How To Find The Best Deals Using Software

How To Find The Best Deals Using Software

Welcome back my friend. Kris Krohn here.
And today we are going to be jamming together on something super exciting.
We’re going to be talking about New Age, “How to find the very best deals in real
estate?” Hey, welcome back friend. Today we’re
going to be talking about finding the very best deals in real estate. Now, if your
subscriber to the channel and you’ve been watching, you know that the secret
to making a lot of money in real estate starts with actually how you buy the
home. Making sure you buy it with as much equity as possible. Making sure that you
buy it in the most advantageous way. Now, you know that I’m always screaming my
system and how to buy and at what price range and how to do it. But at the end of
the day, the biggest thing that keeps people from taking action is they’re
always asking, “How do I find the good deals?” I want to show you literally in
the next 30 minutes how to get your hands on a really good deal. And I’m
going to fulfill that promise even though this video is only gonna last a few
minutes, I’m going to give you a tool where you can go online for free and literally
in your backyard, find a deal with equity. So check it out. I’ve got a friend
joining me today from the company PropStream. This is Burton. -Hi everyone. How’s
it going? -And Burton is the specialist here on a software that his company’s
been developing here over the course of the last 14 years. That nationwide pulls
in all the best data and essentially accumulates it into a place where you
can access it at no cost (At least during the free trial period.) Where you can go
and literally get your hands right now on a screaming hot deal. So Burton, tell
us just a little bit about it. -So PropStream is an online application. We have
collected data as Kris said, for the last 14 years. The data we’ve collected
is MLS listings. We have about 98% of the United States’s listings. We have
pre-foreclosures or closures, auction properties, we have cash buyers. We also
even have involuntary liens. On top of that we’ve been able to calculate
mortgage balances, show your properties are sitting on equity and what
properties may be in the negative or properties that eventually avoid
essentially. -Now guys, if you’re new to real estate, Burton is dropping a lot of
lingo on you. But here’s what I want you to understand. It’s just the simple. You
want to know which properties in your backyard close to you or the place that
you’re buying in have a good deal that they have equity.
You can buy them at a certain way. So today, what I want to do is actually
going to invite Burton to actually open up the system, log us in and actually
show us exactly the good deals that are sitting in my backyard. This is the exact
process that you would follow for finding the good deals that are in your
backyard. So Burton, open it up man. -Alright. So to begin, we’re going to…
Is we’re going to capture your IP address when you log in and we’re going to
automatically zoom into your area. However, what stationwide data. So what
we’re going to do is we’re going to start off by searching locally. We’re going to start
off by looking at Salt Lake City, Utah. When we do that, what you’re going to see is
at the top of the map, we’re going to have all of our listing types automatically
populated for you. So in Salt Lake, we have over 10,000 MLS recordings, pre
foreclosures, auctions, foreclosures, we have cash buyers. These are all cash buyers. -Now guys, this is pretty amazing. They’re collecting so much real estate data all
across America that the 10,000 listings… Just earlier, we actually took a look and
half of those are just recorded data of homes that have sold that allow them to
actually run comps. When you want to know if you have a good deal, generally go to
our realtor and you say, “Hey, thank you for finding this good deal or I found a
good deal. Will you actually run a report to show me if there’s potentially equity
in there?” You can actually bypass them and the system will do all of that for
you. And so out of the 10,000 listings there, half of those listings are
actually just representing the homes that have actually sold the market. But
look at that, It’s capturing pre-foreclosures, auctions, foreclosures, cash
buyers and in a moment, when you get familiar with this element, Burton to
actually show you how you dial in on the homes that have the really high equity
place. -Absolutely. And so, on top of providing you all the listing types that
we have. Such as involuntary liens, vacant and high equities, we’re also going to
give you the statistics for Salt Lake City, Utah. So here, we can see if price
changes have increased in the last 3 days. If rental prices have increased in
less 30 days, price per square footage last year versus this year. We even have
information on days on market. So if you’re looking to list a property with
an agent, here it’s showing me that a 3-bedroom property will potentially last
about 56 days on the market. This is imperative for me to know because again,
this is a for anybody that’s using lenders or their own mortgage. You want
to know how long it’s going to take to last them before it’s sold on the market.
There’s going to be expenses that you’ll need to take care of like property
expenses and mortgage expenses and so forth.
-Awesome. Hey, you know what I want to be Burton? Can we actually just dive in and
actually do a search that I would do for property? -Absolutely. -Okay. So here’s what
I like to do. So, what are we doing in here? We’re going to click on… -We’re going to click
on our filter and this will allow you through over 50 different filter options
to apply whatever your specification. -Alright, I’m looking for single-family
homes. -Okay. Now let’s start off with this. Do you want an owner occupying the
property or do you want to have an absentee owner? -It doesn’t matter. -Okay,
we’ll leave it at under any. And what listing type would you like us to filter?
-All. -All? -Yeah. -We’ll leave it blank here. So we’re looking now for single-family
properties. -Yeah. -Any other property characters? -Yeah, I’m looking for a
minimum of 3 bedrooms. Minimum 3 bedrooms. -Bathroom is a minimum of 1.
-One. -And we don’t want to match, so can actually have more bedrooms. That’s just
the minimum. Square feet, I don’t care about square feet. You’re built… Let’s
look at everything that’s 19… So, let’s look at 1980 and newer. Okay, 1980 and newer. -Okay, we’re
not looking for any special features but now I want to know…
-MLS status. So the steps section is going to ask us if we would also like these
properties on the MLS? So we can start do you want this property on the market or
off the market? -It doesn’t matter. -Any specific status of MLS? -No, no. You know,
but I am looking for homes that are no higher… I’m looking for entry level so I
don’t want it to be higher than let’s call it $200,000 on the… Well, let’s see.
Let’s say market value of 230,000. -We even have an option here where we can
specify the owner. Do we want a corporate or an individual? -Let’s go with an
individual. So we’re not dealing with the corporation. -Perfect. Alright. And you
know, I had suggestion here. Regarding the MLS status. This is just my personal
opinion on market. Usually most properties that are on market have an
exclusive contract with the broker. So we potentially can slight in
through the results and find things that are not on the market. Maybe
presential sellers that haven’t reached out to a broker yet. Maybe we can get to
them first. -Absolutely, let’s do that. -Alright. And then I think the last most
important step here would probably equity. Do you want to look for a certain
percentage of equity? -Yes. We are looking for equity. So on this one, if you can… I’m
looking for at least a 20% position or more. -Or more. So we’ll start off with the
minimum 20% in equity. This is the… This is the most important feature of this
entire system. -Right. Now we’re going to hit apply and our system will do its magic.
And what we’ve discovered is that out of all the results that we have which is
well over a hundred thousand results in Salt Lake City,
there are 91 properties that are single-family, minimum 3-bedroom
1-bathroom, built in 1980 or newer that are sitting on at least 25% in equity.
And these are all individual homeowners. -Okay, let’s actually do something. Back up
real quick. So 91, that’s an awesome list. I’m going to… I’m going to have a Haiti making
deals. Go up to 30% equity just for fun. I just want to know. -30% equity. Because now
you’re getting me tickled. That’s the idea. So by doing that, we’re going to reduce
it down to 91. So they’re still… They’re probably sitting on more than 30%. So
actually… let’s do I’m much more aggressive than that.
Let’s do… That’s 50% sounds… -That sounds a little too crazy but I like crazy. So…
-Let’s see. It’s either they’ve paid down 50% or the property is increased
by 50% since they last bought it. Alright. We have 82 results now. So
we’ve actually removed 9 properties that were under the 50% equity
mark. -Okay. So let’s do something here. Let’s actually… Let’s just pull one of
these up. So once we have our results, the next
thing we can do is click on the individual property and now we’re going to
give you all the details of… -Okay. So I want to know. So break this down for me. What
are we seeing? -Alright. So the first section we’re going to see is our
dashboard. This is going to show you the property characteristics. So in this case,
it’s a four bedroom one bathroom. You have access to the property photos by
clicking on it, we can give you an aerial view or a street level view. So we’ll
give that just a second. So here’s our bird’s-eye view of the property and we
also have a street-level view forward. -That’s freaking amazing. -Be there without being
there. -Okay, awesome. -Alright. So, we also have our estimated
value or on market or off market. Again, we specified, we were looking for
properties that haven’t signed a contract with broker. So this property is
off market sitting on 50% in equity. It has… It’s not distressed.
Meaning, it’s not in pre-foreclosure, foreclosures but here’s something that
we just identified. This property is actually sitting on a lien. It’s a $6,000
lien and if you go to lien details… -That usually means that you
could have a motivated seller. You could have someone that doesn’t know how to
solve their $6,000 problem. -Absolutely. -It’s encumbering the property.
You might be the Solution King on this. -Absolutely. So now, we can see lien
details, our property details, we know who the owner is. Property characteristics,
site information, last sell information, prior sell information which includes
mortgage balance, interest rates and so forth.
-What was the lien for? -The lien is an abstract of judgment. And it was recorded
in August 9th of… Actually, the abstract issues on July 18th and it was reported
on August 9th and the lien amount was 6,500. So, if this homeowner does not pay
for that lien, we’re going into pre-foreclosure. If you know, pre-foreclosure,
no sell occurs or property owner doesn’t bias hop property from the auction, it’s
going to go into foreclosure and you own with homeowners. -So do we have an idea
now of what they owe on the property? -Absolutely. Well, we know that with the
mortgage information. Last sell was in 2007 of 137 of $34,000.
It looks like there was a… It looks like the two mortgages were used for this
property. Transaction history, 2007. So based on our records, we’re showing that
they don’t actually have mortgage balance. -So, it’s actually totally paid
off? -Pay it outright, correct with… -And did they ever list this on the market? -No.
It’s only off market now but if that lien, you know, gets out of control… Again,
you could go into pre foreclosure and now that would most likely contact a
broker. So, we again… -And now, do I have the contact information? Well, that’s what we
have. So we have their tax information, we can see whether they’re, they’re at the
property itself or if they’re getting their tax bill of a
different location. But we also have a feature where you can save your groups
and skiptrace contact information. So once we have isolated our results, we can
run a skip trace and get e-mails, phone numbers and landlines for you. -Oh my gosh.
Okay, so friends just got a pause for a second. Like, I’m right now… I just want
you to understand the level of elation and joy that I’m feeling in my life.
Because in all my videos, I’m always sharing with you how do you find brokers
and agents and Realtors? How do you work the system? How do you get the good deals?
How do you go out and find these properties? How do you work the auctions?
How do you? How do you? How do you? But you know what? We’re living in a
technological age where it’s all at the fingertips. And this stuff is new, it’s
awesome, it’s powerful. I’ve got 80 leads right there that I can now reach out to
that we can do the skiptrace on, that we can get their contact information. So
here’s the cool thing. This is I think for everyone that’s serious about
investing or learning about investing and wants to actually get their hands on
a good deal, it’s important to have a tool like this. So, this entire system is
available to anyone in the public in America if they want to have this, right?
-Correct. -And there’s also a free trial on it where if anyone wants to just try
their hands on it, anyone can actually use this system right now? -Correct. -So my
friends, here’s what that means. If you click the link in the description below,
you can actually go to the system right now. You can sign up for your free trial
and you can spend the next several days actually going and hunting out really
awesome lucrative deals. It only took us a few minutes
actually find properties that had potential for 50% equity plays. And if
you keep watching some of the other videos, we’re going to produce, we’re going
to show you some of the other really cool tools and features because bottom
line is if you want to find a really good deal, it’s all going to come down to a
tool. Whether that’s a person like an agent and a human being or whether
that’s taking the entire market and actually putting at your fingertips. It’s
easy, it’s… For me, it’s going to be really fun to use. I already know what I’m going to
do with some of my toilet time. We’re going to go out there and start heading
some amazing deals. So friends, if you want to know how to find the best deals,
use PropStream and go ahead and get your hands on the free… I’ve negotiated a
deal with them where you can actually get free access to it because I want you
to test-drive it and I want you to see that this works and you can start
getting good deals right now.

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