How To Find Real Estate Investors In Your Area?

How To Find Real Estate Investors In Your Area?

Today on Limitless Wealth TV, we’re going
to talk about how to find real estate investors that live in your area. Listen,
when your network grows, your net worth grows. There’s a principle there called
proximity of power and you want to allow your proximity to come close to people,
who have already been where you want to be and already done what you want to do.
And today, I’m going to have my friend Steven Michael Miller he’s going to be here
on the show and he’s going to really breakdown for you where and how you find
these investors. Hey friends, Steven Michael Miller here
and this is Limitless TV. So glad to have you guys here. You know, we often will get
questions, we get a lot of questions as well as people searching for different
things here in our YouTube channel. And I wanted to address a couple things and
one of the things that we know that you’re looking for, is how do I find real
estate investors in my area? And learning how to find different real estate in
your area, for me I’m trying to think about from your perspective. What exactly
are you looking for? And my guess is, you’re looking for either you want
partners, you’re looking for partners in your area or maybe you’re looking to
learn from those current real estate investors in your area. And so I wanted
to kind of talk to that here just a little bit on this video and maybe help
clear up or give some answers, some ideas, some first steps of what you can do if
you’re looking for real estate investors in your area. So first of all, let’s say
you’re looking for a partner. And if you’re looking for a partner actually, if
you’re looking for partners or you’re looking for people to learn from, then
one of the things that you can do is to go to your local meetups, right? If you go
online and you search out meetups or different meetups, you can find all sorts
of groups specific to what it is that you’re looking. To learn about if you
know that you want to learn how to do, you know, promissory notes. You know or
you want to learn how to do private lending or you want to learn how to do a
very specific type of real estate, then you can type in that specific topic and
find the meetup that might meet your needs. As a matter of fact if
you, if there isn’t a meet-up that is giving you what you want, then you
have an opportunity there. You could create a meet-up. If you know what it is
that you’re looking for. And then you then created that meetup you could
gather people in and start gathering a network or a tribe of individuals, who
either have expertise in that area, or who are also looking to learn about that
specific area of what you’re looking to learn about. So that’s something that
you can do, right off the bat is, is search for meetups in your area. Another
thing that I would recommend is, finding local real estate investors
associations. Local real estate investors associations are great, because people
from all over the place and your local area will come together. Also
a very like-minded individuals, who are looking to see success in that specific
area in real estate or or find out different parts of real estate. Or maybe
you’re looking to build a power team as part of this, right? Your local real
estate investors association is an awesome way for you to reach out to
other people and put together maybe that power team. Another thing that you can do
is to go to local events. And sometimes these are national type of events that
are happening in your local area. You know, those are places that attract
individuals who are looking to invest in real estate. Who are current real estate
investors. Oftentimes, those real estate investors will come to those to also be
looking for their next partners. So this is all about learning how to network for
me. And keeping your eyes and your mind open for areas and places that you
can go to meet up with those individuals. So if you’re looking to find real estate
investors in your area. If you’re looking to rub shoulders with like-minded
individuals. Those are three areas that I can see right off the bat where you can
go. The fourth thing that I want to say and this is where you want to get clear,
is number one, before I jump into this fourth one, I want you to understand what
it is that you really want. Why do you want to identify who these investors are?
What is it you’re really looking for? Again, get clear. Are you building a power
team? Are you looking to learn or are you looking for your next partner? And
depending on what it is that you’re doing is really going to determine some
of your next actions. But one of the things that I will say is, make sure that
whatever you do, you align yourself with a company or with a power team or with
individuals who have your same morals, values and ideals and who get after it.
Who have experience, who have success in those areas don’t just get
out there and look for anybody because anybody isn’t necessarily going to get you
to accomplishing your goals. You want to identify those individuals that have
done amazing things in the areas that you’re looking to succeed in. And by
connecting with those individuals, by learning from those individuals, by maybe
even partnering up with those individuals or by even investing with
those individuals. That can open up doors and opportunities, that you never thought
were even there open or even possible. One of the things that’s been really fun
for Kris and I as we’ve worked together over the last decade or more is, being
able to work with individuals just like you, who are searching, who are looking
for new ways and opportunities. And who are sick and tired of being burned. A
quick side note, and I’ll tie this in, but years ago, Kris and I worked for a
company that sold education, and real estate education. We were working
for a lot of the big name gurus. And I won’t go through the long list of all
these different gurus. A lot of them you’ve heard of. But they were selling a
lot of great information. The harsh reality is that most people that got
into a lot of those other programs, never saw success. And I’m talking about less
than 2% of those people ever saw the success that they were looking for
because a lot of those programs lacked what most people actually need. Which
I’ll list off here, for just a second. Most people are looking for a
need, education, right? So good education is important. Most those programs had
that. So necessarily, it wasn’t necessarily about just the information
of the education. The other thing that they needed was, some hand-holding. Most
of the other programs that I saw and that we were helping uni-sell didn’t really
have a whole lot of that component. They would call it mentoring and coaching but
most people at the end of the day, would be on the phone with a college kid, right?
Who was reading a script to you and asking you all what do you want to do in
real estate? Yeah and for me it’s like, no, if I’m coming to you and I’m
trying to learn from you I don’t want you to ask me what I want to do in real
estate.I want you to tell me what are some of the best strategies in real
estate. And what do I need to do to get there. And so, make sure that as
you’re moving forward, you’ve got someone, you’re working with somebody, or you’re
looking to work with somebody, who can give you very concrete measured things,
action steps that you can take to see the success that you’re looking for. You
know, so as you’re getting along your journey, as you’re looking to connect
with somebody, as you’re looking to amass and acquire your own power team or
connect with other investors, make sure that those are individuals that have
success. That have done things in the area that
you want to do. Get clear on what you want, and if they don’t, then plug into a
group or a team that can provide that. for you.
And like I said before, one of the greatest joys that Kris and I have had,
has been in working with individuals just like you and helping them achieve
their goal and and amass great success. Whether they have money to start out
with or they started out with nothing or a little to nothing. And so, if
that’s you, if you’re looking for something better, if you’re looking for a
power team, if you’re looking to rub shoulder with investors, if you’re
looking for a community, then go ahead and click this link up here as well.
Learn how we might be able to help you with that. We love to help you. And if not,
get out there. Go find your next partners. Go to some of those meetups, go to those
real estate investors associations even go to some of those bigger
kind of guru events, be wary but go to them, to find those other individuals who
may be a great part of your next step in investing. Thank you so much for
joining us today and thank you Steven Michael Miller for being there. Make sure
that you subscribe every single day. We’re pumping out videos and content
based on you, so go ahead and comment below if there’s different kind of
videos that you’d like to see, so that me and my team can get those in the works
and have this channel benefit you as much as possible.

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