How To Create A Real Estate Lead Page, Real Estate Emails & SMS Follow Up In Under 15 Seconds!

How To Create A Real Estate Lead Page, Real Estate Emails & SMS Follow Up In Under 15 Seconds!

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I’m gonna break down and show you how simple it is go through and get up your own real estate lead generation site Your real estate emails your real estate text message all of the follow up process So you can follow up with every single one of your leaves with success now before I dive in and show you guys exactly how to get this all set up in a matter of just seconds if you guys want my real estate Email templates my text missions temples basically kind of like that 7 to 10 day Follow-up for all of your leads whether they’re coming in from Facebook or Trulia Zillow wherever they’re coming from Just kind of a proven format of how to go through and follow up with all those leads Go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and also drop a comment down below and I will share with you Everyone that gives a thumbs up and comments down below That follow-up sequence so you can go through and have a better fall because we’ve all heard a million times guys the fortune is in the follow up and that’s dead-on 100% accurate because you know You really could go and generate leads every single day. But if you’re not following up with them It’s really not gonna help you out at all, right? So anyway guys with that said if you guys are brand new here My name is Jason Wardrop and I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So if you guys are brand new make sure you subscribe with that said guys Let’s dive in I’m gonna jump onto my computer and show you guys exactly how to go through and within like 10 to 15 seconds have your lead generation side doesn’t matter if you’re going for buyers leads or Seller leads or even listing these if you’ve got an open house Whatever it is and how to have all of the emails written and the text message fall up written completely done for you So let’s zoom onto my computer So right here this is the our Celente g lead generation crm software and If you guys are not already a member i’ll drop a link down below in the description as well so you can grab a free 7-day trial Kind of just test out see what you guys think go create one of your own legionary sites go and do exactly what i’m going To show you on this video right here So what we’re gonna do and this is actually a brand new update that even if you guys have been Arsenal members and following me For a little bit of time now This is something that we just add I actually just this morning. So it really hasn’t been around that long So it’s gonna be pretty cool what you guys are going to see right here So all we’re going to do is we’re here to this website’s tab We’re actually changing this we’re gonna change like leadpages because we’re not necessarily Creating a website because a website is kind of like your homepage got your about us contact all that information We’re more creating a lead generation site or a lead page or a landing page So they’re all kind of synonymous the kind of same thing and right here you can see we’ve got our existing landing pages already built But if you want to go through and create a new lead generation site With all the follow-up emails. All you have to do now is come over here and click create a new website Okay, and as I mentioned guys it’s gonna say create a new landing page or lead site depend on when you guys jump on hoping To have this updated this week now. We’ve got our real estate site So you’ve got our listy leads open house sell these so leads buyer leads if you don’t have any listings We’ve got some mortgage templates then we’ve got a bunch of other random templates down here as well but In order to do this guys. Look at this. This is so simple so easy So let’s say you want to go through and create a sell release campaign Okay, so let’s go and let’s say we’re gonna do the seller leads the seven tips right here. So we’ll click choose right here Okay, this is gonna kick us into the website builder. We can go edit the images the tax everything Customize it to you and your business now The nice thing is is we’ve kind of already got the headline sub-headline Call-to-action all that stuff already like just done for you because we want to simplify this for you as much as possible right now Maybe down here in the bottom You got to come in here and maybe you got to add your like company name right and then your company address just to be compliant something like that because there’s you know There’s all the rules every States a little bit different so you should know the rules in your state But we’ve got this when they hit get the tips It’ll pop up a form to get their name phone or an email address. And now look at this. We’ll click publish it says website saved and published and now look guys we’re gonna exit back out and Literally in what 20 30 seconds guys, we’ve got this landing page set up Okay, so we get hit get the tips we put in their name email and phone we hit submit That person becomes a lead in your arsenal CRM or if you want to seek with your own personal see and sinks with that then look at this guy’s I’ve Already got all the emails and the text messages all the follow up on complete auto-pilot already done So we just click on follow-ups right here and look at this guy’s so immediately we can see we’ve got an email going out immediately and a text message going out immediately because we want to Get in touch with this lead on as many different platforms locations as possible and then ideally this system what’s the new lead comes in is gonna send you an email and Or even a text message letting you know that a new lead came in So you can get that person a phone call right away and get that personal touch that personal contact now Look at this one day later. Another text messages being sent out so you can see immediately this text is going out one day later another text four days later an email and Then another four days later or you can see you can see the delay here So after one day after three days after four days got another text another email another text another email So we’re just going through and we’re following up with this person so that we can maximize The number of points that we’re setting from the leads that were generating Look at this guy’s so we click on any of these emails and says hi first name you really don’t even have to touch these emails like you can go in here and you can tweak and edit it and Customize it to you and your business but look at this. It says hi. First name and whatever They put in right here is their first name. Okay, it’s gonna Automatically, z’ don’t then this is the last day you can see right here But says hey, please don’t don’t hesitate to reach out My direct number is and then auto populate with your phone number the phone number that you have on account with your file. Okay, so Same thing here This text message says hi person name whatever the name is there and then it puts a your phone number It says my first name my last name, that’s your personal information right there So all you have to do is literally go over here and you just click create a new site we’re gonna fix that as I mentioned guys the lead page with lead site because it is a landing page, right and We’re you just click on a listing leads. Maybe you want to sell early So these buyer leaves whatever it is and that all of these follow-ups already pre-built as we showed you guys So when you click on follow-ups You’ve got all of it already done Kate because like we’ve had before in the past the real sick email templates Which if you guys give this video a thumbs up comment down below Even if you guys aren’t members I’m going to share those with you guys But it sometimes like I mean that still takes some time to go through and copy and paste Everything into your your lead generation platform, right? So now what we’ve done is we’ve just simplified this for you we’ve got all of these in here already pre-built and Guys, we’ve got some really cool new updates coming for you as well I’m meeting with our dev team later this week like our whole support team we’ve all been together the last two days and we’ve been discussing some really cool new updates that I think you guys are gonna really enjoy really like cleaning up a lot of stuff giving you guys more analytics more just kind of like details on how the emails and text message are going out and just how to overall improve your business your follow up your lead generation and automate a lot of this stuff because Honestly like our end goal is to save you a ton of time improve your lead generation and improve your lead follow-up which you know The time saver is huge especially right here with the landing pages and getting that follow-up in So anyway guys, hopefully you guys thought that was as cool as I think it is I think it’s gonna save you a ton of time and just be able to help you with that automated follow-up and the great thing about this is Even if you have a lead opt-in at 2 a.m. Or even at 3 p.m You’re an appointment you’re showing you’re something like that. You’re busy. The system’s gonna still send out the emails it’s gonna send still send out the text messages and you know, once you’re ready, you can go through jump on a phone call and Get that reach out to that person and one cool thing that we’re doing I’ll give you guys a spoiler here is we’re gonna add tasks reminders as well So like part of this follow-up, we’re gonna auto create tasks So like day one, we’re gonna send a task like to you to notify you saying like hey Don’t forget to call this person then maybe you can see right here like maybe after two days day three You give that person another call So you’re kind of like drop in phone calls and you know Which leads you should be calling on which days and kind of like the right the right sequence So that you’re not getting everything lost in the shuffle, right? So anyway, that’s gonna be super helpful. Super cool and With that said if you guys want the real estate email and text messaging templates For buyer leads seller leaves listen leads all the different types of leads. Go ahead Give the video a thumbs up drop a comment down below and if you guys are not subscribed if you guys are brand new here The channel make sure you subscribe because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you all later

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