How To Create A Real Estate Website In Less Than 5 Minutes (1 of 2) – Domain, Hosting & WordPress

How To Create A Real Estate Website In Less Than 5 Minutes (1 of 2) – Domain, Hosting & WordPress

– [Seth] Hey there this is
Seth from the Retipster blog. When I first got into
real estate investing, I had no idea how to build websites. So it was one of the last things that I could possibly manage to pull off. What I eventually found was that I wasn’t the only person
with this problem. I know that there’s a lot of investors out there who would absolutely love to create a better online presence, but they just have no clue how to do it. So they just kinda give up or they just sort of ignore it. I’m telling you right now, that is the wrong thing to do, okay. A real estate website can be an immensely helpful and important
thing in your business. It’ll position you as an expert, build your brand identity, help you reach a global marketplace. We’re talking anybody in the world. And it’s a way to make your business available to people 24/7. Any time a customer wants
to get a hold of you or find out more information about who they’re gonna do business with, they can do that if you’ve got a great website up and running. The good news is, it’s actually not that difficult to create a website. This video is part one
and I’m gonna show you how in less than five minutes you can have your website online and ready to go. So if you’re ready to rock, step one of this process is to click on the bluehost affiliate link you see below this video. If you’re watching this
on the REtipster blog you can see a banner
right below this video. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can click on the notes below and you’ll see the link right on the top. Once you click on that link, it’s gonna take you right over to the sign up page over at bluehost. Alright, now once you click on the affiliate link below this video you’re gonna see a page that resembles something like this. Now I know depending on
when you’re watching this bluehost may have updated
this page a little bit. You might see a different
layout or a different picture or something may be different. But really all you have to do is go click on this button right here. Now the first thing you’re gonna do is to pick your domain name. Most people are probably gonna wanna pick something that vaguely resembles the name of their
business or what they do. Something to that effect. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m just going to put
Easy Real Estate Website. Click next. Alright, this next step is to put in all of your personal
and payment information. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that. And I’m just gonna cover this up just to protect my own personal info. When you move down here to
the package information, as you’re looking at all these details you’re gonna notice that the more you’re willing to buy at once the better price you’re going to get. But I’m just gonna get 12 months. When it comes to these options here I’m gonna uncheck these two and I’m gonna get this Domain
Who’s Privacy option checked. Which is an extra $9.99 per year. And just so you understand
what that means, it’s really just something that’s gonna protect your privacy in case anyone is ever trying to look into who you are and who owns your particular domain. So I always feel better
having that checked. Then you go down here
to billing information, and you just put in your info. Follow the usual drill. And I’m gonna cover this up one more time for obvious reasons. Go down here and make
sure this box is checked. And then hit next. The next page is gonna show you all these additional add ons that you can include in your package if you want to. Personally, I don’t need any of them so I’m just gonna go to the
bottom and hit complete. Okay, now our transaction
is officially complete. We’ve bought the domain name and the hosting for one full year. The next step is to create your password. So I’m gonna do that quick. Alright, now to create your new password bluehost actually requires you come up with a pretty complex password. You can’t just do your typical password123 or anything like that. Just to make sure that
you don’t forget yours, whatever it happens to be, I’d probably recommend saving it in a safe place just
so you have it on hand. And create that. And then it’s gonna ask you to actually log in to your account using that same password you just created. So let’s go ahead and do that. Now once you’re in here you’re gonna wanna go up here where it says cPanel, that stands for control panel. That’s gonna bring you to a screen that looks something like this. The first thing you’re
gonna wanna do is click on this WordPress button
for website builders. You go through this process here, just give it a couple seconds. When you see this page, you’re gonna go right over here to start a brand new install. Click on that. When you see these two boxes, you’ll check both of them. I’m gonna call this
Easy Real Estate Website because that’s the name of the domain. We got all the other stuff there so we will keep going. And then once those are both checked you’ll just hit install now. This installation can take a few seconds so just be patient and
let it do it’s thing. Alright, now our installation is complete. Once you see this message you’re gonna wanna click on this link right here that says Login URL. ‘Cause that’s the URL
that you’re gonna need any time you wanna log
into your WordPress site. Just as a starting point we’ll go there. I’m just gonna put in my
user name and password. And if for some reason you
don’t know what that is, they just gave you your username and password on the previous screen. So that’s where they give it to you. Log in. When you first log in to
your WordPress website it’s gonna look something like this. WordPress has actually changed the look of this back end thing a few times. So depending on when you’re watching this, it may not look exactly like this but you should be able to follow along because it should look something like it. Now if you go up here, you can actually see what you’re website
looks like right now. As you’ll see, it really
doesn’t look like much. It looks like just kind of a blank blog without any real information because you haven’t put any information there yet. So you’re website is
officially online and live, but in order to actually make it look like something, you’re gonna have to go on to step two. Where I’m gonna show
you how to either create a buying website, a
selling website, or a blog. As you’ll see, all three of them are relatively easy to do. It’s not terribly complicated. Follow the steps that I’m gonna show you and you can do it in no time. Hopefully, this first step was helpful. If you can spare just a few more minutes and join me at step two, I will show you how to finish the job and get your real estate website completed, up and running, and helping to serve your business. Thanks again and I will talk to you soon.

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  1. Where is step 2?

  2. Hey Seth thanks for sharing this man!

  3. Hi Seth. please can you make more video explain for us step by step how to build real estate website ( wordpress, theme, widgets, search engine, listing , ect ) from scratch because you're both video was very fast we need more time from you. you are the BEST one I found in YouTube . Many Thanks ?

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