How to Build Self Confidence

How to Build Self Confidence

100 thoughts on “How to Build Self Confidence

  1. Blah blah blah blah wth

  2. I was smiling and crying at the same time the entire video.

  3. You are awesome, thank you so much💖

  4. It makes me perfect and I get many confidence because of this video. Thank you very much

  5. This is soo helpful

  6. I'm glad I've found this vid

  7. thankyou!

  8. I feel ugly 🙁

  9. Wake up each morning and feel important, feel loved and cherished and above all stay positive in all that you do, adopt the "yes I can" slogan and make things happen for you.

  10. Superb

  11. :'( thank you

  12. A flaw is just a perfection in disguise💙💜

  13. I love this! keep posting things like this please

  14. Its sad……………..because i dont have any confidence😭😭😭WHYY??!!!!

  15. You wanna know who is beautiful,
    Read the first letter!😃

  16. You are amazing girl thank u ❤️

  17. Just subscribed 😍 self confidence is what I need to focus on. This video was amazing 😉

  18. Wow so much helpful

  19. come back 🙁

  20. 1:56 mini heart attack

  21. its easy when you are not ugly and fat

  22. Does anyone else come to these videos to try to help sadness, but you start to want to cry, but you hold your tears in and your throat hurts

  23. Cool

  24. I always worry too much. To help me I write a "worry, wonderful" list
    I can play guitar
    Good at math
    Clear skin
    Can paint and draw
    Pretty hair and eyes
    Even though I worry about my height I think it's cute being short!
    I worry about my baby face but it's cute!

    I usually find more things I like about myself, it really does give me a positive boost!

  25. Like the saying 'imperfectly perfect' 👌

  26. I miss her so much! 2018 and I'm binge watching her videos

  27. I feel like people judge me for being too girly. A girl in my class called me fat and ugly. She makes fun of me for wearing dresses. But I realized that the way I am is unique! And I've learned to like the way I am <3. But its still hard to deal with the bully in my class. She calls me weird, fat, ugly, crazy, insane, that nobody wants to be friends with a girly girl like me. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with the girl?

  28. thank you Michelle)))

  29. My makeup tips for face confidence….Covergirl ever red dye lipstick and black winged liner

  30. If I have one of them as my girlfriend
    Life would be so beautiful and full of confidence. 🙂

  31. This made me cry, thanks…..❤

  32. Ur speech motivates me😊😘

  33. Also something I use for my equine riding. Fold a paper into three parts. On the top, write a list on what you have learned and what you're confident about and what you have done, next write one on what you will learn and what you will be confident about and what you will do, next write what you will never learn do or be confident of…. read it all 3 times

    Tear off the bottom… set it on fire. Watch it burn. And read the paper you have left again

  34. Thank you so much

  35. I cant reallu do anythingn about me

  36. I am heart broken i miss you mish❤️

  37. Think positively
    Find your qualities
    Have buddy system
    Pass your wisdom
    Stay positive

  38. i love you too

  39. This really means a lot thx Michelle😃😃

  40. Just uninstalled wtsapp just to watch ur videos without distractions

  41. 😫 I miss this YouTube queen

  42. Hi Michelle Phan ❤ I really loved your videos. Thank you so much for motivating me 😘

  43. short but sweet

  44. Make more videos! Please

  45. Is she Vietnameses ?

  46. thankyou for this kind of video💕

  47. I want to share why im here couz i cant share it with anyone around me.

    Lately i feel so down, i think ive lost all my self confidence. I dont want to see my classmates anymore. Theyre always making fun of me, always comparing me to a dog. For them its just a joke and i tried my best to take it as a joke but i am really hurt. I tried my best to ignore them, after making fun of me they always say "i love you kyla", thats their way of saying that its only a joke but i really lost my confidence because of that. Do i look like a dog? Im always crying alone where no one can see me. Im pretending infront of my family that im happy in my new school like i used to be in my previous school. Im putting this here hoping someone will understand me.

  48. I hope that one day she just returns to YouTube ;_;

  49. Did anyone else have 100% confidence but then when I started school I dropped to 0% confidence just being constantly told by people that they are better than you and things that aren’t perfect about yourself that you didn’t even realise yourself I understand why people homeschool

    Like if you agree or this is what happened to you x

  50. Luv u sister

  51. I like u u r so beautiful but u speach beautiful than that

  52. We miss you❤

  53. i love you!! i really need this motivation in my life😭😭💖thank youuu so muchh

  54. Wow

  55. But.. Michelle how can u trust someone.. When the trust is broken by your very own persons…

  56. I have 0 self confidence after this video still its not the video just me so if anyone has any tips please help me

  57. This video helped me a lot 🙂

  58. Is she using a pencil as a capo? I don't play guitar but I have friends that do and that is a GENIUS idea

  59. This is a really great video because I learn how to gain confidence. This video is as helpful as this article I found @t

  60. I miss you, Michelle. I hope you have a good life ❤

  61. Think platonic .

  62. Love u too babe❤️

  63. This video reminded me of how much i'm worth.❤💞💗💓💕I really just needed a video like this quickly bc well the reason i stay away from i.g is bc i see prettier girls and start to feel bad i've been walking on my selfesteem and self love path and i've been teaching myself how to improve myself.🙏💙godbless everyone that read my comment.You are so awesome and if i could i would be ur friend😄

  64. Everytime the first thing that comes into my mind is- what will other people think?… This always kills my confidence.

  65. Mmmm, te amo mucho Mich bonita.

  66. Getting up in the morning and repeting some sentence
    I am the best
    I am good at what i am doing
    I can do anything when i try it

  67. Never join people who degrade you and discourage you😴😂

  68. Hi can you give my answer why are you soo beautifull and confident

  69. Loved it…much needed motivational msg…

  70. I am over shy i don't know what to do ,I couldn't be confident today😔💔 I'm sure he felt that 😢 .
    anyone can help?

  71. Great encouragement and personal development 🏝️😎

  72. "maybe you're good at mario kart"

  73. could anyone put the English subtitle for this video, plz?

  74. if you are like me and don't have self esteem like. We can share emails and talk

  75. The internet is the worst place to confess your insecurities

  76. I feel ashamed watching this. Who am I? People think I’m that I am happy, positive, and never negative. But now I hate my body. It depends what I wear. I have a normal average body but I want my butt and legs to be skinnier.

  77. I feel hopeless

  78. wonderful speech but is it enough for me

  79. I miss 2014 but things gotta move on

  80. Thank u

  81. Until now, I have watched your amazing video. Can you engsub your video. <3
    Love ya..

  82. This is amazing thank you

  83. A video on how to build self-confidence; shows a bunch of beautiful women in it… just kidding. It is hard to not compare yourself to others tho, especially these days where it's just one click away.

  84. i remember how i really needed this video years ago. now i'm very cocky lol

    thanks michelle ♡

  85. Beautiful thanks

  86. when are you coming back michelle ? we miss you

  87. In what universe does this work? Tried all.

  88. but I have no friends 🙁 they all left me and its hard to trust ppl
    thanks for tips and positivity! u r such a nice person 🙂

  89. thank you, michelle. <33

  90. excuse me but music doesn't do anything good and

  91. may be the opposite

  92. This is very motivational

  93. I watched this video about a year ago. I've come so far since then! Thank you for that ❤

  94. thanks for this love you and miss you😍

  95. 0:35–0:44 Where was that taken from?

  96. I'm gone improve myself from today n built up my confidence

  97. I listener
    Free sprite

  98. Michelle phan is like older sister who do you want to listen when you are lost💖💖

  99. 😓

  100. Yeah, so true we are all imperfectly perfect.

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