How to Create a Cool Name for Your Real Estate Business?

How to Create a Cool Name for Your Real Estate Business?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cleveroad Studio. Today we’re going to touch upon a very important
issue – Brand Naming for real estate business. Are you ready to put the first cornerstone
into your business and give it a brand name? Real estate industry is definitely one of
the most competitive. For better or for worse, your company name
creates a first impression with customers-to-be and investors. It’s the foundation of your brand’s initiatives
and growth. So naming is not a decision that should be
taken lightly. Let’s start with three inevitable steps
each new company has to take to generate a catchy name. Step 1. Brainstorm. The first step of generating great business
ideas is brainstorming. To make this session as effective as possible,
you should get prepared for it. Think of the solutions individually and make
a list of ideas that you will introduce to others. Secondly, define your target customers. For an agency dealing with elite, expensive
housing “affordable housing” doesn’t fit. On the contrary, if you are engaged in selling
simple apartments, it’s silly to use the word “elite” in the name of the firm. Next, Think of your company’s competitive
advantage. It will help you reflect it in real estate
name ideas. If you work with both commercial and residential
real estate, then the name should be general. If you work with only one kind, it is desirable
to outline the range of services you provide. Keep in mind the geographical coverage. If you are going global, take into account
that the same word or phrase can have different meanings throughout the world. You can also watch this video to know our
insight on creating a competitive app name and description. Step 2. Research. When you have a list of catchy real estate
names you are considering, it’s time to narrow down the list. You should Study your competition to single
out your brand’s distinction and play on it. Then make Keywords Analysis and Comply with
a domain name. Step 3. Evaluate. Think about your customers. Will it be easy for them to operate with the
name you’re thinking about? Beside your customers’ convenience, think
of your business growth and development. It will be grounded on the brand name you’re
creating right now. When you go through these steps, you can be
certain that the name you’ve chosen will serve your business well. There is another way, however. You can use online real estate company name
generators. There are tons of suchlike services available
on the Internet. You can even choose a suitable one for your
approach. No matter which way you acquire the ideas,
this process is rather tricky. You may make mistakes that can negatively
affect your company brand and reputation in the future. So here are 5 common mistakes you’d better
try to avoid when choosing a real estate agency name. Involving too many people in the decision-making
process. Of course, brainstorming implies the collective
discussion of all possible ideas. However, this isn’t true about making the
actual decision. Complicated names that require decoding or
plain boring names aren’t good for your business. Following cliches and Misspelling words are
also not the best strategies for naming. There are a lot more mistakes you have to
avoid when naming your real estate agency. What if you discover that you’ve made a crucial
one when your business is long under way? Is it okay to change real estate company names? The truth is, it’s much worse not to change
the name if it misleads your company. The name change can be a part of your business
rebranding campaign in case you’re afraid to lose customers. The threat can be minimized by applying some
well-proven techniques, like mirror changes and enlarged transition periods. That’s all for today. Hope you’ll use all your creativity and
sensibility to initiate a start for your real estate agency and name it after you’ve considered
short-term and long-term perspectives. If you need our helping hand, we are at your
service. Bye for now and don’t forget to subscribe.

One thought on “How to Create a Cool Name for Your Real Estate Business?

  1. Question, I'm getting into real estate but I'll be wholesaling, investing, flipping and fixing.
    So should the end name be,
    A- Properties
    B- Investors
    C- Investment
    D- Real Estate?

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