How To Generate More Traffic for Your Real Estate Website

How To Generate More Traffic for Your Real Estate Website

– Hey, what’s going on? This is Seth. First of all I just wanted to thank you for your interest in figuring out how to do this whole
website building thing. I know it’s kind of a process and it takes a little
bit of a learning curve. But also I just wanted to mention these tutorials have been
up for a few weeks now and I’ve gotten more than
a few e-mails from people just about, I mean,
that’s all great and fine to get your website up and running, but once it’s done then what? How do you actually let the world know that your website even exists? How do you get people
to come and take a look at your properties, your blog, your squeeze page, whatever
it is you’re trying to do. I mean how do you get traffic and make people care
about what you’re doing? And it’s such a great question, and it’s something that took me quite a while to figure out myself. So what I wanted to do was to basically provide you guys with a free tutorial on how I did it. Really it talks about the
three techniques that I used to really just draw in a lot of traffic to my various websites, to the point of getting
thousands of people per month. So they really do work, they work for me. So what I guess what I’ll ask you to do, if you’re able to purchase either a theme through my affiliate links above or if you were to sign up for your website or your domain or anything
like that through Bluehost if you did any of that stuff all you have to do is shoot me an e-mail with a copy of your invoice. You can either forward
me the invoice you got or however you want to do that, but just shoot it over to me at the e-mail address provided right below this video, and what I’m going to
do as soon as I get that I’ll turn right around
and I’m gonna e-mail you a copy of this free report that kind of details all of
the stuff that I did and how I managed to
create a lot of traffic for my website. I think you’re going to find
it really, really helpful as far as just filling in the blanks and giving you some kinda idea, how to get traffic to your website. If that’s something that you’re interested in or struggling with it’s not that complicated,
it’s just a matter of understanding what to do. So if you’re interested in that just wanted to let you know. Feel free to shoot me
a copy of your invoice and I will send the
copy right over to you. So thanks again I really
appreciate your interest in this whole website thing. I wish you all the best and yeah keep me posted as to how
things are going for you. See ya!

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  1. Hi Seth, I will have to try to watch your video again , I tried twice I couldn't concentrate while staring at your handsome sorry..Feel feel to Email the info you were discussing on G+ ..Sorry I couldn't focus Lil. Happy Earth Day hon.. Ttus.

  2. Hi Seth, Thanks for sharing, cool video.


  3. Oh Stop. This is "Bait and Switch".  He's not giving you anything for free. Spam.

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