How To Generate 43 Real Estate Leads/Week For New Agents ($1-3 Real Estate Leads)

How To Generate 43 Real Estate Leads/Week For New Agents ($1-3 Real Estate Leads)

What’s up Real Estate Agents & Brokers?! Jason Wardrop here in this video I’m gonna break down how to generate sub $3 real estate leads for your business with marketing your Listings now if you don’t have any listings, don’t worry you can go through and first ask somebody else in your office if they have a listening go through and market and later on in future weeks I’m gonna launch videos showing you how to go through and set all this up Even if you don’t have a listing so stay tuned make sure you subscribe that notification bell so you can be notified When we launch those videos now breaking this down guys This is the exact Strategy that Jamie used to go through and generate 12 leads in his first 12 hours at $1 and 2 cents per lead Okay, and I’m gonna show you the Facebook ad. I’m going to show you the landing pages I’m going to show you the email and text marketing follow-up and how you can literally get this set up in about 60 seconds Alright, so make sure you guys stay tuned here And this is the same exact strategy that countless others have used to go through and generate tons of leads You can see latosha right up here 11 leads to appointments in less than nine dollars spent in 24 hours Okay, and you got Dee ran two ads last night Tenley’s today so far, not bad Congratulations, gimli saying right here I did my first post for six days got eighty leads in six days and of those four are already working on Alone approval and she spent $20.00 per day now you guys can see here. There’s countless other testimonials we’ve worked with over 5,100 real estate professionals. So basically what I’m trying to tell you is this stuff just work So if you have a listing this is exactly what you’re gonna do Okay, and I’m gonna show you guys the exact process the Facebook ad templates You can literally just copy and paste I’m gonna show you the lead generation Website templates, I’m gonna show you the exact follow up and how you can get a set up with no experience No tech skills whatsoever. So Let’s just jump into this. Okay, so just to first show you guys the process This is the Facebook ad or Facebook post so let’s say that you’re going through and you’re scrolling through on Facebook on your Phone or on your computer or whatever it is and in your newsfeed you see a pulse it looks like this and you’re like Oh, this house looks interesting Which guys this just goes to show it doesn’t matter if the house is like a multi Million dollar house or if it’s a lower lower end house like any house We’ll go through and work with this and we’ve consistently seen sub three dollar leads with the strategy So somebody’s scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed and they say oh man I want to check this out a four-bedroom three-bathroom house and so they click on this and they go to a Landing page. Ok. Now we want to go through and use a landing page because it typically converts ten to twenty five times more Website visitors into leads as opposed to your main website Alright, so then we’re gonna come in here and they’ll be like, oh man. I want to check this out They’ll hit schedule your showing they put in their name they’ll put in their email address and Then they’ll put in their phone number They’ll put just put a little demo phone number for this example They hit submit and at this point they become a lead in your database now The cool thing is look at this You can say hey the scheduled appointment you immediately call or text me at and then your phone number or click the button below to Schedule your showing so they come in here click schedule your showing they click OK I want to go through and schedule my time and you choose what days of the week and what times of the Day that you’re available. All right, which obviously you can see right here. I’m I’ve got my next two weeks are pretty busy So got that whole blocked off, but you can create what days of the week and what times you’re available now You might be think. Well Jason, that’s awesome. I see the Facebook ad I see the landing page but how do I actually set this up for my business now if you have a Listing they want to go through market. All you got to do is basically copy and paste this exact Facebook ad template Okay, where you go through you fill it in? We’re like a four-bed three-bath You just use this exact template which you guys stick to the end. I’ll be able to give to you guys as well And then in order to create the landing page, even if you have zero tech skills And you don’t know how to go through and set all this up What you can do is use a software that we built specifically for real estate professionals mortgage brokers real estate investors called Arsenal mkg Arsenal marketing so I want to show you guys how simple we’ve made this to go through and create the landing page and Your email and text marking follow-up and how it all syncs with a mobile app that we’ve got for you so you can get instantly Notifications and text a person back immediately as soon as they become a lead So all you got to do is come over here and create a new lead page And for this example as I mentioned you’re using a listing right, but we’ve got all these other Campaigns down here, which I’ll be making future videos on my channel here showing you guys how to do every single one of them So make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell so you can be notified of all new Trainings and if you’re in the mortgage space, we’ve got several campaigns here First time homebuyer be a refinance if your real estate investor. We also have several campaigns down here as well And for those you guys who are kind of facebook as nerds like me We’ve got the facebook lead form integration that will sync all of your leisure Generated from your facebook lead forms into the Arsenal CRM, which is honestly pretty awesome Okay, so let’s just say you want to go through the market a listing We’re just gonna click on shoes right here. And this is gonna kick us into the Arsenal website builder We can edit out everything and customize it to you and your business now The best part is is we’ve made this so easy where we’ve already got the headline We’ve already got the sub headline and the call to action already done for you because we know that this is going to convert Okay. So all you have to do is come over here click click to edit this section right here so we click right there and maybe we probably want to change out that background image to be an image of Your listing and that’s the only thing that you actually have to customize so we’re gonna come over here and click on choose new image and we’ve got this massive library of images or click on my images you can upload an image of the listing that you’re trying to market or the listing from another agent in your office that you’ve obviously Got permission from and you can upload it into the system and then you can see right here We’ve got the library of images that we’ve already uploaded now Let’s just say that this is the listing that we’ve already gone through and uploaded So I’m just gonna click on this right here and we can crop edit rotate. Whoever you want to customize it we’ll just hit use this image and Just like that guys. We have this this page customized to you and your business now you might think well Jason I don’t have 36 photos of the home. Well, no big deal All you gotta do is come over here and maybe you’ve got 27 photos Okay, or you got 19 photos and then we just hit save up in the top right-hand corner it says website saved and published we hit exit and then What we can do here is you can see right here. This is the listing Lee’s campaign that we just generated So if we click on this we come over here to view 19 photos now So remember we’re gonna be creating a Facebook post or Facebook ad They’re gonna click on this link and instead of going to this page right here They’re coming to your new landing page that you created and took like what 20 seconds they come in here type in view 19 photos type in their name We’ll say I’ll put my full name right there Jason and then for this one I’ll just put in a dummy phone number for this then we hit submit And at this point the person becomes a lead in our database and like this guys I just got a lead notification on the arsenal’ mobile app saying that a lead was generated So I can’t I don’t know if you guys can see that right here So now I can jump into the Arsenal mobile app And this person we will have an automated follow-up that goes out to go and follow up with this person now the nice thing is This follow-up you can see right here. This is already pre done pre created for you So you don’t even have to copy and paste any email or text marketing templates. It’s already done, right? So if we click on this we can check out this follow-up that’s already pre created So it says hey first name, it will auto populate with whatever name they put on their landing page Thanks for requesting information on this beautiful home. We’ll make this a little bit bigger. So you guys can see it It says view all of the photos right here Okay, so you throw in a link to the photos which you can send it to, you know? The MLS listing or to your website or whatever it is And then you just update the address and the asking price right here and then everything else is automatically created and populated For you so you they’re instantly going to get a text message from you Okay, which obviously you’ve got the mobile app now, so you’ve got the lead notification? But when this lead response, you’re also going to be able to have that two-way Communication with that leave right here the mobile app, which is pretty awesome. People. Haven’t seen amazing results So now not only are you generating sub $3 leads with this exact marketing campaign But you’re also able to have this automated follow-ups response happening on complete auto-pilot So you don’t even have to worry about it’s gonna say hey first name? It’s gonna auto populate with their name not to populate with your name your last name and that you can see right here how we have the one day to day and we have as much as a 14 day follow-up and that’s already pre-built if you wanted to go through and add a three months or six months or 12 months or 24 month follow-up you can easily go through and do that right here in the system and if you want to go through and customize any of this you Can easily come in here edit it and you can say whatever you want inside of these text messages Inside of the email templates and so you’ve got the delivery of everything that you are promising on the landing page you’ve got the link to the photos of the home the address the asking price and then you have that immediate communication and another amazing thing that we’ve got for you is Have you ever experienced where you generate a lead and you? Create this automated follow-up, but then after day six the person responds But you still have several more follow-ups that are going out to that person That’s pretty annoying. Right so you don’t want to have the follow-ups continue to go out to that person Well, the awesome thing is that we created for you All is if your lead response on day one They respond immediately if they respond after 14 days after three days, whatever it is The system will automatically recognize that and it will automatically cancel off the remaining follow-ups before that specific lead That’s pretty cool, right? So it’s gonna go through and follow up with all of your leads via email via text message And then once that person actually responds it’s going to stop following up because you’ve already had the conversation. You’ve already sparked the conversation So you don’t need to keep annoying that lead and you can see we’ve got the statistics Here are the numbers of emails sent open clicked on and guys This is just a super powerful campaign that we have already built for you So if you have a listing that you want to go through and market I highly recommend using this exact Facebook ad template Okay Just copy and paste this and tweak it to your actual listing go through create a new lead page create this exact landing page We’ve already got the emailed text marketing follow up already pre-built Download the arsal mobile app Okay And this comes a hundred percent with the arsal mobile app as well as your own crm and on the mobile app You can text the person back and forth you get the lead notifications you can add tags You can log phone calls add notes everything inside of the Arsenal app And so you can get all of this with your Arsenal mkg account so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a link just below this video where you can jump in and Try this out Try it out for a full 30 days guys, and we’ve got a hundred percent money back guarantee for the first 30 day So you can jump in mess around inside of Arsenal we give you guys the Facebook ad templates we give you the landing page templates the email text marketing templates where you literally don’t even have to copy and paste because it’s already Pre-built for you. So if you found this helpful jump in grab your Arsenal mkg account We have a lot more detailed training and help with the whole setup We’ll get you guys the Facebook ad template the landing page templates email text marketing templates And once again this works for your listings But even if you don’t have listings or you’re running an open house or anything like that We’re gonna be launching future videos on this channel showing you exactly how to go through or show you the Facebook ad I’ll show you the landing page the follow up everything for open houses cell release buyer leads mortgage leads real estate investing leads So make sure you guys subscribe Hit that notification bell. So you’ll be notified every single time. We launched a new video Demonstrating and showing a new campaign. And with that said guys. Thanks so much for watching if you found this helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up also drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys have any feedback Anything that I can go through and help you guys out with that is my goal is to be able to launch new videos helping You generate more leads make more money and grow your business here on this channel. So thanks for much watching Make sure you subscribe if the thumbs up comment below and I’ll talk to you guys all later

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