How to Generate Come List Me Real Estate Leads through a Youtube Channel

How to Generate Come List Me Real Estate Leads through a Youtube Channel

hello everybody thank you so much for
joining me today on this podcast or YouTube video or blog post however you
are digesting our content today I started this podcast because I’m a real
estate agent just like most of the listeners and my passion will actually
have several businesses and my passion for in all of them is lead generation
because the one thing that I understand is that if I have enough leads I have
enough choices on how to run my life everything everything revolves around
how many leads do we have that we can we can get to the closing table so it’s
important what I also know is that even though I’m feeding my real estate team
here in Las Vegas I don’t know everything there’s a lot of
lead generation sources out there that I haven’t touched or haven’t mastered
that’s for sure I kind of play right here in the internet marketing game and
do a lot with search engine optimization pay-per-click marketing and with video
myself and then I go out and interview a lot of other people on what they’re
doing really well so some of the agents on my interviews are new and they’re
just killing it with something or they’re new to that source a couple
weeks ago I had on John Bardo from the Hollie McCray team they’re husband and
wife team and they’re they’re doing I don’t know 100 plus million dollars a
year in sales 400 units but he’s new to this Instagram stories and he’s killing
it so I brought him on to talk about that even though he hasn’t been doing it
for a long long time so everybody I’m talking to is doing something really
well it stood out to me and that’s the reason that they are on the call and
that is why I invited Karin here today Karin Carr is from Savannah Georgia and
I’ve been getting a kick out of watching what she’s been doing with her YouTube
channel and it’s something that I teach in my rank like a boss comm training
course and when I travel live is how important video is and how underutilized
it is and my feelings are that you can kill it with it with a video channel and
almost not even have I have a have much you’re doing with
your website and not much you’re doing with social if you’re I’ll I prefer
multi-channel marketing but you if you really go out there and do video at a
high high level and fill the niches and solve problems and answer questions you
can generate a lot of business from it not always trackable part of it is like
wrapping a car and that’s part of the brand out there but I love what Karin’s
doing so Karin thank you so much for joining us today well thank you so much
for inviting me I’m really excited to be here alright so here’s a word we’re
gonna talk about you’re fairly new to to the to the videos although you’ve done a
lot with it I’ve been watching it so you were explaining you really just started
making weekly videos right last June is that correct that’s correct so I have
a website with a blog and I had been getting a lot of success with my blog
and I started making YouTube videos simply for the purpose of embedding them
in the blog to help the blog rank higher I really wasn’t using YouTube per se
except it was just a place to host all of the videos Oh gotcha
and then I started getting people calling me saying hey we found your
website we’ve been watching all of your videos I feel like I know you already we
want to buy a house will you help me and I kind of had this epiphany when they
said you don’t know me but I feel like I know you because I’ve been watching all
of your videos and I thought I need to be a lot more intentional with video
well right because what what we know is that people do business with people they
know or think they know well how do we how do we create something where people
feel like they know a social media is one of those platforms obviously and
video is another I’ve had a lot of people call me and say things like you
look honest and it always makes me laugh like what am i doing that makes me look
honest but you know what it is it’s it’s it it’s the same with what I’m watching
your videos you there’s an energy there’s a certain energy about how you
say certain things and how you present yourself so it gives the person the
opportunity to actually kind of like you a little bit right without and business
card exactly and and what you said when they say you seem honest
that the very first lead I ever got from my youtube channel I said how did you
find me and he said well I found you on YouTube and I watched a bunch of your
videos and you seemed honest and trustworthy and like you knew what
you’re talking about so I went to his house for a listing presentation totally
prepared that I was up against other agents and I was going to have to
justify why you should hire me over them and when I asked him who else are you
interviewing he said nobody just you we picked you yeah that’s fantastic because
really you already qualified yourself because you position positioned yourself
as an expert by doing those videos and so that already gave you a leg up and
the fact that they felt like they liked you also made them feel like they
trusted you and don’t we exactly always trust the people we like yes
anything what I like them will tend to say the other way won’t we yeah and what
I really am liking is that the people that seem to be attracted to my YouTube
videos are people that I would naturally get along with like when they watch my
videos if they don’t like my personality they’re not going to call me so the
people that are contacting me are people that I would want to hang out with
personally anyway and so I’ve had a really good experience with the people
that I’ve met so far that have contacted me from YouTube they’re all people that
I want to go out to dinner with that’s fantastic it is so true we attract who
we are not who attract who we are not necessarily who we want but when you put
yourself on video like that and you want to be attracting people who you are
because that’s who you’re gonna enjoy spending time with it’s it’s a fantastic
way to do there’s so many ways to do video I went through your channel and
and viewed several of your playlists and what I notice with you for the most part
is most of yours are what I call talking head videos and it’s and so there you on
camera you’re positioned stationary pretty much from the ones that I saw and
you’re you’re doing you’re answering a question that a buyer or seller would
have when they’re you know what something in the process when they’re
selling a home or something the process they’re buying a home and then you have
your local ones also for moving so Savannah or why you would like
Savannah those are more out and about but your your talking head ones are kind
of where it looks like your your specializing right now and you said you
got the idea to what you wanted to do is you wanted to add video to your blog so
you started making the blogs based on the video have you yet gotten to the
point where that’s reversed where you’re going oh wait let me make a video on
that and then make a blog yeah in fact that’s totally what I’m doing now just
because writing the blog takes me so much longer it takes me 15 minutes to
record a video plus then some editing time afterwards but if I write a three
thousand word blog post I’ll obsess over it for a week so now I’ve done what you
had said I just use Rev comm and I have the video transcribed I then copy the
transcription and post that that becomes the blog post yeah so what what Karin’s
talking about for the listeners that haven’t yet experienced this I have a
whole youtube series and a training course on how to do this exact thing but
it’s so so powerful watch what she’s saying is three thousand words which is
honestly really what it takes this day and age to rank on the search engines to
cover a topic in depth you’re going to be writing thousands of words if you’re
really if you’re really answering the question appropriately diving into a
topic well to sit down and write all that it’s gonna take hours you have to
think about what’s going to go into every topic and then you’re gonna go try
to make a video but instead if you start with the video and you kind of got some
some points on what you’re gonna talk about you can say thousands of words
without even realizing it right Karin absolutely we have to edit ourselves
some time because you can talk and talk but you all of a sudden you send that to re v as in victor common for a buck a
minute they’ll transcribe your video from
verbal word to written word now I would teach you guys that if you are focused
on search engine traffic at all you’re gonna want to do a lot more than just
put the transcript on the page you’re gonna want to optimize it and and and
there’s a lot more to that but if that’s not what your goal is
is you just simply want to have the blog and you want to share it on social you
may not need all of that are you doing any kind of optimization Karin or you
just now get to the point where you just do the transcript I wasn’t doing
optimization until I listened to one of your recent videos where you say do you
need to be putting links and you need to be optimizing the blog post as well so
now I’m doing that too yeah and I will tell you that’s something that can be
hired out so for those of you that like Karin you’re so good on video you you
may or may not want to sit and and do you enjoy the process of sitting and
doing the optimization or they’ll enjoy is kind of a strong word no do you hate
it are you somewhere than Nowell yeah I don’t hate it it’s just time it’s just
time you know you get to the point where you’re thinking okay is this the best
use of my time I now have so many clients coming to me I’ve got five
different clients that are coming to Savannah next week alone that either
found me from the blog or from the YouTube video that want to start
house-hunting in Savannah they’re moving here from DC or Florida or wherever else
that you start to go okay is this really the best use of my time I should hire
this out so that I have more time to spend with clients yeah and I will tell
you right now that your best well your of course you know this your best
dollars your best time spent is actually face to face with the clients but next
to that it would be making the video and if I were you do it unless it’s
something that you really want to learn or you feel the need sub that stuff out
get somebody else to do it there’s so many options from interns to marketing
companies to in fact we’ve got a service we’re rolling out soon for without a
Ballen Brands virtual assistants you know so that you’re not happy to be bogged
down because your talent is in in isn’t making the the videos now let me ask you
a couple questions on that on the topic of of that where are you getting the
ideas because this is and I of course you know I know every trick of the trade
did where to get ideas from but this is the biggest struggle there’s two
struggles I see people and why they don’t make video 1 and you can address
this they don’t like how they look or sound on camera and 2 they don’t know
what to block they don’t know what make videos about so how would you
respond to those two objections well the reason that you don’t like how you look
or sound on camera is because you’re not used to it so if you start doing it
regularly and then you spend the time to play it back and watch it back and do
some editing eventually you just become desensitized to it and then after a
couple of weeks it’ll never bother you again but if you’re only making a video
every couple of months of course the minute you play it back you’re so
critical of yourself and I kind of feel like you know what I’m not some hot
young chick I’m 50 and if somebody doesn’t want to work with me because of
the way I look then forget I don’t want to work with them me either so I don’t
really obsess over how I look on camera the day that I film I make sure that I
just do my hair and I look presentable but that’s about the end of it and as
far as your voice goes you are the only person who hears your voice differently
because your voice has to resonate in your head before it comes out everyone
else hears your voice the same way and that’s how it sounds on camera there’s
really nothing you can do about it so why obsess over something you can’t
really change and just you know start making videos you’ll get used to it I
promise after a couple of weeks it won’t even be a factor anymore absolutely I
agree a hundred percent I think I think also I would add not over obsessing and
over watching your own videos because I think we can be really critical I think
it’s good to watch them so that we learn how could we improve or whatever but not
to watch yourself over and over and over and over again to the point where you’re
picking it apart yourself right I mean yeah
do you watch yours over and over Karin or I mean I kind of do but I’m not doing
it with the intent of finding fault with it I’m kind of watching it like hey you
know this is kind of fun to watch if I were a client I think that I would enjoy
this and it’s more of like a really an affirmation if you will that I think
what I’m doing is working so I should keep doing it I’m gonna guess you are
probably unnaturally are you naturally a pretty confident person like this is who
I am and I’m good oh yeah I would say so is not maybe not
in well okay so let me back up I lived in Atlanta until
last June and then I moved to Savannah so I was starting over in a brand new
market and confident being here no because nobody knew me I had no name
recognition people don’t know that I’ve been in real estate for 14 years you
know they didn’t know any of that stuff I could have been newly licensed for all
they knew so I wasn’t really confident about that but I did major in music in
college so I was going to be an opera singer of all things and I have
countless hours experience being onstage so that part never really bothered me
yeah I’m confident in front of the camera that you know you just hit the
nail on the head you’re confident on a stage and and I’m with you I think
that’s where I do want to give give that permission to somebody who is not a
little bit more room because I think people that people like me and you that
are have been on the stage you know throughout our lives are might be a
little bit more naturally adept to you know we can jump on and kind of do our
thing where somebody’s really shy and really nervous and hasn’t been it might
just take them a little bit longer so your advice of just do it is exactly
spot-on just do it just start making them you’re gonna start feeling more
comfortable things are going to get better and and I’m sure we all at first
struggle with the lighting and the audio and how do how can we improve these but
none of us are perfect right out of the gate and you know oh gosh I made the
disaster of trying to do the green-screen but all the equipment did
the green screens and the key oh what a mess that was I mean everyone and I
finally said Lori just go back to the roots flip on a light switch and hit the
rakul hit the computer just do it because I actually literally stopped
making videos for several months because the green screen messed me up so bad so
I loved yours what I liked about yours is you’ve done a lot of things really
really well you’ve got it you’ve got your intro your very consistent about
that and I’m not near as consistent about that I love the way you kind of do
this little voice intro and then you say and we’re gonna start right now and then
you roll out your little bit a little logo and stuff that comes out alright
and then you get into the actual video itself so how
weird how did you learn to do those things I totally stole that from
somebody else his name is Nick Newman and he has a killer YouTube channel
where he is talking about how to grow a YouTube channel he’s not a real estate
agent he just talks about how to make good videos and when when I had this
epiphany of I should really start making videos it was that old adage of when the
student is ready the teacher appears and suddenly I started discovering all these
people on YouTube that we’re teaching you how to be on YouTube so Sonny
Leonard Uzi was one Nick Newman was one and that’s his intro and I hope he’s not
mad but I totally stole that from him and other people that are just showing
you this is how you should make the format of your video and it’s very it’s
very simple you do your hook which is I’m telling you what the movie is going
to be about then we have your intro who are you where are you and why should
anybody be watching this video and then you have the topic that you’re talking
about and then you just wrap it up with a call to action so my videos are all
typically around five minutes long they’re not excessive and you’d asked
earlier where you come up with ideas basically just think about the questions
that you get asked over and over again when I first started making videos one
of the first things I did was why should I have a home inspection when I just
paid 450 bucks for an appraisal I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked
that question by a first-time buyer so I figured make it into a video that’s
right that’s exactly right spot on start with your own customers
questions I mean gosh if we just listen to them they’ve got a lot they’ve got a
lot of questions and sometimes we’re giving advice predicting the questions
those are the same types of things we want to be creating videos around
there’s also is there anywhere else that you get your ideas from I will read a
blog post or I’ll see something on Pinterest and think oh that’s a good
idea I should I should look about that and I just keep a little journal in my
bag so that anytime I have an idea I can just write it down on the page that I
call brain dump just start gathering all these ideas and then I treat the video
just like it’s a blog post so I go and I do my keyword research and I did a video
my idea was how long does it take to buy a house but when I did my keyword
research I decided the keyword I actually wanted to go for was how long
does it take to close on a house right so if I if I hadn’t done my keyword
research I wouldn’t have known that and I was able to rank for that in like a
day because nobody was using that specific search term but yet it was
getting something crazy like 4,400 searches a month which I never would use
that phrase but apparently 4,400 people were so then I just sit down and I do
the keyword research and then I go film the video using the keyword yeah and I
would tell those of you that are at that level where you believe you can sit down
and use some simple tools and do some keyword research that is you know Google
is getting smarter and smarter and it’s more but it’s becoming more and more
about topic and less about specific keywords however if you do nail the
keyword and it is what people are searching you’re definitely going to
still and you’ve got good quality content you’ve got good search
visibility you have a chance about ranking everybody if you follow if you
follow some of those those guidelines if you’re not at that level don’t get
caught up in it go make your videos but I there’s
different levels and where everybody is and so Karins kind of got it got a got
a understanding of all how all of this works now and so she’s able to put those
into a process that makes everything just work that much better and that’s
that’s really the whole concept of SEO and ranking on the search engines now I
will tell everybody YouTube and Google search in general have different
algorithms and this is one of the bonuses in creating a YouTube channel
somebody might search for something like selling a home in Savannah Georgia and
they might find Karins video on YouTube if they’re searching on YouTube but it
may not show up on the search results or vice versa it’s less competitive or it’s
a better it’s considered a better value on search so it may actually show up
with a little YouTube preview and but it might not show up on a youtube search
because there’s ten other videos that outrank so doing them both the way that
Karin’s doing them this is also the way I do it you you have the advantages now
of both search engine because YouTube is its own search engine
and Google is its own search engine although it’s Oh both are owned by
Google people don’t understand that the way they rank are completely different
so Karin are you have you also been learning video optimization for ranking
higher like putting creating series playlists and tags and how you’re doing
those types of things yes although that stuff started to come later I mean at
the veer at the beginning it was just I need to be consistent you will get you
will show up in the search results in YouTube so much higher if you can be
consistent so one video every week on the same day is better than one video
this week in three videos next week and two videos the following week if you
could just be consistent so I chose a day I decided it was going to be Monday
I picked Monday out of thin air and said I’m going to post on Monday mornings at
around 10 o’clock and I think the biggest thing has been consistency and
then after you know two or three months now I’ve got oh I got a bunch of videos
I can start making playlists and I put links in the description to you know go
back to my website and download this free guide so if I’m doing a video about
buying a house using a VA loan at the end of the video for my call to action I
say do you need to learn about you know what you qualify for no problem go to my
website download this free ebook all about how to use your VA entitlement to
buy a home with no money down yeah it’s interesting because i’m reaiiy when i
read your bio and i agree completely um when you create these calls to action
you know i’m a i’m a girl who likes to track everything and i don’t it’s not
because it’s naturally in my behavior profile or DNA it’s because i’m a
marketer and i like to know where where my time energy and money is returning
right it’s kind of like if you wrap your car and people say what’s your ROI well
you’re never gonna know what your ROI is on a wrapped car it’s something that
ties into your branding well video is very much the same way although you can
create trackable links in the call to action on the description you’re more
than likely going to have people call that say i watched your video maybe or
they’re gonna there go over from your video and then and
then they’re gonna do a search and they go to your website and there’s not a
direct track to trace it from here to here so I want to point out to people
you’re not always going to know every you’re not gonna be able necessarily
sign an auto ID that that video work but like what Karin said I I’m gonna read
exactly what you wrote here because I love this she said it took about three
months I’m gonna read exactly it took about three months till I got my first
lead it was a cum list mean phone call guys hear that that’s incredible come
let’s be phone call then I got another one the following month then buyers I’ve
since closed several and have more in contract right now and I have a coming
soon listing several buyers I’m actively working with several solid leads a week
name phone number email all without paying for Facebook ads or buying leads
from zillow so you are even though there’s probably more than you can even
possibly imagine that are actually just peeking their interest right now you are
able to hear them say I came from YouTube or they’re typing and how they
heard about you they’re coming from YouTube so you’re tracking you’re able
to track actual real-deal business from your YouTube channel absolutely I got a
lead about an hour ago I mean I can’t make this stuff up and it came through
my website and he wrote a little note and said you have any time to talk so I
just immediately called him because I wasn’t doing anything and I was sitting
at my computer when the email came in and the first thing he said was I just
want to tell you I’ve really enjoyed watching your YouTube videos so I was
gonna ask him where did you hear about me but that was what he said first so
even though he came through my website filling out the contact me form he told
me he came from YouTube I love that what software are you using if any anything
special for editing or shooting I have a Mac and iMovie comes free with your Mac
so if you are a Mac user I would say just use iMovie it’s already free one
for PC users is called DaVinci Resolve that I haven’t used personally but it
gets really high reviews and it’s free so DaVinci is a good one you know there
are tons of really fancy ones out there for several hundred dollars but I just
don’t feel like I need that I think I movie does everything I need to do and
it didn’t cost me anything how about any special lighting or audio
anything that you had to set up yes so I really feel like audio is probably the
most important thing along with lighting so I just bought a
$20 microphone off Amazon not anything super fabulous the kind that just clips
onto your lapel and it plugs into the headphone jack I record with my iPad and
you could record with your phone I mean the the cameras and our smart phones are
so good these days the only reason I use my iPad is because when it’s across the
room I can see it I made reading glasses now so I use my iPad I plug the
microphone into the headphone jack and then I do have two lights I don’t even
know what the proper term is it’s kind of like a tripod with a light bulb and
an umbrella shoved in the front of it and I bought a set of two for 50 bucks
for the set and I just had them on either side of the room pointing at me
and that’s about it so the camera the or the iPad I already
had the tripod I already had the lights were 50 bucks and then the microphone
was 20 bucks and then the my little animated intro that’s at the beginning
of every single I just ordered that off of fiber yeah I love everything you just
said that’s pretty much the way I’m mine stuff’s wired as well the only thing I
spent any I mean my I have one I’ve the diva ring the round light that a
facebook live videos and the phone actually sits in there and that was a
little bit more expensive but you can get those I’ve got tabletop ones that
are just on a tiny little tripod there were less than fifty bucks for two of
them that do the job on lighting it is amazing how cheap and easy it is to get
started with video that that part shouldn’t be anybody’s challenge because
that that part’s pretty simple I did want to add for the f or anybody that
struggling was where to get ideas it’s the exact same thing I teach for my
vlogs Quora q uor Quora go to Korra and type in buying a house or
military relocation or selling a house or
short sale or VA loans or fh know any kind of quite and you can see just a
slew of questions that people ask that you can go make videos around there’s
another website i like also free called answer the public comm and answer the
public actually goes out scours the web and ask our sites like all social
channels in kora and it puts them in an aggregate it puts in the data into why
questions when questions how questions where questions so you literally never
have to think of another idea with those those two websites you could just ever
make a video every day there’s so many topics it’ll blow your mind I still
think the countries the questions your customers are actually asking are the
best because they’re local you know you’re they’re really relative but then
these other websites are fantastic for that kind of thing
Karin how long are you time blocking now you’re making one video a week and and I
know you’re doing some editing on your videos and you said you’re spending a
couple days doing that how long are you time blocking for the day of actually
shooting the day of actually shooting it only takes me about a half an hour it’s
literally the time to turn on the lights plug in the microphone get the stuff set
up it takes me about 15 minutes to record a video which will and eventually
end up being about five minutes long so my process sorry go ahead you’re in your
30 minutes you said you’re gonna you’re gonna get it down to a five minute video
but how long do you think on average the video starts off being it’s 15 minutes
roughly they I turn the camera on I say my intro if I don’t like it I say it
again I say it again until I get it exactly how I want it and then I move on
to the next section so I don’t have to memorize a big long script I only have
to memorize one or two sentences at a time and then when I’m done with the
entire video then I hit the stop button so now I’ve just got one big chunk of
video that’s about 15 or 20 minutes long and then I go in and I I’m basically
just keeping the last take of every section because if I didn’t say it
correctly the first time I do it again I do it again that way when I’m editing
it it’s really fast all I have to do is go to the end of the timeline and work
backwards I keep the last one because I know that was the best
and then I delete the couple that came right before it and that saves me a ton
of time with editing so to answer your question how much does that all take it
takes about you know half an hour on the day of recording or what I’m trying to
do now is record all four videos for the month on the same day you know what if I
if I already know what my topics are going to be I’ve already done my hair
and I’ve done my makeup why not just bang them out four in a row it’ll take
me an hour hour and a half tops and then I don’t have to record again for the
rest of the month yeah I love that I love that and and then my editing I’m
not a super fast editor it probably takes me about two hours worth of
editing time and I go over to canva and I make some slides and some pretty
graphics to go along with it so let’s say that each video I’m all in for three
hours I would argue that that is a great investment of time because if you are
calling fizzbuzz and expireds or door-knocking you are only generating
leads for those three hours and when you stop that’s it you’re done but if I’m
spend three hours I can be getting leads six twelve nine months two years from
now from somebody that saw a video that I made you know three months ago yeah it
is video as a gift that keeps on giving I mean that the shelf life absolutely I
mean you could do a search on YouTube I cannot remember what I was looking up
this morning I don’t think it was real estate-related
in other words videos on there from 2008 oh I know what I was looking I was
looking for a video on a park on a local park because I wanted to embed uh I was
real estate-related I wanted to embed a park on to the park page that I had
built a video on that and I went looked and the two video from 2008 was still
ranking number one on that page because nobody has created anything better and
it was so I mean that was ten years ago if you can make a video that will live
on the top spot on the search results for ten years oh my gosh oh it’s I went
through yesterday and I’m deleting my own videos from 2013 because they’re
still out ranking a bunch of my new stuff because the total
but thirty pound I was forty five pounds heavier and I’ve done new stuff so I’m
like okay let me just go remove those at this point get the new stuff pushed out
there because they just live forever they really and I noticed when I went to
one of those old ones on the right hand side all the suggested videos were all
my old videos not the new ones and so I’m like oh that really quick yeah but
it is it’s it is incredible how long they can live it’s such a such a good
use of time such a such a great use of time and I like your yours are light
yours are light they’re easy to digest they’re they’re fun they’re so I think
that’s great I think I think if you’re not that personality and you’re you’re
more stoic and you’re more numbers driven and and you know kind of serious
that’s okay too you will attract absolutely you’ll attract the people
that are very analytical and they want the details whereas I’m more of the
broad overview type of personality so I think there’s room for every personality
type on YouTube and the people who want to watch you will be similar personality
types as yours and then you’ll probably really enjoy working with those people
yeah it was interesting I’ll share this that that from I’m with my marketing
company at Ballen Brands I’ve only been the only one making videos except for
one I got finally got one of my real estate agents to get really into making
market report videos but everybody’s still they’re all nervous about getting
on camera or they don’t know what to say or they don’t want to stop and you know
so I’ve just kind of always been that person well the marketing company
starting on I started fourth-quarter by making this announcement to everybody
that hey guys we are going to create a culture of video and and we can’t scale
our company we can’t grow we can’t build if I’m the only one making video it
shouldn’t always be the Lori Ballen show it’s all of us and so I said
starting January 1st everybody on the marketing side shy not fight has to make
a video a week now I gave them permission you can go interview an
expert you can you can make a screen share how to tutorial you can do a
talking head video I don’t care it can be a minute
half it can be 15 minutes everybody has to make a video boy I’ll tell you that
changed our world because there’s people that love Kevin there’s people that love
Sabrina there’s people that love me there’s and being able to get all those
different personalities now and and has really really increased everything on
our on our video channel so it’s sometimes fun to bring in another expert
bring in another spin on it so that you can have a different personality on
there you know interviewing clients and because not everybody’s gonna gonna you
know I know for a fact not everybody’s gonna love the way I present so it’s fun
to bring in other people so that’s I love I love what you said where you
could do a screencast where you’re not even on video though the the video that
has the most views on my channel is one where I’m not on camera it was one where
I went over to a neighborhood and I have one of those suction cup mounts that
goes on my dashboard and I just stuck my phone in it and I drove through the
neighborhood saying here’s the pool here’s the golf course these are what
the houses look like this is what the median price is and that things had four
thousand views those are my favorite I’m telling you as a real estate agent you
should as a real estate agent the talking head videos are fantastic but
the more you can get in the field and show people those are harder to do but
show people these are the neighborhoods this is the park this is where Zappos is
and compared to whatever here’s a tiny home area here’s the whatever and people
don’t do those as much because it does require more to get out but wouldn’t you
if you were moving to Savannah Georgia and you’ve never been there wouldn’t you
want to see ok this neighborhood looks like this do people park in there in
there in there in their yard and and where what is it you know what is they
want to see everything from the width of the street to where the trash cans are
to the you know oh absolutely 100% those are those are
tremendous videos so they really are and the best part is that nobody is doing it
and that was part of the reason why I decided to go all-in with video was
because there’s no competition if you really you go on YouTube and you type in
you know Austin Homes for Sale realtors in Austin all you’re going to see are
listing videos the agent is never in the camera you
don’t hear them you don’t see them there’s no way for anyone to establish
rapport with you if you’re nowhere to be found in the video it’s just a slideshow
of photos of your newest listing so if you start making these videos I Karin T
you’re just gonna dominate your market in no time
yeah it’s so true if you were to try to take on the the people on the search
engines on page one you’re taking on Zillow and and Trulia and
whoever the local specialists are you’re you’re gonna you’re out for a long haul
you better commit to a year or two it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a hunt but in the
first day you can have a video ranked on the top of YouTube
you get sicredi s it is and it does of course everything depends on your
competition and then of course how consistently you’re building your
channel and how you’re titling and tagging and descripting there’s a there
are some other layers there but honestly the biggest thing is just do it just get
on camera and exactly as Karin said pick a consistent time to do it if you can do
it once a week and you know you do it on a certain day of the week that’s a
fantastic way to build the channel if all you can commit to it first is once a
month then just don’t ever let a month go by that that you don’t do it and make
sure that those videos are quality enough to compete meaning just really
the information that’s on the actual video and that it’s not dark and that
you can be heard and those are gonna help help make it rank even more any
other that I see I’m looking at your our little profile sheet we filled out it’s
definitely scalable I agree with you under percent
what advice as I leave you would you want to make sure that everybody takes
away from this call if they want to be like you
well I the reason that I chose YouTube over other social media as far as doing
videos because I could put videos out on Facebook but the people that are on
YouTube are searching for the information they didn’t just stumble
across it in their newsfeed by accident and they didn’t just see it because
you’re their friend they were actually looking for that information so if you
are trying to market yourself to people who don’t already know you this is a way
to not only do it effectively do it for free and be able to kill it in no time
because I guarantee you there are probably very
few other agents in your marketplace who are doing it yep I agree a hundred
percent spot-on great advice great actionable tips for everybody today I
will include in the description and in the write-up I’ll include Karin’s
channel so you guys can all watch her videos and of course I’ll include her
phone number and website so that you can send her real estate referrals in
Savannah Georgia and then I will also include links to those couple of YouTube
channels that you mentioned that you’ve also been learning from just so that we
can give them some love and allow other people rates so to go read those as well
and I thank you so much for your time today it’s been fantastic thank you so
much for having me I love talking about YouTube and I hope some other people
will be inspired to try it alright thank you so much Karin you have a fantastic
day you too Lori all right bye bye

4 thoughts on “How to Generate Come List Me Real Estate Leads through a Youtube Channel

  1. Thank you again for having me as a guest, Lori. It was so much fun talking to you! YouTube leads are the best leads. You don't have to chase them – they actually WANT to talk to you and are excited when you call them.

  2. I am so excited to find you two; after listening to Gary Vaunerchuk for the last month I am convinced that I must podcast and create YouTube videos rather that the FB/ IG social media I have been concentrating on for the last year. Your no hype, super simple steps to get going are so helpful! Thank you!

  3. Great video. I have been inspired. How do you get the fancy intro graphics like Karin? I'm ready to hit this right now.

  4. Where's that John Veardeux interview? I work in Knoxville in his market center and would love to listen.

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