How to Build Real Estate Relationships & Get Your Real Estate Team Growing

How to Build Real Estate Relationships & Get Your Real Estate Team Growing

Well I’ll tell you the rate you’re going you’re
looking at adding 200 agents to your brokerage in one year Wow and I know the lot of people
watching this can’t believe it but she’s on path in fact you went ahead of that goal
hi I’m Brian Icenhower and I’m here today with Emily Landin Thank You Emily for joining
us and me yeah Emily I really wanted Emily to talk to you guys because emily is the manager
of a very large real estate brokerage with over 300 agents and a big part of that is
due to her recruiting efforts in the last three months emily has recruited 51 agents
to grow the total of that office and she’s become a master recruiter and she’s coached
with us at ICC and she’s also taken our recruiting course and followed the system to a tee and
now it’s working at an extremely high level where she’s recruiting anywhere from 10 to
20 agents per month on a regular basis by implementing those systems so and we want
you to tell a little bit about how this process is working for you and definitely the first
thing I have to think is just the ICC training model modules that you guys provide and the
coaching that you provide that’s really what the first step was for me I went into this
with these expectations of we got to get recruiting numbers right it’s all at your numbers how
many are producing every single month um but what I learned really quickly was it’s not
about the numbers it’s not the relationships that you have so to me getting a coach that’s
gonna be able to talk to you and walk you through that that off the edge of why you
don’t whine to produce and what it takes to really build relationships and a pipeline
that was key to that I learned so for me having this process of just forming a relationship
with everybody that I’m coming in contact with and holding myself accountable to know
that it’s not just about the number and just it’s more about the people of it um has really
been my biggest asset and I contribute to success of what I’m doing right now yeah I
don’t think I think you’re really good at is hey you’re good with people it’s hard to
be a recruiter if you don’t like people because it’s in because it is a numbers game and it’s
a relationship yeah and what you’ve done a really good job at as you consistently have
a high number of appointments so your constant in relationship with a large number of agents
in your local area right you just have to trust it’s gonna it’s gonna happen for you
correct you know and you believe in that believe in the appointment focus on the appointment
and building those relationships and don’t worry you don’t get one the first one you
might not even get them on the second or third one but eventually anyway and that’s your
pipeline because the more relation you’re basically building a relationship pipeline
yeah right so the more conversations you have the more appointments you have this larger
pipeline that occurs over time that you’re constantly in contact with these people then
things happen right sometimes they get an argument with they’re broke yeah I just don’t
wait for that moment yeah you’re the one that’s in relationship they come to you or sometimes
there’s a change in a road or sometimes they just need a change for whatever reason you’re
in the more people you’re in relationship with through these increased number of appointments
the larger the pipeline the larger the recruits naturalize yeah and people think that sometimes
you got to come in as a hard recruiter and just close it and finish at that moment and
let them know they’re you want them but that’s not it I mean people want they want you to
tell how you’re gonna help them sell more real estate and what value do you have and
it’s all about what creating that trust and bond with the person that’s in you across
you and really you have to understand what their wants and needs are that’s why we spend
a lot of time on a needs analysis and really get to the pain part of their business and
where they’re lacking and how I can contribute to help them achieve their goal and sometimes
many times we go into appointments and they don’t end up joining the brokerage and I’m
a hundred percent fine than that as long as I providing such a good value I think in turn
they’ll see that in the end and I’ll make my decision that’s great it’s a great approach
to because your your intent is to add value and help them in each meeting that will help
you continue to get appointments with them build relationship it’s almost like they’re
taking a test fit of what it would be like in your brokerage do these meetings so that
they have a much more confidence in both the relationship with you and what your brokerage
can provide when they do want to make that change now Morelli and I’ve seen it time and
time again and I’ve continued my pipeline is full for the rest of the quarter I’m excited
that you start to see what you put in you start to kind of see it roll out throughout
the rest of the year and I’m blessed yeah that’s great well I’ll tell you at the rate
you’re going you’re looking at it adding 200 agents to your brokerage in one year and I
know the lot of people watching this can’t believe it but she’s on path in fact you’re
one ahead of that goal yeah so yeah deadly combat yeah so very excited for you Emily
your success is just absolutely amazing and the way you follow the system to implement
the system to set in tonight so congrats.

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  1. What kind of recruiting pipeline do you have in place?

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