How to Create an IDX Broker Wrapper | IDX Real Estate Websites [6:36] 2018

How to Create an IDX Broker Wrapper | IDX Real Estate Websites [6:36] 2018

hello this is Catherine Chadwick
project manager for Ballen Brands today I’m going to show you how to build an IDXBroker wrapper for your website you’re gonna want to have one of these so that you
keep your theme cohesive throughout your widget pages pages that you’re building
through a DX broker for example when someone clicks a listing and goes to
that page for the listing it looks like they’re still you know on your website
and they’re actually viewing the listing without leaving your theme and they can
still access your navigation so what you want to do there are several different
ways to create and you want to be on your WordPress WordPress dashboard for
this now if you have a brew we’ve made it really easy for you you would just go
down to brew and a DX wrappers and you would add a new wrapper this is
basically the page would come up and you will name it whatever you want
city real estate and then you will publish that page now something to keep in mind so now you
have your wrapper and this is the URL that it would be under but what you need
to keep in mind is that whatever you put in the tighter line is going to show
right up here on the top of your rapper and so you really don’t want that
sometimes so what you would do is just edit that take out the title and update
it and that way when you view the page which we’re going to do right now
you’ll see that there’s no title here so you would be free from from that above
it would look just like this so what you would do is you would take this URL for
your rapper and you would be logged into your idx broker dashboard and you’re
going to want to go to designs rappers and this is gonna be a dynamic global
rapper and you would just paste the URL into the space and save your changes so
that’s what you would do if you have a brew that you want to build your rapper
for if you have the idx broker plugin impress you would go to IM pete rest
impress here you would go to rappers and as you can see we have one created here
but it’s the same concept you will add a wrapper give it a title publish it and
then if you want to go back and remove the title and update it and then you
would take that URL place it in this space a dynamic URL space and save your
changes so as you can see this one’s already
made and when we view it it looks just like this has no title and this is
actually what is being used right now right here IDXWrapper 570
right here IDXWrapper on this particular
website so that’s what you’re seeing here is this rapper that’s been created
now if you come into a situation where you need to create one manually you can
do that as well by creating a page so what you’d want to
do is go to pages and add a new page we’re gonna call this test a DX rapper
but you would name it whatever your City real estate whatever you want to name it
and then you’re gonna go to the text portion of your editing box and you’re
gonna want to put in this that’s for the cname have the wrong thing up there okay
you’re gonna want to put in a code for on the back end in that text area so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put in this code right here so I’ll pause
just a second so you can see it I’m gonna put this on the – in the text end now when you click over to visual you
won’t see anything but it’s still there and then we would publish this page again you most likely don’t want this
title here so we will after it’s been published remove that and update it and
then you would take your URL for the page which would be this and you would
copy and paste it into this spot and save it and that’s how you would do one
manually if you came across a situation where you needed that but in most cases
you can use your brew controls or the impressed controls to create your idx
wrapper quite easily I hope this helped you out make sure you like the video and
subscribe to the channel for more helpful hints for your IDXBroker Brew ( 702-917-0755)

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