use, which other businesses to use which is the easiest cards to get without PG and again why do I get denied Gas Cards where do I go how can I get a loan here Wex Fleet Card would they do hard pull do they not do it Home Depot, how do I get around the personal guarantee, so I’m showing you this because I don’t want to sit here and lead you to believe that you’re going to do this without questions. If you go through this process you’re going to have a lot of questions along the way that if you don’t have somebody to work with you to help answer it just really, really, really, makes it harder for you and takes a lot longer to build Business Credit so now we have time here and what I like to do is jump in to teach you more about financing and go away from theory here, I used a great PowerPoint to show you bunch of cool stuff, but let me show you how our clients like Marlon or how our clients like the samples re actually building Business Credit how they’re really doing it versus just theory. So this is a system we call our Business Finance Suite and with our Business Finance Suite this basically gives you the ability to get credit and financing all in one place. So the finance we houses every legitimate funding program that’s out there today with over a thousand lenders and It’s also were we include our Business Credit Builder and the Business Credit Builder is where we walk through the steps of building business credit so just as we talked about this looks very similar to the steps we talked about, I want to show you how are clients are really getting the results are getting and I also want to finish a lot of things that I told you, I would show you later how they work so remember the very first step is building that business credibility and that start’s with you choosing the right business name so you should be aware that this is important you can our finance week gives you video training on how to do this, it’s really Emperor simple just enter your information learn more or go to a resource of somebody that can actually help you with that and you can also just come down here if you speak Spanish choose English to Spanish and voila everything immediately changes languages from English to Spanish so it’s easy to navigate whether English or Spanish is your native language and it’s really easy for you to offer to customers as well in two different languages so here is how you get your business name now if you haven’t set up your business yet, well then you are going to set up your business with the Secretary of State so we make it really simple to be able to do so, you could view those restricted industries remember we talked about a lot of industries that are restricted this changes daily, and you can access the restricted industry so you are not choosing a name that either prevents you for automatically declines you or makes it, makes you face more strange underwriting guidelines just based on your name. So again, what we realize is that you get denied because of these reasons so we want to walk through and help make sure you don’t get denied by setting up that business credibly and again every step small videos you can go through, a little bit of information it’s mostly video. So you can see here, here is a couple virtual offices that you can get for example if you do not have a physical address and you want to get a virtual address. So we’re helping you set up and understand what lenders or credit issuers are looking for and get the right business address, we help you with setting up the entity as well. Getting your EIN number and were helping you do it in order, because you don’t want to do it out of order, you need to have these things done before you go get the EIN because they are going to ask for these details and since it’s important that all your information’s can grew it from day one you need to make sure you’re using the right business information so well help you set it up the right way so you’re the information you’re using you could use to get the entity to get you’re EIN to get all the things you’ll need so you’re phone number, you’re a toll-free number your listing the phone number listed with 411, 411 used by a lot of credit issuers to determine your credibility because you can’t just fake It, you can’t just get listed with 411 they have to organically pick you up, now If you select yes here then we actually list you at 411, now 411 we do this through some company, some company called List Yourself, List Yourself has some services that are free and some that are very expensive to make sure that you are listed properly with List Yourself it cost about 30 bucks a month. It’s so important that we just go ahead and do this for our clients just by selecting yes but you definitely go to list yourself it’s about 360 bucks a year we help you setting up your EIN, your business license. Did you know that you have three types of credit? Consumer Credit, Business Credit and Bank Credit, banks have their own Internal Credit Score, they used to determine your risk so we go through how you should set up your bank account we talked to you about the Bank Credit Score those type of things to help make it easier for you to get bank loan as well and once you’ve done so well the next thing is to get set up with the reporting agencies and that’s exactly what we do in step two and exactly what we talked about in the slides we just went through. So in this were actually helping you to get set up with Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian by coming in here very short video one minute entering your information if you have it, if you don’t in one click we help you set up your Dun’s Number now remember Dun and Bradstreet is going to charge to 1,500 to 2,000 dollars to do what you’re able to do right here by getting your Duns Number set up and they are also tell you they are charging you to activate your credit profile but I’m going to show you in the next step how we actually do that for you we’re all your able to get your BEN number, your Business Identification Number from Experian, we are also able to help you get set up with Experian and Equifax and you can also report, fix or repair items from your Business Credit Reports right here in the Finance Suite as well. Remember, if you’re not using a system like this you’re going to have to go to Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian directly to be able to do this they are all a little different D&B use a service called I Update, you have to buy a credit monitoring with Experian, Equifax to dispute items but through the Finance Suite we make it really simple to do that because it such a big deal. Now, remember we talked about Vendor Accounts so in Step 3 we start helping you build Business Credit through vendors and we have more access to vendors than anywhere else you are going to see because we help put them in the business of actually reporting so what happens is we got so frustrated trying to find vendors our clients could use that we started going and finding companies like Website Design companies, SEO companies, Marketing companies, companies that do T-shirts, stuff that any business could use and then we helped them get the ability to report to the reporting agencies, so that gives you access to more of these vendors than you’ll ever know and real products and services, you’re going to want to buy for your business while you’re building your Business Credit at the same time now we are all about speed, we believe that is fast, fast, fast, fast that’s why we take a process at somebody usually takes two years to do and we condensed it down in this six months or less here’s how we do it. First we tell you where every account reports to. This is very important and I’ll tell you why, because what happens is in order to get to the next step, you have to have a certain amount of counts as we talked about so with vendors you need to have five of these accounts to move on the retail credit. Well it’s not five accounts it’s what’s called five payments experiences, the reporting of an account to a reporting agency counts as an actual payment experience, so if an account reports to Dun& Bradstreet well this counts as one payment experience but if this account reported to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian it would count as two payment experiences so this makes a really big deal to you because what happens is if you’re choosing the accounts that have multiple payment experiences you could build your Business Credit even faster , were also giving you the description of the products and services they sell special instructions and exactly what you need to do to qualify, this is really impossible to get anywhere else think about it you’ve never in your life applied for a loan or credit card where the credit issuer or a lender told you upfront the approval criteria before you apply, you usually get denied and have no reason no idea why that happened or just baked guesses of why it may happen. Well we have relationship with the underwriters of every single source so what we’re doing is we’re coming in and finding out exactly what is takes to qualify were telling you exactly how to apply we’re giving you the backlink to apply and what this helps you do is to helps you know you’re going to criteria before you even apply why apply for credit card that you’re not going to get approve for this is why it takes two years plus for people to build Business Credit, you just saw an example that earlier, oh I applied for all these and they all said no, they all said heck no they all denied me well it’s because you applied for the wrong sources in the wrong order but if you know the right sources to apply for in the right order well then you fly through this process super quick but when you don’t you apply get denied, apply get denied, apply get denied, apply get approved, apply get denied, apply did I, applied approved it is trial and error which wastes tremendous amounts of time but with this by knowing the exact criteria to get approved before you even apply and you know you can meet the criteria before you even fill out application. We also put this in color if this account was grayed out you would not meet the criteria to actually go in and get approved, but by putting it in this color then you can actually come in and see that you were telling you, you can get approved and we also tear the credit were telling you in the proper tiers of credit to apply for, here this is round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4 and we tell you how many accounts are going to be need to move on to the next step as well. So all of this together is all about speed hey let’s tell you what the underwriting guidelines are so you don’t apply if you can’t get approved lets tell you how many accounts you need to get to the next tier of account, so let’s put all the account in order and a tier so you’ll know what to apply for, in which order let’s gray out the accounts you’re not able to get so you’re only even getting the accounts or looking at the accounts that you really can qualify for, so the next you need to monitor because Business Credit building is all about knowing how many account are on your reports to know when to get to the next step, so we need to come in and get you credit monitoring with Dun & Bradstreet with Equifax Experian here’s the problem, it’s typically pretty expensive to do. Dun & Bradstreet credit monitoring is a $150 so if we come in and see their credit monitoring right here you’ll see it’s about 149 a month just to get it with Dun & Bradstreet you have to monitor your Business Credit reports so it’s a hundred fifty bucks a month you see right here 149 to do that Experian charges 50 and those are the two main ones you need our Experian and Dun & Bradstreet so you’ll spend $200 a month just on credit monitoring it’s about $2,400 a year you’re going to spend on credit monitoring with Dun & Bradstreet and Experian which you have to have but what’s cool about is we have an integration with NAB where you can just come here, click on credit monitoring and you instantly have access to your Business Credit reports with Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. So you can see here’s a Dun & Bradstreet credit report here’s your score here’s what makes up your score, here’s all the information about your business your DUNS number your SIC code a summary of your business, Lawsuits, Tax Liens all this information shows up on the reports here’s the accounts that you would actually have listed with Dun & Bradstreet, now if you want to know this is a real credit report this is from Pixar it’s public information I can access credit reports on any company because it’s public information, so you can see your accounts here you can see public filings and again, I say I keep saying you can see but keep in mind so can everybody else, everybody else can also see your score with the Experian your score with Dun & Bradstreet everybody else can see all the accounts that you have if they want to access your Business Credit reports, where you compare to other businesses, your information, key factor influence your score these are complete credit reports. But here’s the cool thing instead of paying the $200 a month that it is to get with Dun & Bradstreet when you’re working through the finance suite it’s only $24 a month so it saves you like twenty to twenty one hundred, twenty two hundred dollars a year year because you’re building Business Credit for less than $300 a year with using monitoring or if you’re going directly to them it’s $2,200 so it’s very or it’s $2,400 a year it’s very expensive because you’re spending $200 a month just to do that, so again you’re getting the credit monitoring that you need for only twenty four bucks which saves you the equivalent of like twenty one, twenty two hundred dollars a year. Now once we’ve got these handful of accounts on your Business Credit reports now it’s time to have some fun now it’s time to get the credit you want to get, now you can see I intentionally grayed out sources here, because I want you to see what the system looks like when you don’t meet the criteria it’s not recommended, okay but again you can see that almost every kind of credit you could possibly want is available right here if you want to get gas to fuel your vehicles while you’re out doing things there’s all kind of companies that offer products and services that work really well for building repairs fix and flips those type of things okay. There’s Amazon where you can buy just about anything you could possibly imagine an ABC supply, right ABC supply so and Lowe’s these kind of companies sell all kinds of supplies that are really going to be necessary for fix and flips these type of things, but you can get fleet cards you can rent cars through places like budget using Business Credit and get Gas cards in almost every kind of location to get fuel, so again you’re able to start coming in and we’re telling you how many accounts you need to get these accounts and what the recommended we’re giving you the approval criteria for all of these, so it just make it super simple for you to do this now you’re not expected to navigate this on your loan on your own you have a business advisor that helps hold your hand and walk you through every step of this process so they’re actually helping you through the process of building business credit to makes it easier for you to be able to actually succeed they hold they call you 5 times the first 5 days they aren’t just available for support although you can do chat you can do phone you can do email but they’ll also be reaching out to you as well so again it’s just a matter of coming in and being able to get more and more and more credit all the credit you need to run a business all the credit you need for fix and flips it’s all here and again we’re even coming in and we’re listing the underwriting guidelines for every source who they report to, so you know for example this two payment experiences so it just simplifies the entire process and almost every legitimate type of credit that you could ever want through almost all retailers is available without the personal guarantee without the personal credit check so you could see here, here’s Auto Vehicle Financing here’s Cash Credit here are MasterCards and on and on and on and there’s a lot of accounts that don’t even report but it can still help you like your phone services, you can get phone services that don’t report, you can get cash credit as some places that don’t report but you can see even loans there’s all kind of financing and credit that becomes available now. Beyond just building Business Credit as I mentioned the Finance Suite also makes it super simple for you to come in and get financing for your business as well, so you’re able to come in and be able to get financing based on collateral or unsecured financing which was great for real estate investors or financing based on your revenue all different kind of financing, we even have a house reseller which is specifically for fix and flips they’re going to want you to have some experience some money in the bank an average credit 620 plus FICO but if you have that they’ll even cover a 100% of the cost to buy the property and rehab it it’s special financing just for real estate investors and a lot of other cool things too, you can come in here for business evaluation you could type in the figures in your business and in real time it changes so you can actually keep an eye on the value of your business and if you ever interested in offering Business Credit financing as a service we give you the ability to add clients and monitor those clients and everything you need to actually offer Business Credit Financing as a service, so we give you all the resources you need in our resources library to come in and actually get free e-books and get websites and powerpoints and just literally everything you need to be successful you’re able to come in and get in your back office, and this is all professionally done materials so you could see that this is all professionally done material so if you ever want to offer Business Credit Financing as a service if you know other business owners then all this is customizable and not only do you get the training and everything you need to literally run your own Business Credit and Financing Business. So here’s one of our clients Marlon, I was looking for a fast way to get money to grow my consumer credit business. After failing to get approved for loans with several banks. I discovered Credit Suite, after getting initial vendor accounts. I continued applying and getting all types of credit now I have over a 100 Business Credit cards in my wallet it’s totally over $1,000,000 in total available credit. I have Fleet Credit that I used for auto repairs and fuel, I have cash credit cards with most major banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo I secured almost all this credit without a personal credit check and without a personal guarantee and I’ve been able to get loans with many sources including PayPal and Kabbage with low rates, and loan amounts over $100,000 Look how much credit you get is going to vary might not be him it might be more might be less it depends on how much credit you’re actually applying for. So look you’re watching this webinar on your computer, phone, or tablet because you want the easiest and fastest way to get money to grow your business, and you probably have already struggled to get the money and credit you need and have yet to find a simple solution, well with our system you’re getting Business Credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your Social Security Number it’s the top selling Business Credit system, we’ve sold over 15,000 Finance Suite, okay and help them 15,000 people build Business Credit and you get access to funding and we’re giving you access to finance, finance officers our finance officers work with over a thousand lenders every legitimate funding program and they go to work and get all the money for you saving you bunch of time and helping you getting the most money at the best terms. We do all this in English and in Spanish so you’re getting our cutting-edge technology to help you with all aspects of setting up your business credibly we pay for that 411 listing we’re helping you verify all of your information, setting up your EIN your email the samples as I mentioned they got denied for that loan because their name was incongruent with which is what with through the Secretary of State once we fix that they immediately were able to come in and get the loans We’re helping you get setup with all 3 reporting agencies we’re helping you get your BEN number with Experian your DUNS with Dun & Bradstreet that that they’ll try to charge you 1,500 to 2,000 for they’ll tell you that you need to pay them to activate the credit profile but have you looked in step when we get to the vendor credit step when you have 3 of those accounts that automatically establishes and activates your Business Credit Profile we help you do that with all 3 reporting agencies and fix inaccuracies as well. We also have the largest supply of vendors to start building Business Credit the largest supply of store credit the Visa Cards the MasterCard the Cash Credit the Auto Vehicle Financing all without a credit check without the guarantee, you’re getting access to financing it’s based just on cash flow financing it’s interest rates 2% even less based on collateral. Unsecured Financing for startups perfect for real estate investors up to hundred fifty grand, so if you have the 401K if you have stocks if you know people that have 401K stocks I raise bonds I mean there’s so many of those types of kind of financing with low rates that you could use to get funding for real estate investing as well. Private money alternative SBA Lenders, Venture Capital, term loans line of credit we even have lines of credit that have no credit checks and no industry restrictions as well making it easy for you to access the capital. With Partner Program if you’re interested in offering Business Credit has it’s like a business in a box it’s like a franchise, without the franchise fee you’re getting all the training you need to offer Business Credit you’re getting contracts and agreement you’re getting sales script, seminars, your own website, press releases, articles, free reports, e-book a year’s worth of email a year’s od social media posts, look if you know people that own businesses then you might want to do this, because you can literally make two to three thousand dollars on every single sale you make when you’re selling Business Credit Financing you determine the sales price, but we even help you close the deals and you’re getting training on financing and flyers and everything you need to successfully offer Business Credit Financing as a service. So look you stuck with me for about an hour here today, so if you are looking to get started today I want to make sure I get you something we typically don’t do which is a discount and some special bonuses as well now if you look at our website you’ll see our top payments are over $7,000 for our top plan and this special I’m going to tell you today is only available for this webinar it’s only available through the end of day by 12:00 midnight on Friday. So you have 2 different options to get started if you’re interested in building Business Credit for your business and getting financing well then you go with our Core Program its 7 payments of 497 one payment of 2,497 if that’s too rich for your blood, reach out to us I’m going to give you our contact information here you can get in touch with us you can go to to find it that’s creditsuite S U I T E. com I’m going to give it to you here in a few minutes as well and we’ll work with you on custom payments, we have all different kind of options to make sure that we can make these payments affordable if this makes sense to you like what we have you want to work with us instead of doing this on your own well then just reach out to us and let us know, okay we’ll work with you on customized payments if you’re interested in offering Business Credit Financing as a service and getting it for your business the you could do that with 7 payments of 597 or one payment of 3,497. So keep in mind it’s typically going to take you at least 18 to 24 months to do this on your own, whereas with us we give to have it at 4 to 6 months so it saves you a ton of time you have to ask yourself if you saved 18 months of time if you got money for your business 18 months faster what would that mean for you, okay and you also in which by the way is a pretty big deal, because when it comes to real estate investing buying now from 18 months from now could be you pay a lot more money the longer you have to wait and we save you money you don’t have to pay for your DUNS number, you don’t have to pay for 411 or Business Evaluation we save you huge amount of money on monitoring it literally is cheaper to work with us and do it your own, because credit monitoring with us is three hundred bucks a year, if you do it yourself you’re going to spend 2,400 a year it cost you $2,100 more just for credit monitoring on your own and if you think about it its’ only 2,500 to even start with us, so it’s actually even cheaper to work with us, as well and don’t forget we will customize payments for you and this is risk free. Look you’re going to get full access to everything even when you make your first payment that’s because we know you’re going to love it we would not let you finance over 7 months and give you full access to our team and system if we didn’t know you weren’t going to love it. So it’s easy to get started just visit typically i don’t have a lot of time to show you the enrollment form, but it’s pretty simple you just find the option you want core it’s for you to get Business Credit Financing, VIP is for you to offer it you click buy it now and that will give you your payment options and you’ll immediately receive login information. Now as I mentioned there are some bonuses I want to make sure that you get as well, we will spend 30 minutes with you on your initial coaching call our goal is to get you through step 1, 2, 3 of the Business Credit building process. Get you your initial vendor credit accounts even the first call or at least the first week so we’re going to let you spend all the time you need with the advisors to make sure that you get every one of those questions answer Bonus 2 we’re giving it back Credit Monitoring for only 24 bucks a month we don’t do this with all our clients but I want to make sure you get this, because it saves you about $2,200 a year and we also are going to give you a free business valuation yes you can get an estimate of your businesses value at any time but I’m going to make sure you get a free business valuation report it’s a 28 page report where it’s about a thousand bucks and I’m going to give you my book, Business Credit Decoded but I’m going to give it to you in a format where you can self-publish the book, why because if you are a published author you have a tremendous amount of credibility, but writing a book is pretty tough to do, so I’m going to give you my book white label so that way you can become a published author literally overnight if you’d like to okay, and I even teach you how to self-publish the book so there’s no cost in getting it published and we’re also going to give you an unconditional guarantee is you get started but don’t fell like what you received is worth every penny in what you paid or with our partner program that you have or will be able to make mack many times what you spent they you can cancel anytime within 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% of your money back we’re that sure of that you’re going to be happy and listen if you do any research on a reputation go to click on reputation where A+ with BBB we’ve never had a complaint in lifetime of our business online from any client and there’s a reason for that two reasons, really, one we do exactly what we say we’re going to do and two if you’re not happy we give you your money back this is a process and although we simplify the process you need to be committed to the process and if you are we want to work with you, if you’re not we’re not going to force you to stay our client we give you your money back and send you on your way, okay if we didn’t do that we would probably have a damaged reputation the fact that we don’t have a damaged reputation should tell you that we do what we say we’re going to do, and if you’re not happy Boom that’s okay we want to give your money back, because we only want to work with people that are serious about succeeding. So the Recap you get your own Finance Suite 24/7 access this is mobile friendly as well you get business advisers that hold your hand and walk you through the whole process will call you 5 times the first 5 days will spend 30, 60, minutes on those calls if they be and we will continue to keep in touch and contact you there after you get free DUNS number we activate your credit profile with D&B, Equifax and Experian, okay you’re also coming in and getting the largest supply of starter vendors the largest supply of revolving credit sources, you’re accessing financing with up to 150,000 unsecured credit line perfect for real estate investors. The finance officer support, free 411 listing the Visa Card the MasterCard the Auto Vehicle Financing we help you dispute inaccuracies we help you get Fleet credit without a personal guarantee in credit check we hope you get the credit monitoring as a bonus which saves you twenty two hundred a year. We help you get Cash flow Financing, Collateral Financing to purchase and flip real estate you’re getting everything you need to be able to offer Business Credit and Financing as a service with our partner program if you want to be part of our partner program as well, and don’t forget our bonus 30 minute initial consult call, credit monitoring which saves you twenty hundred bucks a year your own business valuation and becoming a published author and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny or can’t make the money back with our partner program we give you a 100% your money back so get in touch with us, look we have customized payment plans for you we can talk to you about getting financing we don’t even charge you for financing although lenders and credit issuer or lenders all have their own normal fees and we can save you a ton of money with building Business Credit and radically expedite the time frame and then help you use Business Credit as we do so many of our real estate investor clients to start buying properties to all these financing options you probably don’t know about and with business credit and then also help you use Business Credit to do the repairs the maintenance of the properties as well, we basically we’re going to help you get the money you need for your business to fund itself with Business Credit and access a bunch of other kind of loans and credit lines that you can use to be successful as well. So for free we would love to work with you, you can get started at fell free to give us a ring eight seven seven six hundred two four eight seven (877) 600-2487 and our email is [email protected] real estate investors is in real estate agents are two of the top in 5 industries that we service okay, because it’s so hard to get money for those industries and we have so many different ways you could do it so I look forward to helping you build Business Credit access financing to invest in real estate and grow your real estate investment business, again our numbers (877) 600-2487 [email protected] or you can get the bonuses and the special pricing at Thank you so much for checking this webinar I hope you got a lot of good information look forward to working with you and helping you get money to grow your Real Estate Investing Business.

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  1. Wow! I really needed to know this! Thanks!

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