How to Change BREW Featured Listings – Ballen Real Estate Websites

How to Change BREW Featured Listings  – Ballen Real Estate Websites

Hello! This is Catherine Chadwick, Project Manager
of Ballen Brands. Today, I’m going to show you where to change
the Featured widget that is on the main page of your BREW. While logged in to the BREW dashboard, you
need to go to the top black bar and click edit page. Once you’re on that page, you’re going to
see different two sections. There will be a white section of boxes and
a gray section of boxes. What you want for this particular change is
located in the white box area. BREW Featured Listings is where you will find
the code for the widget for the showcase that is currently on your BREW. The code is located in the text portion of
the editor. If you clicked the text, you would see the
code there. This is what you would want to remove and
replace with a new code if you wanted to change that widget out. Once you made the change, you would click
this blue update button to update the new showcase on the main page. You can also change the heading text in this
location. Some of you have Featured Listings you may
have featured properties or Homes for Sale already written in this area. If you wanted to change the wording that is
where you would do that as well. Hope you found this video helpful. Make sure you like our videos and subscribe
to the channel and make sure you click to get notifications, so you know when new videos
are uploaded.

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