How to Create a Sales Page for an Online Course – A Sneak Peek

How to Create a Sales Page for an Online Course – A Sneak Peek

So, I’m supposed to present at this
online teacher submit and for the last month I’ve been slaving over five
presentations that I supposed to create to show you how to create a sales page
for your online course that sells the course for you. And I’ve been cruising
myself for agreeing to do this. I’ve been cursing my friend for talking me into
doing this because it was just an enormous amount of work. It was pretty
hard to fit in within my client work schedule, but finally, yesterday I
submitted all my presentations and I feel super. My god, I’m a free person now and
actually, I like how they turned out. Actually, I like it a lot, and I wanted to
give you a sneak peek into my presentations and for those of you who
know and follow me here, I would like to just share my joy that I got this huge
task done, and to those of you who are thinking about creating an online course
who maybe just need a final push or to clarify some questions, I would like to
invite you to join our online submit where 3 other people will be
presenting apart from myself and where you can also ask questions. So, here’s a
sneak peek to my presentation on how to create a stellar sales page for your
online course that sells your course for you. Please have a look and let me know
in the comments what do you think. 5 biggest misconceptions about the sales
page of your course. Now, why shouldn’t we even talk about this? This sounds more
like some blog posts you wrote when you ran out of ideas.
5 biggest misconceptions. So exciting. But actually I think this is
very important because misconceptions are constraints that prevent you from
doing your best. It’s like you’re sitting in a box where the walls are built from the things you believe about your sales page that that are not true. And
even if I give you tips and tricks about effective copy or design, if you can’t
move past these walls your page and your course won’t perform as good as they
could. How to structure your sales page to create an intuitive journey for your
prospects. Well, good question actually the answer may be simpler than
you think, and in the next 20 minutes I would like to talk about how the
structure of the page should be approached and show you an example of a structure that actually is something you can easily adjust to your own needs. But first of all, let’s talk about what actually your page should communicate.
Writing effective copy: Techniques to use and mistakes to avoid. This will be fun. I
hope as much fun for you to learn about this as it was for me creating this
because I’m using a lot of practical examples from real online course pages
anonymize of course but with the main problem was preserved. So I hope this
will be very label and super useful to you. So let’s jump straight in and start
with the mistake number one. Bloody long sentences. Brain-racking copy. And here we have the first example. Shall we read it or is your brain already hurting? So
let’s try reading this. This course is built and transformed you a busy freelancer into the confident business owner in a short… oh and you
drift off, and your prospects drifted off, and they never learned about all the
great benefits that actually come after this in short period of time. The
sentence is not bad in the sense of what it’s trying to communicate. It’s trying
to communicate the benefits which is a great idea. The means are not great
unfortunately. Your prospects will just scroll down through it. So generally
speaking, what to do with long sentences? Presenting your pricing so that it looks
like a bargain. Well I have good news for you and I have bad news for you. First,
the bad news in your pricing section you can’t win. You can only lose because
price can’t make up for missing information, jargon, clutter, lack of
clarity, lack of value. If you did something wrong on the page before, no
pricing will convert the prospect it can only help you seal the deal that is
already on the way. But… (that’s obviously the good news)
if you did everything else right on your page, presenting your price is the way
that it will make a prospect say “yes” is actually simple. How to make sure your
design isn’t getting in the way of your sales. Well, there are two things we’ve
already established in previous presentations. One of them is that you
need to customize the page template to match your brand. And the second one is
that even if you customize the template with your colors and your font families
that you use on your website. Otherwise you can’t rely on the page
template to have user-friendly design. So the big question is what is
user-friendly design? How to distinguish between just pretty design
and the design that will actually get you signups for your course? Well this
may sound like a question that is worth of a book. And who is gonna answer this in
20 minutes anyways? Well, I will try to give you a an idea, to give you some
information about what is at the core of it. How can you yourself in your own
context, for your own audience decide what is the effective design? something
very fundamental that I hope will actually change how you view design and
make your design more efficient.

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  1. Thanks for the preview. See next week at the online summit!

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