How to Find an Apartment Abroad

How to Find an Apartment Abroad

How to Find an Apartment Abroad. You can find an apartment abroad through a
rental agency, newspaper classifieds, or through adviser referrals, but take necessary precautions. You will need Destination city newspaper College
Study Abroad department and your destination country’s tourism office. Step 1. Select your rental preference. Options include a flat with a short-term lease,
a long-term rental, or a sublet from someone who will be gone for a period of time. Step 2. Do an internet search for apartment rentals
in your destination city. You’ll get a long list of results, so weed
out the best choices. Step 3. Browse ads for furnished apartments in your
destination city’s online newspaper. Place a “Rental Wanted” ad in an English-language
newspaper. In a city where apartments go fast, read local
newspaper ads only after you arrive and prepare to act fast. Step 4. Contact a college’s Study Abroad program adviser
even if you’re not a student. They may know of rental agencies in your destination
city. Step 5. Contact a university in your destination city
for advice on locating rentals. Some colleges may offer their own long-term
room rentals. Step 6. Go to the Tourism Offices Worldwide site to
find contact info on tourism offices in your destination country. They may offer accommodations searches. Some countries have tourism offices in the
U.S. Visit a local office if one is near you. Step 7. Before you make a final decision, read “Security
Guidelines for American Families Living Abroad” at the U.S. State Department site. Safety should be a priority when renting abroad. Did you know Instead of monthly rent, many
Korean landlords have foreigners pay _jeonse_, a returnable deposit typically over 40 percent
of an apartment’s purchase value.

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