How to Get a Job With No Experience

How to Get a Job With No Experience

Hi, it’s Linda Raynier of Career Strategist. I help experienced corporate professionals to develop their personal brand get clear on the work they’re meant to do and grow that into a meaningful career. So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments lately on my interview, my resume videos. And, one of the most common questions I’ve been getting, has been “How do I approach my job search when I have no experience?” So, in this video, I want to share with you a key exercise that everyone needs to do, whether or not they have experience before you send out your resume and go on interviews. And I can tell you that this has nothing to do with the resume or interview itself, it actually has more to do with you as an individual so you definitely want to pay attention. So here’s the problem that a lot of you may be facing or that you’re seeing. The real problem, however, is that you didn’t know how to sell yourself to the employers and get them to hire you anyways, despite your lack of experience. In other words, you weren’t able to express your personal brand. So considering that you’re probably someone without experience, this is a likely scenario where you’re just at the very early stages of establishing your career. Or, you are someone who already had a previous career but you want to switch into another market or industry. You also don’t have experience in that particular industry. The thing you have to realize is that if you want to stand out amongst employers, you want to stand out amongst the crowd. You need to have something called a personal brand. So what is a personal brand? And it has nothing to do with having the exact experience for that position or in that industry. Your personal brand is much more than the resume or the things that you say in an interview. Even though those are key tools that we would use to help you express your personal brand. Think of it this way. As an employer, what do you think they’d want from someone who was a perfect candidate for the position? They would want someone who can demonstrate who they are. So for example, by demonstrating a positive demeanour, by showcasing confidence, someone who’s eager, someone who’s helpful. They also want someone who can demonstrate what they’re capable of. By showcasing what you’ve learned in the past that you can apply to this new opportunity. And then they also want someone who can demonstrate what makes them valuable. So for example if you’ve been able to do something or accomplish something in the past, how can you apply that same experience and project it for this new opportunity? Project it for the future? What do you plan to accomplish in this new role? All those individual pieces clearly explain what your personal brand is to them. So what I’m trying to say is, if you want to have a strong personal brand, you need to be able to connect the dots. You need to be able to use the experiences that you’ve gained and the knowledge that you’ve gained up until this point whether or not they relate to this current position from an industry perspective or even from a position/job title or duties perspective. It doesn’t matter. It’s more about, how do those experiences tie into your personal brand and how can you express that and relate that to this position in front of you? So unfortunately, if you don’t know how to connect the dots then you’re likely not going to make it past the first or second round of interviews. Because what’s going to happen, is, you’re going to keep telling yourself, “I have no experience for this job. I have no experience for this job.” And as you answer your interview questions, they’re going to notice that the answers are lacking in some way, shape or form. Because you’re not selling yourself. The way to sell yourself, the key to selling yourself is through your personal brand. Remember, use the stories and experiences that you’ve gained from the past to articulate who you are, what you’re capable of, and what makes you valuable. If you can showcase those, then that’s really going to help you stand apart from the competition. Personal branding is something that I love to talk about because this is the bread and butter of what I do. I help my clients to develop their personal brand and go from zero job offers to multiple job offers. I’ve had many client success stories and I’m sure I can help you as well. So if you’re interested, then feel free to head on over to Click under ‘Work with me’ You’ll see the words “Personal Brand Renewal to Stand Out & Get Hired” That’s my intensive one-on-one coaching program that will take you from where you are right now to landing a career that you truly are excited about. And you can also read some of my client success stories as well. Now if you’re just looking for some advice on how to fix your resume then feel free to download a free copy of my 10 Ultimate Resume Hacks Cheat Sheet which is located in the link below. You will have to subscribe in order to get the link and you may have to wait several hours depending on your email service to get the link, the download. All right so if you liked this video, then please give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and definitely subscribe. Thank you so much for watching, I will see you in the next video.

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  1. How to Get a Job with No Experience // Please tell me, how important is it for you to have a personal brand?

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  5. Thank Linda. Thank you very much. Without you, I could not get my job.
    I change my career and I don't have no solid experient nor certificate. But I got the job with really high salary.
    Here is my tips.
    1) learn everything about the company as much as you can
    2) know what you can and what you can't and be honest
    3) talk in confident but don't be rude
    4) use previous exp even it is not directly related with current interview, something is better than nothing
    5) make the interviewers believe you really want this job, no other job
    6) practise how you will answer when they ask you questions
    7) smile alot

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    Everything is math + moving atoms around. Math is all abstract thought/planning/decision-making. Physically moving atoms around is everything else.

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    I see a lot of people just collect disability checks and never have to work a day of their life. People are just doing YouTube and getting checks

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  34. Forgive me to come off "pessimistic" or "negative" but I got limited job experience because of my disability and I live in Ohio in a right to work state aka fired at will. How am I supposed to get s job without no work experience if they can make me feel like crap and turned me down? I got no felonies and no records

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  49. The problem with having a personal brand is that as true as it is, it can take a massive amount of time to build that, if you're coming from the perspective of someone who has barely anything to "connect the dots" with. There are much faster ways to land a job with no experience, I actually made a video on this on my channel, but the key thing is to network and find entrepreneurial ways to build that experience. I wish you went more into depth with how to actually build that experience.

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  54. I highly recommend young people talk to anyone and everyone around you about what job they have. My boyfriend had just graduated community college when a guy he went to school with told him he got a job with a very professional company and offered to be his reference. My boyfriend got the job even though he had no experience in the field and technically didn’t even have the right schooling for it ( a university degree). Since then my friend also tryed this method out and got a job though a reference in a totally unrelated field to what she was doing before.

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    Money needs to start coming in, I’m only getting older I’ll be 22 soon and I’ve never worked for anyone other than my parents 😩😭

  57. So, something that should be taken into consideration is internship. That's one way to gain the experience needed. But be careful, because unfortunately a lot of employers tend to abuse interns, so be wise to get the experience needed but to quit on good terms as soon as you think that you may be being taken advantage of. Another way is to work in that field but offer a lower salary in exchange for the experience and references. Sometimes DHS can be helpful if a person is on any kind of assistance in terms of getting referrals through their work programs. And yes, I agree with her, make sure that you are always selling yourself to the prospective employers by highlighting the skills or knowledge that they want you to have, in other words, highlight what skills you have or abilities you have that will directly benefit the employer. And dress the part!

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  64. I've applied to dozens of jobs and got an interrogation style interview for technical support postion. I've applied to dozens of IT volunteer postions and recieve a 80% interview rate. So is my personal brand free labor?

  65. The problem with getting a Job is Not Experience.
    It's the Online Application process.
    It's designed to skip anyone with or without Experience.
    Even in low tier jobs it will skip you just because you didn't graduate or because of plethora of other dumb things Because it's not a human approving people for Interviews.
    So there's no way to show who you are express your interest in the Job.
    No personal interaction.

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  69. Interesting video.

    I would like to add this. Not having experience, commonly not having worked in a company with a contract does not mean that we do not know how to do anything. Here are some helpful tips:

    – Always put yourself in the recruiter's shoes: he looks for the person who can do what he asks. You must therefore demonstrate in your resume that you can do it.

    – It is necessary to value your past course. It can be your associative activities, one could have had a function in a university association even if there was no remuneration at the end.

    – In your CV describe in detail, without being too long, what you did. This is to demonstrate that you know how to do what is asked.

    – Despite your lack of experience, always position yourself as a solution provider (without arrogance), not as a person who comes only to learn so take to the company.

    Personal branding, well explained in the video, will help you to be original.

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  71. Get paid to Take Photos. Hurry Up!!!

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  77. This is not for the masses or normal people, this is for only a special few:
    DON'T go to school
    DON'T go to university
    DON'T get any diplomas
    DON'T make a resume
    DON'T get any jobs
    … Because all of that will turn you into a Rentable Disposable Cloned Obedient Servant who follows orders (FOLLOWS ORDERS) doing what You Don't Want To Do for the agenda of another person, following the intuition of another person, making money for another person… AT THE COST OF YOUR OWN IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND FREEDOM.
    Look at the masses: they are all enslaved doing things they don't want making money for another person and they all did school, university, diploma, resume and job, and paid for their own training to do that.

  78. In todays world, if you don't have the experience you don't get the job. End of. In a world of online applications where you don't even get an interview or can answer the question "do you have experience" with a yes, then you won't get the job. Seriously, download the Reed app, it will actually ask you yes or no questions on whether or not you have that experience (depending on the job,) and if you answer no it will auto reject your application. Its not about connecting dots anymore, it's about getting the experience by doing volunteering and starting at the very lowest pay grade like an apprenticeship, and gaining as many contacts as possible as it's not about what you know it's about who you know.

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