How to Get a Louisiana Real Estate License

How to Get a Louisiana Real Estate License

There are 4 steps to get your real estate
license in Louisiana. Hi, I’m John with Real Estate Express. Before we get started on the steps, let’s
cover the general requirements to get licensed in Louisiana.
You must • Be at least 18 years old, AND
• Have obtained a High school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED) Now that we have that covered, let’s get
started on the 4 steps that lead to your new career in real estate. Step 1. Complete the required education. Before you sit for your state real estate
license exam, you must successfully complete the approved 90 hour course. Step 2. Pass the state and national exam. Once you complete the course, obtain the official
real estate transcripts – or a certificate of completion, which is
required for your license application. Step 3. Get a background check. Before you submit your application, you must
get a background check. Step 4. Submit your application. Download the most recent application and submit
to obtain your Louisiana license. That’s it. Get started today. Enroll in your licensing courses and let Real
Estate Express guide you to your new career.

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  1. What about getting a sponsoring broker? I thought you have to get a sponsoring broker in order to take the exam?

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