How To Create Wealth Through Real Estate

How To Create Wealth Through Real Estate

Hello, I’m Kris Krohn and my passion is
to help people live a limitless life. Now it’s obvious, limitless living isn’t easy
if you’re always strapped for money so part of my work is setting people on a
path to financial freedom. There are many ways to create wealth but the surest and
fastest road is real estate, it always was, it always will be.
How do I know that? Because I retired on my own real estate wealth at the age of
26. As a college kid, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have credit and I barely had
any time, what I did have and what you’ll need was a burning passion to live free
of financial burdens so I learned everything that I could about investing
in real estate. The result of the effort was a happy shock to me and everyone who
knew me. Today, my life is my own. If I wanted to, I could sit on the beach, we’ll
play golf all day but that’s not my reason for living. Sure, I love to travel
and I spend lots of time with my beautiful family but on top of that, I
have a personal mission to change lives. That’s why you’re seeing me here
passionate about sharing my knowledge with you. What I know can save you
hundreds of thousands of dollars and just as important,
hundreds of wasted hours. I learn the hard way, it’s my privilege to make the
journey far easier for you. Some people truly fall in love with real estate and
like to be hands-on with every project others however, want to make as much
money with this little activity as possible. It doesn’t matter which camp
you fall into, I have extraordinary strategies for both kinds of investors.
Just look at the track record, along with my amazing team,
I’ve already helped thousands of individuals just like you make
profitable investments nearly a billion dollars total in real estate and still
growing, many of those people have set themselves totally free. I don’t know
exactly why you’re drawn to real estate investment, what I do know is this,
there’s something you want in your life that will only be possible when you’ve
transformed your financial situation. Here at Limitless Wealth TV, I can help
you do just that. So do you feel limited by money or credit or time?
Here’s my message for you, please don’t let that hold you back.
No matter where you start from, I can show you the way to creep whatever you
desire through real estate if you’ll simply follow the steps I’ll shoot. Your
next step is easy, just click the button below to subscribe, hit the bell and join
me everyday here at Limitless Wealth TV. Together, we’re going to rock your world.

28 thoughts on “How To Create Wealth Through Real Estate

  1. First

  2. Good trailer! When's the movie coming out?

  3. been a fan from the start man! This one is motivating!

  4. has anyone purchased his thousand dollar course?

  5. Kris – I am addicted to you videos… I need to become addicted to taking action! I am starting a new job on Monday and will check back in in 6-months when I have 35k to put up – until then Future Mentor!

  6. Kris how did you go pass your fears and doubts about taking the first step? I’m 25 and currently working at a dead end job (burnt out) broke. Been thinking about doing real estate for a while now just don’t no where to start.

  7. Can I do this real estate business in India

  8. Hello im 19 and wanting to get rental properties and or flip houses. would doing a real estate and/or realtor course help me understand basic things such as refinancing, law, evicting people all the paper forms etc? will this enable me to buy and sell houses my self? Ofcourse i will do self education also have you got any advice and/or resources please? I have made a fair bit of money through crypto and want to shift some of that wealth into real estate 🙂

  9. Beautiful video!

  10. hey Kris, so im 25 and bought an 80K condo a little over a year ago all cash from years and years of saving and living at home. I renovated the condo and am now living in it. I am now a licensed Realtor in columbus ohio. I want to start investing in real estate sooner rather than later, just wondering if you have any tips for me. thanks

  11. What do you think about Fundrise?

  12. I will like to be part of yoou group. I have some money safe up.. can you please tell me how..thank you

  13. 17 years old turning 18 soon I want to make a change in my life can you make a video on that please?

  14. I would love to be financially free.. I am 23 years old and Im a welder. Its a very tough Job, long hours with alot of risk. I dint know where to set my foot in life so i went based on what my parents taught me, Work Hard To get what you want and thats what i been doing ever since. I thought about getting into real estate a while back but i backoff out of fear because i dint know what to do and that i thought my parent would think im crazy. Now im here, Deadend Job No life trading time for money. :/

  15. okay, i really like your plan a lot. But here is the question: how are you going to manage all the taxes on those houses? and as your income increases, the income tax imposed on you increases. And I live in India so the tax here is like really bad and I seriously don't want to make black money.
    Please reply, looking ahead for an answer asap.
    Thanks, Love ur videos

  16. I just wish stupid 18 year olds weren't allowed to buy stuff like this. Should have to be 21…..

  17. Stocks are the fatstest way to long term wealth. You are wrong

  18. Teach me

  19. Great series of videos. Thoughts on Hong Kong? a city that is often looked upon as the world's most overvalued housing market…where a 430 sq.ft flat currently sells at an average of >USD600,000

  20. Sony's should know you

  21. Want to join u sir

  22. I need help

  23. Its very stressful i need the right people to work with. So i would appreciate help thanks

  24. Hi Kris. I wonder how does your mentoring and partnering program work? As I look at the website, it does not state clearly. I try to contact your team but the person I talk to does not give me useful info.

  25. Who’s here from Jack

  26. Can u be a billionaire at the age of 11

  27. I came from jack

  28. Do. These tipa work sexy

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